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Who doesn’t want Double D’s??!! I’m not talking about the Pamela Anderson kind (although, in most men’s opinion, that wouldn’t be a bad thing). But Meg’s Make-Up isn’t a men’s site! This is a place for women to come together and fight the system! Debunk the beauty mythos! Resist the slick Madison Avenue advertising firms that convince us to spend our husband’s hard earned cash on unworthy products! And be as beautiful as we can be with the help of as many products as our cabinets will hold! And let’s face it, products equal a heightened sense of beautiful. Oh, c’mon! You know it’s true! I am a product whore, and it shows. It shows in my moisturized skin, that’s holding onto youth as best it can with the help of everything I slather on it every day and night. It shows in my smoky eyes when I’m up in the club drinkin’ bub! It show’s on my shimmery, (fake)tanned leg’s that if they could talk , would whisper “come hither” to the boys. It just shows, OK?! We all know that girl, you know the one, she’s green, recycles, wears organic deodorant that proves non-effective, she washes her face with dove soap, and her morning routine consists of one step. If I was as honest as I like to think I am, I would tell her: Honey, it’s just not working. Time to enter the world of beauty products!

But I digress, back to the Double D! DRUGSTORE DEALS!!!!! You asked for them, and here they are! I’ll be bringing you a new drugstore product review each week. And who am I you ask? I am Beautyzilla: best friend to Meg, glamour girl extraordinaire, B Movie starlet by day, glamorous housewife by night! Ok, I hear you; none of those things qualify me to bring you the best of the Double D’s. I also worked as a professional make-up artist and model for years in NYC. I worked with a slew of amazing photographers and celebs and my make-up work has been published in a number of magazines! So there!

And for my first trick I will recommend the best Drug Store Deals on MASCARA! Let me start by telling you how I discovered this little gem. About 3 years ago I was starring in a film. It was on this set that I met Madam X (another Meg’s Make-up reviewer). We were touching up our make-up between takes and I proudly whipped out my $18 Christian Dior Parfait mascara. And Madam X whipped out her Maybelline Full ‘N Soft in extra black. She looked over at me, in all her waspy frugalness, and scoffed at my ignorance! She then informed me that they were actually the same formula! I thanked her for the info. Wrote her off as insane. And RAN out to the drugstore to try it out for myself. Well, she was absolutely right and I have been using Maybelline Full ‘N Soft in extra black ever since. It has amazing lengthening power, thickens without clumping, doesn’t flake, run or smear. And a tube seems to last forever!

But if you are a hardcore mascara junkie, if this is one of the three things you would bring to a desert island, then you might want to explore Max Factor 2000 Calorie. Not for the faint of heart or mascara-wary. It’s heavy duty! If Maybelline Full ‘N Soft is your day mascara make Max Factor 2000 Calorie your night time one. It’s like fake lashes in a tube.

OK, I’m off to bat my lashes at the next producer I see! Who needs the casting couch when you’ve got luscious lashes like these to wink away with??!!

Buy it at your local drugstore! How easy! Ladies, please post! Let me know your favorite mascara under $5 always looking for the Holy Grail!

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