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Meg here! I promised Jon I would stop swearing in my posts because much like my grandmother, it offends him. I’m going to try to stop swearing which is coming at a very inopportune time since I want to say how F$^#ing Amazing Dedra Beauty is. 

Dedra Whitt has been a top makeup artist in Hollywood for 17 years. While she isn’t applying the faces to Jessica Biel, Julia Ormand or Mila Kunis you can catch her making up The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (and sometimes being drawn into the drama. Poor Dedra, she was just trying to apply a smoky eye!) 

More than the toast of the town for her talented ways of making famous faces fresh again, Dedra is a wife and a mom and a wonderful friend! She is super cool and I enjoy her completely. I also enjoy her philosophy behind her new line. In a nutshell, she wants you to look like the very best you and EASILY. Her makeup is designed for the everyday woman. “It’s so easy you can put it on in your car.”

I love everything in her line and will be telling you about each piece individually and why it is so special. I have to start with Smudge Pencil. Dedra Beauty Smudge Pencil is my new go to. I have it in my purse cosmetic bag because I feel panic start to set it in when I’m without it.

It’s chubby and it glides on smooth as silk. I don’t know how Dedra managed to formulate both a pencil that’s so blendable with such great staying power. It wears beautifully all night long. I am in love with the “Baroque” shade. It is such a deep, coppery brown. It’s the best universally flattering color and it wears day to night.


Personally, I know Dedra Whitt and have met with her several times over the process while she worked on her products. The lady is a total perfectionist. I can’t tell you how many times she sent back samples because everything wasn’t 100 percent up to her very high standards. She waited until this line was completely right, a line she herself would use on her very famous clients. That’s commitment to your brand and Dedra wasn’t willing to put her name on something until she got it right. She really got it right!

There are already so many different cosmetic lines on the market, I’m always slow to advise anyone to jump into the arena. If you’re going to take the plunge you have to be bringing something new to the table since we’re all inundated all of the time.

Dedra has taken her years of experience to pare down a line to the pieces that you just really need. Her colors will work on anyone and she got the formulas down perfectly!  is a fantastic site! I’ve spoken to Dedra and we need to get the word out! Please comment and tweet to @Megsmakeup your favorite Dedra item and 5 lucky winners will get to try! What would be your pick? Oh and of course, who is your favorite Real Housewife?


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