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Every Thursday Rachael Robbins brings you the best of her double DD’s. That is when Thursday is not Friday because she is filming a movie in a remote area of Kentucky with no internet access.

I consider myself a hot chick. I’m not conventionally beautiful, but I’ve got that va va voom factor. But if I were to stand next to Pamela Anderson, I would resemble a little blonde troll that followed her home one day. So when I attended the party she threw with kid Rock for the AMA’s , my goal was to NEVER be in the same room as her. That was an exhausting night. That chick covers a lot of ground!

I have this friend John (names have been changed to protect the innocent). He’s a good looking fellow. The ladies love John. I considered him a hottie. But one night we went to hang out with his friend General Ford (names are still changed to protect the innocent). General Ford is a Mega Hottie. All of the sudden john was the little troll!! John should not hang out with General Ford. Ever.

Makeup is like that too. If you start out using the high end lines, the cheaper, lower lines never seem that great. Well, that’s what I used to think until, on a whim I picked up an eye shadow from E.L.F.!! Eyes Lips Face is a cosmetics company that only charges ONE DOLLAR for all their products!! And guess what??!! The eye shadow I tried is AMAZING!!!!! It was highly pigmented. It felt like it was triple milled (think of how soft Chanel’s face powder is. Yup, it’s like that.). The color is gorgeous (“Sage”). And how can you beat the price? It is small, about the size of a quarter. But ladies, how many times have you actually finished an eye shadow that wasn’t your neutral all-over color??? This way you won’t have a grave yard of discarded eye shadows! The shadow I bought is from their “Custom Eyes” collection. You buy the four shadow palate (also ONE DOLLAR!) and you fill it up with the shadows of your choice.

So, in this case, the cheaper, smaller, version could stand proudly next to the pricy high end one. Without fear. With pride!! Go to or check the drug store. You will not be disappointed.

Ladies have you tried E.L.F. ? What did you think?

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