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Katie the resident Saturday’s at Sephora resident here to tell you how to make your peepers pop!

I always tease one of my coworkers Dalone (dscute) about her Mascara of the Month. She becomes obsessed with one mascara at a time usually and sells it almost exclusively to anyone she can get to listen! Although, to her credit she usually picks some good ones! So this week I thought that I would share with you my seven favorite mascaras (one for every day of the week)…some of the moment…some classics…and see what I got! Now keep in mind I currently own well over ten different mascaras and picking five required much discernment! I can’t really put them “order” because I use different mascaras for different purposes and to achieve different effects so don’t think I’m playing favorites!

Smashbox Bionic Mascara: I love how soft and feather this ionic formula leaves my lashes feeling. Aloe, silk, and wheat proteins also soften and condition. And you can work up some Major MAJOR volume with this little baby!
Diorshow Blackout: This mascara is really the blackest of the black. I’m a very dark brunette so I feel like the extra blackness of this really makes my eyes pop that much more. Plus the kohl formula is much creamier than the original Diorshow. So it doesn’t dry out as quick. Also the brush is a little bit slimmer and easier to wield.
Sugar DoubleWink: If you don’t mind an extra step, this double ended mascara is for you. It also gives a soft, feather effect (Crusty lashes are a large pet-peeve of mine. Plus both ends are a full-size tube so really its two in one. You can wear them separate or together. One is a lengthener and one is volumizing. This is a super bargain, in my humble opinion!
Givenchy Eye-fly: Here I go again with the soft and feather effect… but, the volume that you achieve with the Eye-fly is monumental! I love the sleek Givenchy packaging too!
UrbanDecay Skyscraper: This has been a longtime favorite. They were so innovative and they made the multi-dimensional brush way before DiorShow Unlimited ever thought of it. One side of the brush is flat for really building on some length while the bristled side can be used to add volume. Please note though, that really this is mostly a length builder.
Cargo Better-than-waterproof: I am generally VERY wary of waterproof mascaras. I don’t want them to run but I wan’ them to come off when I say come off! This is the same formula as their Texas Lash and its recently accrued cult following, but waterproof. I love how it really doesn’t come off in the swimming pool but if you get a little cleanser or makeup remover on it it turns into gummy flakes that peel right off! And you don’t loose 3/4 of your lashes in the process! It’s genius.
Sephora Brand Triple Action Mascara: This is a great standby. It lengthens, volumizes, and curls. Doesn’t flake or creep down and give you raccoon eyes. And is a lovely $12.

What are all your “mascara’s of the moment”?

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