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hello gorgeous
Sharond here! People who follow this site know that I am very fond of Cat Cosmetics and even list her Six Kitten palette as one of my favorite items on my profile page.

I used to go home for lunch everyday for years since I could not miss a single episode of the soap opera, One Life to Live. Lindsey, played by Catherine (Cat) Hickland, was one of the most beautiful, luminous women I had ever seen.  I used to read Cat’s Product Queen column in a soap opera magazine where she would review cosmetic products and was impressed at her honesty. In one of her articles, Cat mentioned she had developed her own makeup line since she could not find products of the quality she wanted and needed. She had been a makeup artist before turning to acting, and is still doing her own makeup before going on camera, so I felt her background what was needed to develop high quality cosmetics.  I was so impressed with’s selection and information about the products that I had to put my first huge order on a credit card!  Cat’s site also had a wonderful chat where people could offer all sorts of cosmetic advice.  One day we got an e-notice that Cat was discontinuing her chat area and advised us to check out for honest, straight forward reviews on drug store to high end makeup plus other great makeup ideas and skin care information.  Impressed again, I signed up with immediately and have been voicing my opinion ever since.

Today I want to tell you about a fairly new item on the website called Hello, Gorgeous!  This six well glossy black case is filled with some of Cat’s most popular items along with a good quality brush and a large mirror.  The first two wells have my favorite blush and bronzer, Whiskers and Catnip, which work with any skin tone.  The remaining 4 wells are filled with Cat’s eye shadows, a formula which is soft, silky and long lasting.  Start with Purity, a yellow based beige tinted base shadow which would be great for a matte even wash of color from lash to brow.  Highlight your brow bone and lid with Treasure, a soft pinkish beige shimmer shadow. Play with the antique shimmery bronze colored Peace, using it to darken your contours and as a great way to smoke your eyes or dry line. I blended Treasure with all the eye shadows in the kit with amazing results. Last but not least is Joy, a dark matte brown with just a small hint of shimmer.  Again, this is great to dry line, smoke and mix with any of the other colors to make new ones.  Cat’s Hello, Gorgeous! palette has it all on one nifty package.

Cat’s eye shadows are long lasting, silky smooth, blendable and in wonderful wearable colors that work for anyone at any age.  The colors easily blend with each other allowing you to create any color to suit your needs.   Using the shadows wet allows you to get a fine thin extra dark line at the base of your lashes or for those who are adventurous, mimic the runway models unique eye designs. I also put a touch of a darker shadow on my brows to make them more noticeable. An added feature of this palette is that the wells are magnetic and can be refilled, or rearranged to make the palette fit your needs. I love multi-tasking products and this one delivers like no other.

Cat is also offering this outstanding Hello Gorgeous 6 well palette along with Beige Cat Call Powder, Thunderstruck Lip and Eye Pencil, Smolder Shadow Liner Duo and Rich No-Sting Lip Plumper for $101, a 15% discount.  Monthly Meow this month is Smolder for 50% off, a great deal on this wonderful product.

What is your favorite Cat product? What were you thoughts on “Hello Gorgeous?”


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