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e.l.f.eyesGigi Here! Color intrigues me. When I paint, I love creating unusual shades. I do blame my cosmetic addiction to this. Don’t ever think of pulling me away from a makeup counter before I am ready. After you hear my tale you will see why I am in love with e.l.f. Studio Line Eye Transformers!

As a young child, my parents brought a hundred paint color strips from a hardware store for me. I was delighted. As my friends and I played one day, I had them cut the strips apart with me and use a heavy glue to paste them to the side of the house. We created a huge mosaic. Can you blame me? I made the best use of them although my parents weren’t quite as thrilled as they scraped off the glue and pieces of vivid paper.

Fast-forward for another color vignette. I taught at the same school as my husband for years. One of the juvenile reasons I had my heart set on Ron was that I saw him as a handsome, sexy man who dressed meticulously, sporting gorgeous sweaters in all patterns imaginable and cashmere versions in every hue. He wore Tuscany Cologne–I feared I would kiss him in public over that! The mature Gigi respected his reputation with the administration, faculty, and students along with his musical talent. I would stare at him during meetings thinking of ploys to “hook” him. Ron was intimidated by me for some ridiculous reason (I know, I’m scary!). He refused to give me the time of day, but I was determined that he would be mine. It’s a long, manipulative story, but my sister and I lied and managed to get him to attend a program with us. The mute finally found his tongue. He asked me out and we were engaged in three months. Darn, I never had to work so hard for a man in my life!

The first summer we were married, we went on vacation and my love always packs too much–as in thirty tops, twenty pairs of shorts, ten pairs of trousers, etc. I had to remind him that this was not Europe, but it fell on deaf ears. In our hotel, the closet was bursting with his clothing. Mine hung over the furniture or remained in the suitcase.

One morning he arose and chose his apparel–in a mix of colors from 70’s, tie-dyed, neon hell! His shorts were a vibrant shade of red/orange, paired with a pink polo shirt with a distinct blue undertone. I gently mentioned his fashion faux pas, noting that of all of the combinations possible, he chose the only one which didn’t work. And then I was disturbed–the poor thing must have had his rods and cones confused and was going colorblind!

Fearing that this would happen again and to make humor of the situation, I used large Avery labels for his garments to help him from committing the same disgrace. Any pieces marked with the digit “1” would work together with other items of the same number, he had labels to help combine “2’s” safely, and so forth. His bruised pride healed after awhile but now he is back in Gentlemen’s Quarterly mode. It was “Garanamals” for adults.

Which finally leads me to my point: Eyes, Lips, and Face Cosmetics has an exceptional product from their “Studio Line.” It offers a unique, amazing quad of four pale colors of eyeshadow called “Eye Transformer.” Don’t be fooled by the gentle, surreal hues of green, pink, peach, and blue; they will create a wonderful change in your appearance, depending on the look you seek. When used alone, you have a fresh-faced, wide-awake appeal (look at Punkeydew’s angelic eyes; Viridian sometimes sports this technique). You don’t need to fear having exploding eyeshadow grenades in your purse or boarding a plane–the packaging is solid.

Perhaps you want to change the color of shadows you don’t use or which don’t work. Use a brush and be astounded at the revelation in the tones created. Other tricks? Mix the colors, such as blue and pink, for a flattering, delicate lavender. ELF’s formula is long-lasting but a great primer will prolong wear. The cost for this magician’s palette? Three dollars at their site, with a discount for all ELF products. Our computer is bucking me and I have to Google “ELF makeup coupons” for a plethora of discounts from Can you say d-i-s-c-o-u-n-t? It’s more like shoplifting than shopping, or so says my Catholic guilt.

This company offers a plethora of innovative items. One of our savior-faire readers, Ruby’sBeauty, told me that she loves the illuminating glow of their facial whip in a range of magnificent tones to complete your illuminated eyes. The color remains subdued, while you are radiant. Ruby also favors the nourishing cuticle pen for herself and her husband, along with the ELF brushes (can you see me applauding?). Another brilliant reader, Kristaqqqq, enjoys the brushes, once again from the Studio Line, and uses a powder complexion perfection palette to swipe over her face mid-day to keep oil at bay and a glow going. She mentioned that others compare their blush to the cult favorite Nars in “Orgasm” but hasn’t tried it herself. The contouring blush/bronzing powder duo defines and perfects her face. If you’re not familiar with this company, you’ll find out that many items are one dollar. No, I haven’t been drinking heavily as I type–most are one (count it) dollar! How can you go wrong?

Do you wish for a transformer that is slicker, more clever, or more interesting than this? You’ll need to see the movie or visit a toy store.

I know Meg and Eleni have been gifting you ladies with some amazing e.l.f.! Who has tried this incredible brand at a shockingly low price?

$1.95 on shipping! Check it out here!


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