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A few posts back Meg’s Make-Up told the story of opening a box of various, fabulous products from the marketing geniuses from Dianne Brill. While they did the best they could at getting as high a quantity of each, there were a few products to be reviewed that were in the quantity of 4 or 5 each. This is why we have an “eye extravangza” section. These products were beautiful, not hugely plentiful but definitely in need of a review. Meg’s Make-Up diplomatically divide them up and out to our reviewers!

Our reviewers will be posting what “eye” product they received. Our beauty hounds will state longevity, texture, the color they received, and how it was incorporated into their beauty lives! Even though this is a make-up site, I HAVE TO SAY, If you want the feel fantastic Bible, this goes for our testers as well, I URGE YOU TO READBoobs, Boys, and High Heels: Or How to Get Dressed in Just Under Six Hours A fabulous read by a real Meg Favorite..Miss Dianne Brill!

Let’s see how her scholarly advice runs over to her products! Ladies please do complete, in-depth reviews!

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Diane Brill Eye Lingerie

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