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Tantejoan  here, filling in for our Drugstore Deals Diva, Gigi.  In her honor, I have decided to feature the item that has revolutionized my make-up routine: Divaderme Brow Extender.  Now, you may think “revolutionize” is an extreme word to employ for a mere eyebrow cosmetic.  If so, you are obviously among the happy many who wake every day possessed of a luxuriant growth of hair above your eyes.  Perhaps you even lament their abundance, and have to tame or trim them.  In that case, you can skip right on down to the next article, because this one will be of no possible interest to you.

Now that we have the room to ourselves, I am happy to share with all my sisters a product that can allow you to go forth into the world with eyebrows to flaunt, not hide.  Women who have spent endless time and money searching for that perfect eyebrow pencil, that transformative gel, that $178 elixir that would solve all their eyebrow woes in only 6 to 12 weeks!  Women who suffer from sparse eyebrows, whether from over-plucking or heredity, or whose eyebrow color is so fair as to be virtually invisible, know what a chore it can be to start every day drawing on the frame for their eyes.  I know I did, and it became an increasingly daunting task.  I tried brow pencils, brow gels, neutral eye shadows — anything to give some substance to my wispy, thin, inadequate brows.  Even the most successful of these efforts was only half-successful at most.  If the pencil was the right shade it offered no volume.  When the gel swept my hairs upward in a semblance of fullness the result was still thin and made me look permanently surprised.  The shadows worked well at first, but had no staying power, wearing off as the day progresses.  I despaired.  Until last month.

Ladies, I offer you relief, and the delivery, not just the promise, of eyebrows in 1 second.  Well, 2 seconds, tops.

Divaderme Brow Extender brings the look of full, lush eyebrows in a formula that gives you the choice of a one- or two-step application.  For those, like me, who don’t mind applying the fibrous powder to my brows each day as the price for a thorough evening cleansing, a simple application every morning will marry fibers to your own brow hairs to achieve a full, natural effect.  And if you prefer a more lasting look, there is a primer adhesive as a first step which, when followed with the fiber extensions, keeps your enhanced brows in place for up to three days.   I confess, I have not tried this method, but a colleague of mine at work, also brow-deficient, claims hers stayed in place for a long weekend.  Called “Brows inn a Bottle,” Divaderme comes in four shades, and I can attest, having bought both Blonde and Auburn, that they can be mixed and blended for a natural-looking custom color.

Wait, you may say.   Aren’t I still drawing on my brows each morning?  Yes, I am.  The difference is, there’s no mess, no mistakes and I’m done with what was once an onerous chore in less time than it takes to apply my lipstick.  I’m sold, and for what I will save on miracle-grow serums that do nothing but drain my wallet, I can count myself thrifty as well. 

Anyone else love this remedy or found another one for anorexic eyebrows?

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