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Now that I’m married, you know what I miss the most about being single? EVERYTHING I HATED ABOUT BEING SINGLE!! I miss the first date nerves that rendered me socially paralyzed. I miss the waiting for the phone to ring. I miss the unhealthy fantasizing about what my future offspring would look like with that month’s rock star obsession. I miss the constant worrying about whether I have something in my teeth or hanging out of my nose. I miss the feeling of “OH MY GOD! If he dosent touch me or kiss me or SOMETHING I’m just going to shrivel up and die right here in this restaurant!” I miss the walk of shame. Ahhhhhhhhhh, the walk of shame: body still buzzing from last night’s romp between the sheets, hair unbrushed and tousled ala Brigite Bardot, that yummy all over feeling of exhaustion mixed with one too many cocktails, face glowing with the aftermath of bliss, and eyes, smudged to perfection. I always wondered why I couldn’t recreate the morning after eyeliner. You know what I’m talking about, smokey eyes courtesy of not washing your face before “bed”. It looks so hot and sexy, that I never wanted to wash it off the next day!

I worked as a make-up artist for years and could never recreate the “walk of shame” eyes! But I’ve just discovered something that comes really super close!! CoverGirl Eyeslicks in black velvet. This yummy eye pencil can be smudged with your finger and worked around until it looks like YOU got worked around all night long!! It has great staying power, so while your smudging away, it won’t go away. It’s not too black and not too blue or grey. It’s so creamy that it won’t tug and pull at mature eyes. The blackish color is perfect for brown and blue eyes. It also comes in 24 different colors from cream to indigo, so if you don’t want “day after eyes” there are a slew of colors to choose from.

Now I mostly achieve the “day after eyes” in a different organic way and that’s the “I had way too much to drink and I cannot stand in the bathroom to wash my face routine. But I’m happy to report that since those nights don’t happen too much these days, that I can resort to my CoverGirl’s Eyeslicks to do the job!

Ladies do you have any products you can’t live without from CoverGirl

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