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Beverly Hills, CA is known for many things-movie stars, mansions and wealth. If you live in Beverly Hills and you own or are one of those three, then it is without a doubt you have a cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon or as we say in these parts “Yikes, look at this line! I have to call my PS”! In a town where everyone seems to be judged by their appearance, our personal PS’s are the modern Rock Stars.

There is a very famous PS in town, no he will not do reality TV. Don’t ask him. His name is Dr. Ourian and everyone in the know, knows him. >Beautyzilla had raved to me about him for years. My favorite girl about town, >Karina Grotz called me up nearly hysterical “Megan, Dr. Simon finally bottled his cremes. Oh my God, you are going to die! I’ll have him send some to you and the ladies. It’s amazing”!

I hung up the phone waiting for the magic cremes. Karina really does know everyone and said “Dr. Simon” like I should know who she was talking about. I didn’t know but I just went with it. If some random Dr. Simon wants to send me cremes then I’m not going to turn them away! Especially since Karina was gushing!

A few days later I thought Louis Vuitton had made a mistake and sent some packages out to me. They were the most luxurious looking boxes I had ever seen! I opened the boxes up and gorgeous jars of creme were inside! NO, they were not from LV they were from EPIONE. All of a sudden my conversation with Karina was starting to make sense. The cremes were from Dr. Simon Ourian! Of course I had heard all about the Epione Center and Dr. Ourian. Just not on a first name basis. It would be like if your friend called to tell you their friend Keith was giving guitar lessons, then you show up and it’s Keith Richards.

The Epione Center is like PS lover’s dream! On to the cremes!

The Epione Signature Series Eye Creme is absolutely fabulous! Dr. Ourian has so many big name clients that he wanted to share his formula with those that may not have the hills of Beverly in their backyards. We all know that the delicate skin around the eye area has very few oil glands, therefore it is beneficial to apply an eye cream daily to keep it hydrated. This will help to reduce dryness and puffiness while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. “Dr. Simon” added a chock full of vitamins and peptides to his creme, especially formulated with nourishment so that all of his clients will have the well rested look of his famous patrons!

Here’s what Epione says about their Signature Series Eye Cream…“Nourishes cells with essential moisture to smooth and firm the skin Formulated with vitamins A, E And K to strengthen the delicate eye area and encourage the production of collagen
Powerful peptide-complex helps to reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes”.

Ladies please let us know if you found the ultra-exclusive Epione Signature Series Eye Creme just as good as having a PS on speed dial!

EPIONE- Buy it Here!

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