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Meg here with a definite TMI update. Then again, I think of all of you as my beauty friends so is there really ever TMI between beauty friends? Things have been a little off the rocker here over at Why you ask? Well, I have moved into a new place in Hollywood (it’s really cool actually). Why have I moved? Well, while I am a great beauty product user I am a miserable failure as a wife.

Yup, HOM and I have, without drama or fanfare decided it is best if we are bestfriends instead of married couple. We were together almost a decade and now that we can have our own unmarried life, we get along much better then we ever did trying to keep the facade of “happy married couple” up . It’s a relief for both of us.

I am guessing, looking at marital statistics and things that a bunch of you can relate. Maybe you can’t and if you can’t then good for you! I’d like to say I’m jealous but I’m really digging the starting over part of my life right now.

That is why, without internet access (hoping they’ll fix it tommorrow) the posts have been a bit scattered and there’s just been some overall chaos so I’d like to apologize for that. Other then that, it’s really all good and a much healthier situation all the way around so I’ll be back on my game soon!

There have been some stresses, not major but just enough to have to rub the temples on my head and start up utilities, buy new plates and linens and getting all the ducks in a row.

In lieu of popping a xanax, I’ve found a refreshing way to relax (and cool off-Damn it has been hot here!)

DUWOP I GELS have really been a saving grace. There have not been too many tears, HOM and I have seen this departure coming for a while. Sometimes a frustration tear will make its way out of the eye duct “Time Warner will set up my internet..When!?!” To combat teary puffiness or exhausted eye bags I reach for my refridgerator. DuWops i Gels come in a pack of three, you keep them cool for ultimate rejuvenation.

They come in three colors, each color has a specific purpose Blue:refresh tired eyes with lavender, chamomile, and yarrow root.
Purple:smoothes fine lines with vitamin C and plant collagen.Orange:brightens darkness with arnica and vitamin K.
Choose from a set of Blue (reduces puffiness), or a set of Lavender (helps fine lines). Our Beauty and Well Being area has great aromatherapy products to enhance your true beauty. At this point I’m just looking for the “no zombie” look and they’re doing fine by me.

These are very cool (no pun intended) they literally conform to your eye, the gel is solid but mushy and you can feel all the botanicals doing their relaxing work while you lay there and relax OR Lay there and contemplate your future life decisions. Whatever floats your boat really.

They really do a great job at reducing eye bloat (new term I just made up) and whenever my brown eyes get blue these i Gels make no one the wiser.

Heres what Duwop says about their new i Gels “Discs of cool gel that conform to the shape of the eye.Refresh the entire eye area in minutes by bathing the entire area in soothing, botanical extracts that calm, soothe, and brighten.’

This is a great gift for a newly single, a new mom, an insomniac, an allergy sufferer! Anyone whose eyes may get tired or puffy for that matter! The list goes on and on-lost your job? These are great! Working double shifts? These are a must have! Suffering from PMS? Grab some with your midol.

I appreciate all of you sticking with me during my transistion and wish I could send you each a pack. Who can’t afford to relax a little?

Any other ladies love their Duwpo i Gels?

DuWop i Gels~ BUY IT HERE

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