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platinumwetdry“All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust…” Tinkerbelle

You know, there are days that Goddess Granny REALLY believes this to be true! There are those days that the mirror tells me I must use every super-power at my disposal to get myself looking like the Diva I am most of the time! Sometimes a swipe of lip gloss and a dab of powder simply isn’t enough. I don’t have an “everyday” look, it tends to depend on how much time I have to primp on what I’m doing. I am one of those rare breeds that enjoys using makeup to convey a persona or mood regardless of the occasion. I don’t just use products to enhance or improve on what Mama Nature dished out, I use my makeup to let the world know how I’m feeling…

I do however have decent taste and stick to the rules of NOT wearing it all at once. If you do a killer eye, keep the lips pretty simple. If you put on a screaming red lippy, don’t go all metallic orange on your eyes! These rules however ARE meant to be gently bent in my opinion and sometimes you DO need a damn good dose of pixie or other cosmetic “dust” to get you by…The power of metallics, foils, glitters,and shimmers is nothing short of an external light source when done correctly and with a sense of fantasy and purpose!

I can’t use mineral makeups on my face for the most part and the only ones I have ever tolerated are those created by the fabulous Dr. Dima. For that I am grateful as her products are amazing! I can however enjoy the effects you get using minerals on the eyes and have a collection of colors that range from a whisper to circus-worthy! They can be a bit messy and require a bit of practice and the right tool for the job to apply. They offer color choices and a lasting finish like nothing else! I have honestly never seen pressed shadows in some of the ranges of the rainbow that mineral pigments, dusts and shadows can be found’s the whole box of 64 colors and then some!

Exposed Organics is a pretty straight forward and delightful company that creates beauty products that are affordable and as natural as possible. They don’t use synthetic dyes and are paraben, petroleum and lead-free! Always a must for those who know! They offer a brilliant selection of minerals for the face, eyes, lips and nails. I like the idea of their “custom colors” and paintbox packaging a lot! You can mix their pigments, glitters and minerals into bases for multi-purpose use. You can even add a hint of temporary color to your hair with some of the more brilliant colors as well as mix them into clear nailpolish for a hint of yummy shimmer! You can even mix them into your body lotion for a custom-glow!

I am in love with the color “Platinum” above and have used this Exposed Organics Eye Dust both wet and dry  with spectacular results! I adored Christina’s sparkling eye makeup in the movie “Burlesque.” I went to great lengths to be able to reproduce the look: this platinum eye dust REALLY makes it a snap to be stage worthy in minutes!

You will need to use a base or primer for best results and Exposed Organics also has shadow base and a “nectar” which can help you create your look. I like to use a primer then a coat of pink greasepaint (Ben Nye) and then a bit of “Glitz Glue” which can be found in many forms (Hard Candy even makes a good one!) to insure than any sort of sparkle or glitter stays exactly where I put it. The difference in the primer and glue is the adhesive finish. You can even use a tiny bit of eyelash glue (I suggest Duo) in a pinch!

I don’t use a brush but rather Sephora’s GENIUS little spatula-shaped silicone “Glitter Eyeshadow Tool # 24” that picks up your pigment or glitter. It lets you place it just where you want without any fallout or smears! Trust me, you need one of these for any/all brands of eye minerals including this fabulous color by Exposed Organics! I even tried my Platinum eye dust on over my new UD “Glide On 24/7 Eyeshadow Pencil” in “Barracuda” and the result was TOTALLY amazing and gave me star-quality to the max!

Recently I about lost my mind after hearing about/viewing a video tutorial where the “artist” used craft-pigments mixed into lipgloss and Elmer’s Glue on her eyes…gorgeous effect, yes but I’m sure you can feel my shudders? The incredibly beautiful shades of fine glitters found in craft stores are actually made from plastic or very finely ground GLASS (the prettiest ones are ALWAYS glass!) They look amazing on a homemade Valentine, you DO NOT and SHOULD NOT ever use on or near your precious peepers! Her rationale was “the glue holds the glitter on the lid itself so there’s no worry of any getting into your eyes…” I literally flinched and no, I am not bashing a fellow-reviewer. It’s simply good common sense! I don’t know about y’all but when I remove a hellacious/made to last for the night eye makeup application, I’ve usually had some wine and it’s very late…my much-loved Neutrogena Wipes do a great removal- job but damn…I’m SO not willing to risk getting tiny bits of glittering glass in my eyes so PLEASE be smart about your sparkles???

I cant imagine risking injury when Exposed Organics has SO many gorgeous colors and finishes to choose from that are safe as well as stunning! I recently read a quote from one of my favors designers, Michael Kors who wisely said “women should wear what they are comfortable with regardless of their age!” This was huge to me because SO many designers and companies believe that a number defines a style or personal attitude! He said that he knew 70 yr. old women with fabulous legs who enjoyed wearing skirts and heels and also that he knew 24 yr. old women who were self conscious about their arms. She always wore a sleeve. My thing is that you can ALSO wear a bit (okay, maybe even a chitload :)of metallic shine, glitter or bling at ANY AGE, ANYTIME if you have the attitude and confidence to pull it off! I get the most compliments on my makeup when I’m wearing some shine or glitter on my eyes so I’m with Tink all the way! It’s affordable and easy and people perceive you as daring. Personally I tone down the rest of my face when I am in the mood for sparkle but feel free to be a rainbow if it makes YOU happy and feel pretty!

Give Exposed Organics mineral pigments a try: it’s so refreshing to see more girls wearing creative makeup colors and finishes. Yes, a dark eye/pale lip are lovely. The ones who get a second look and compliments from me are the ones who feel that a bit of sparkle or color magic is required! I promise you that EO’s eye dusts can make the process effortless and most of all FUN!

Buy Platinum and many other fabulous eye dusts here, I love the clean site that offers reviews and tutorials!

I am SO feeling their “Hibiscus” fuschia/gold glitter used as a highlighter with some coral lips for Spring! Have you ever used eye pigments and how do you apply for best results? Do you also love to add a real POP of color to your eyes with minerals?

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