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Cat Cosmetics MEOW-ZA!!

Cat Cosmetics MEOW-ZA!!

Cat Cosmetics Meow-za

This is the description of the duo brown eye/ natural lipliner on the website…
“On one end is my brown eye pencil (with a soft tip for that smudgy smoky look!) and on the other end, my nudie lip liner. It’s two pencils in one! This dynamic duo can put the finishing touches on almost any look you’re going for”.

I sent out a questionnaire to 80 different women about their fave products. The “Meow-za” kept coming back as a preferred product.

Is it really? Meg’s Make-up requested 20 “Meow-za’s” to ship out to our reviewers. All of our reviewers are women of different ages and skin types. What did they think of the product? Does it deliver?

What did Meg’s Make-up UNBIASED testers think? Ladies please post your experiences!!! To see the results please clicks “comments” below.

“Meow-Za” can be purchased through

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