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Katie here! Happy Saturdays at Sephora column!  I feel unendingly guilty about my non-dependable-ness of late.  Is a part-time retail working, full-time MBA student’s busy life excuse enough? It doesn’t seem like it is…but especially these days, studying for finals – it consumes me!  Speaking of finals, I have two on Monday, and they may be the death of me:  Finance at 7:30am and Economics at 7:30pm!  I feel like these two subjects have some inherint irony in them – given the macroeconomic situation of the world these days – bankrupt Chrysler, overwhelming consumer debt, even more overwhelming trillion dollar’s worth of national deficit.  Bleak. Bleak. Bleak.  On the bright side, if you happen to have the cash lying around…it’s a great time to pick up real estate, take out student loans (a la yours truly), or refinance your mortgage at super low rates!  All of those are what we like to think of as long-term investments.

In keeping with that theme, I want to propose a long-term investment to your costmetic case – which comes to you in the form of the ever-so chic blue and silver compacts of a Christian Dior 5-Colour Eyeshadow compacts.  At $56, they make you shudder at first glance.  But at $11.20 per shadow colour, the blow is softened a little bit.  They’re full-sized shadows and pressed in really tight – so I think you can use them for months and months before making a dent into one of the colors.

You also get a little bit of help in pairing shadows in each compact.  Like tic-tac-toe, up and down, side to side, and each direction diagonally, the three colors you hit are meant to be a perfectly matched lid-crease-contour combination of colors.  Of couse, you can freestyle this part if you so choose… That’s 120 different combinations, if I’m not mistaken.  Plus, the options are as varied as people’s taste in makeup:  #030 Incognito is a perfect pairing of mostly matte neutrals, perfect for the less-is-more makeup personality.  #440 Sunset Cafe is a shimmery combination of peaches and pinks.  Great for Bridal makeup or the girl who prefers a little bit of natural-looking shimmer in her makeup wardrobe.  Or you can get dramtic and wild with compacts like #140 Twilight for smoky blue-grays or #790 Night Dust.

Happy Experimenting – and enjoy!

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