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MONOEYESHADOWStacy B here! I spent last weekend in Chicago, a city I absolutely love! It’s clean, laid out well so you never get lost and the shopping is amazing. My husband and I were lucky enough to watch my amazing cousin run the Chicago Marathon with 42,000 other people on 10-10-10. Pair that with an unusually warm 80 degree weekend, my birthday, my cousin’s birthday and lunch with family I haven’t seen in years, and we all felt like this was really a special weekend.
My cousin finished in the 11,000s, in the top third of all runners. Amazing! Almost inspired me to lace up my sneaker and hit the pavement. Then I remembered…I’m not a runner. I will never run a marathon. It’s just not in me. Seeing people being carted off in ambulances at mile 25 was enough to convince me that running for 26.2 miles is just a bit nuts. Before I offend anyone, here’s my disclaimer: My husband is a runner. He gets up at 5:30 am and runs 7 miles…before breakfast. He will have me meet him somewhere in the middle of an 18-mile run to give him some gatorade and a pep-talk. Or, he’ll buy 5 pairs of the same shoe at one time because it makes his achilles tendon feel good. So, while in my mind, running that far is a bit insane, but I see how happy he is after a good run, how in shape he is and how much he can eat without gaining an ounce (lucky jerk). My cousin was just as happy and I am so impressed with her for doing that. She was on a true runners’ high for hours and couldn’t stop smiling.
It was totally worth the trip to see her that happy. All the stress of traveling, planes, airports, rude travelers, trains, cabs, and the worst of all PACKING, was erased after watching her run that marathon. She had that kind of glow that no make up will ever replicate. Trust me, I tried. Since I couldn’t get that rosy glow without running far too much, I decided to focusing on playing up my eyes. We’re on vacation, so it’s time for some fun color!
I used my Essence Mono Eyeshadow in ‘disco diva’ and my Long Lasting Eye Pencil in ‘touch of glam’. Both gorgeous shades of purple that made my blue eyes pop. I have never had the guts to try a color eye liner, I thought it would be way too much and I’d look like a teenager who was trying too hard.
The liner worked though, it was a nice purple with a hint of charcoal that allowed the plum tones to shine through without overwhelming my mascara-ed lashes. It blended perfectly with the eye shadow and gave my eyes some color without shocking anyone. The liner is so smooth and easy to apply. I don’t have a steady hand so liquid liners are my enemy. This non-liquid pencil was super easy and I didn’t make any mistakes. The shadow is silky smooth and also very easy to apply. The pigment is great, it actually went on the same color as the pot. Some darker colors can fool you into becoming a lighter shade once you brush it on, but this stuff stayed true to it’s color.  Chicago was warm this weekend, but at the end of the day, I still had some color. It did fade a little, but for the most part, stayed put.
Here’s my one negative…unlike my jet-setting self, the shadow does not travel well. I opened my travel case and the purple had shattered and was a powdery mess inside it’s container. Must have been a turbulent flight down there in baggage! Luckily, the container was surprisingly air tight, so I didn’t have any purple shadow on any of my other stuff. But, as soon as I opened it, it spilled on the counter. I can still use it, and it actually functions just as well as a loose powder.
Next time I travel, I’m definitely bringing my sassy colored liner, but I might have to wrap the shadow in my socks to keep it from getting jiggled around and breaking up.

Who else loves Essence eye products (minus the jiggle?) Do we have any athletic ladies out there? How do you stay fit and minus your jiggle?

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