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Visionaire HourglassMissRo here! If there is one product I cannot have enough of, it’s eye shadow. I wear a different eye shadow color everyday. Sometimes it’s something very muted and natural, sometimes it’s very colorful if I’m wearing all black, or sometimes it’s a very dark, smoldering eye if I’m going out to an event.

My hubby always says to me “I like you with little or no makeup”. However, how can a woman go with little, to no makeup when we have all of these amazing brands with amazing products out there!

I remember when I bought the first Sephora Blockbuster palette. It had something like 64 eye shadows, 20 lip glosses, 6 blushes, and the list went on. When that package arrived at my place and I opened it, my husband took one look at it, then looked at me, and shook his head.

If that wasn’t enough, a couple of weeks later a purchased a mini Too-Faced eye shadow palette, because the shadows were bold, bright, and full of glitter!

So, the newest eye shadow palette I just got is Hourglass’ Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo in Prism. LOVE IT! One side has this rich, black matte shadow with glitter to create an amazing, sexy, smokey eye. The other side is a rich, deep silver grey, great for a lighter smokey eye or great to enhance the crease for a day look. You can use both colors together or each color separate to pair with the other shadows you already use.

Hourglasses’ packaging is also quite beautiful. The eye shadow duo comes in a light copper case. The mirror actually swivels around in any direction. It comes with a brush, which I always like, so when you need to do a quick touch up, you have a brush to do it with! The consistency of the shadows is like satin. They have a rich, gorgeous texture that makes applying the shadow so easy. You can also apply the shadows wet or dry depending upon how intense you want the color to look. The best part though is that it’s made with no sulfates, fragrance, or phthalates.

I checked out all the colors before deciding upon Prism. So, if you are looking for dark, black, smokey eyes get Prism. For something more natural and earthy either Dune or Gypsy. If you want a splash of color, choose either Laggon or Exhibition. And finally for everyday, soft, natural eyes get Suede.

Check out the whole Hourglass line here. You can purchase Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo on their website, at or

Are you familiar with Hourglass? Are you a dark, smokey eye girl, or everyday natural? What are some of your favorite eye shadows?

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