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I think they’ve arrived. The dog days of summer. Maybe you girls up in Minnesota and Maine haven’t quite hit those days yet. But I can tell you with assurance that they are inescapable in Texas and definitely in Alabama. Which, by the way explains my truancy last week – Best friend’s wedding in Montgomery, Alabama. It was THE perfect wedding…gorgeous dresses, flowers, handsome groomsmen in white dinner jackets and lots and lots of champagne. The reception was particularly brutal in a long bridesmaids dress. It was about 90 degrees outside and about 97% humidity for the outdoor reception. I was sweatier than a football player after a Miami SuperBowl.

Besides a good concealer and eye primer, the reason that my eye makeup lasted flawlessly for about 10 hours was my abusively generous use of the Dior HydrAction Eye Cream. One of the first biggest benefits of this eye cream is that it is SPF 20. Many eye creams don’t have sun protection in them which I think is a shame because the delicate skin around your eyes is especially sensitive to sun damage. You can also literally feel your skin drinking in the water when you rub this all over your eye contour area in the morning.

This lovely cream “floods dry, parched tissue with essential moisture as it replenishes, soothes, smooths, reduces visibility of fine lines, and helps prevent new ones.”

Has anyone tried this? Are they as in love with it as me?

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