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clarksMeg here! This blast is for Monday and I’m sorry you’re getting it so early but I have to leave and get Eleni from the airport in about an hour and we have a lot of work to do to prepare for our Meg Head road Trip to Philadelphia and DC. I need to have my stuff together and I really wanted to give props to this line that I’m loving-Clark’s Botanicals.

Here’s where the story of the line starts, it’s an awful tragedy but uplifting to know that when life hands you lemons you can start anew. The founder of Clarks Botanical’s name is Francesco Clark. He was working at Harper’s Bazaar when he suffered a crippling spinal injury from diving into a pool.

Not only did Francesco lose his ability to walk, but with his central nervous system impaired, he lost his ability to even sweat. This lead to lots of skin issues. Nothing worked for him. He turned to his doctor father who also was skilled in homeopathic remedies and Clark’s Botanicals was born.

Here’s a little information on the inner workings of Eleni will send an email out that assigns what items we are to write about so that she is able to get our calendar together. I asked if I could please write about Clark’s Botanicals. The company sent a myriad of products to try. I knew I was going to be traveling A LOT. I grabbed Clark’s Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream as fast as lightening! Boy am I glad I did!

The jar is .5 ounces and while I know all about TSA rules I couldn’t remember exactly how much you were allowed. I hid my Anti-Puff Eye Cream in an inside pocket of my purse and said a silent prayer as it went through the X-Ray machine. I wasn’t stopped and the purse wasn’t searched and I could breathe a sigh of relief. This stuff is awesome. I mean it.

It has a little pump and one squirt on my fingertips is all I need for eye relief. It is amazing for flying! It is so light- the cream slides on clear so there’s no residue. I’ve even used it over my makeup and no one (except me) is the wiser.

They say your eyes get puffy when your PMS-ing and super puffy in the days right before your period. They say alcohol contributes to puffiness. They say salty naughty foods, travel and just a general lack of a good night’s sleep will leave you puffy. The above describes every aspect of me and my bad behavior all during New York Fashion week. I look at some pictures I took during all this bad behavior and Clark’s Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream make me look as though I live pure and saintly! Ha! I laugh in the face of pure and saintly!Kiss

I mean, I know there’s a lot of vitamins and botanicals in there but Jeez Louise do they work wonders. It has a lot of Vitamin K and apparently that fights dark circles. I suffer from dark circles even when I’ve been behaving. I’ve been using this constantly and have noticed my dark circles don’t seem as bad as they were. It is really a soothing and they say that you can use this cream on your smile and frown lines as well. I have to tell you I have not been doing that. It works so well on my eyes I don’t want to dilute my stash. Does that make sense? carries this entire line! Our writers all got different things to try and I’m wondering if Clark’s Botanicals entire line is as fabulous as this Anti-Puff Eye Cream? I love the texture, I love that the bottle dispenses a perfect, small amount every time and I love how it works!

Do a little research, I did as soon as I tried this to see if I was the only person having such great results. I’m not alone on my endorsement of this. I see Clark’s Botanicals has been winning awards all over the place! My Anti-Puff Eye Cream won Insider’s Beauty Award from the CEW. Their products have also won Allure’s Editor’s Choice Awards and their Ultra Rich Lip Balm is on every starlet’s lip. Just saw it in this month’s W Magazine as well!

B-Glowing always has the best of the best so it is no surprise to e tat they’re hip to this brand. They always seem to have the very best on there. Go on and click around and check out all of the incredible indie brands that they carry. You can easily kill an hour and satisfy beauty retail therapy!

If you are looking to satisfy eye puffiness though, I had a lot of luck with my Clark’s Botanicals and you can bet they have a repeat customer in me!

OK Megsmakeup writers! What did you get to try from this line? What did you think? Have any of you tried out Clark’s Botanicals? What did you think? How about B-Glowing?

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