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Meg here! I am a picker and a plucker. I can’t leave that zit alone and I obsess over random hairs. I buy tweezers the way other people buy laundry detergent. I’ve always been like this. I’m sure it’s a sign of some sort of compulsion or OCD behavior.

I guess it was maybe Sophomore year when I decided my eyebrows were too bushy (*they weren’t.) I just plucked and plucked and the inevitable happened. I plucked too aggressively and some were not growing back. Not growing back ever.

Side note – I have never had this problem with my armpits, bikini line or legs (go figure.)

I have done all of the tricks and have found great eyebrow fillers (favorites from Anastasia and Senna.) The deal with powders is that you have to fill in what you’re missing everday and it’s hard to draw on extra and make it look “natural.”

I had heard about tattoo permanent makeup but I didn’t want to look like Tammy Faye Baker and I mean, I LOVE TAMMY FAYE BAKER. 

Everyone knows that I guinea pig myself so that you don’t have to! I was more than a little intrigued when I heard about a new, permanent technique. It’s called 3D Feathering. It’s where the permanent makeup artist draws feather strokes to make the eyebrow ink mimic hairs.

permalinecosmeticsbrowsFew people are experts at this. I want to stress this BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU SEE TO DO THIS PROCEDURE. Get before and after pictures, check yelp and speak to people that have had this done. Depending on your skin care regimen this procedure lasts between 2-3 YEARS. That’s a long time to be unhappy about something on your face.

It’s my job to know who the BEST of the BEST are, and that is why it was without hesitation that I booked my eyebrow 3d feathering with Emilia from PermalineCosmetics. Emilia came highly recommended and her artistry is natural and beautiful. I had no doubt scheduling my appointment with her. She is located in South Hampton, NY and Upper East Side, NY. Lucky for me, she also has a place in Huntington, NY. I was in the city but she was with her family in The Hamptons. We agreed to meet halfway. That is how bad I wanted Emilia to do this procedure-I took over an hour cab out to Long Island! That’s dedication. I also had a fancy Beverly Johnson hosted New York Fashion Week party that night so I was really putting my eggs in the basket!

By now you’ve seen my before and after pictures so I’m going to just take you step by step.

beverlybookpartyFirst Step-Emilia will discuss with you what you want (shape and color-fullness.) I trust professionals and was so in love with her before and afters I said “Just show me what you think will look best on me.” Emilia then took a pencil and drew the shape and fullness she thought would best frame my face and open up my eyes. When I looked in the mirror I was so happy and knew I was in the right place! It did give my face a lift and I instantly looked better. Dare I say, younger? It was a quick me up and I could not wait to get started!

Second Steps- NUMBING CREAM & Pick Color-I write “numbing cream” because this is very important in the steps. People commented to me the pain they were in when they had this done in other places by other people. If Emilia ever wanted to be an anesthesiologist, she could be. She was fantastic is keeping me numb during the entire process. She showed me 3 of her top color choices for my skin tone and we picked one out together.

Third Step-SIT STILL and Relax-the process is now starting. She does the entire procedure in about an hour. Does it hurt? If you can handle botox or the dentist, you can handle this. It doesn’t hurt, it was only uncomfortable when she would get a sensitive spot. The numbing cream really blocked everything and it was a 2 on a scale of 1-10 for uncomfortable.

Recovery? No down time, I went to my fancy party that evening. The brows fade about 50% (they’re pretty dramatic when they first go on) within a week. No scratching! and if needed some bacitracin. I didn’t need anything and they look amazing. I go back for a final touch up in 8 weeks and then I don’t have to fiddle FOR 2-3 Years! Woohoo!

Price? $950 includes everything including the 8 week touch up. My friends reactions? Worth every cent. Not to mention the time I’m saving, the products I’m not buying and how much better my eyes look!

permalinecosmeticslipsWhat’s Next? This is not your mother or crazy aunt’s tattoo-ed lips! I took this pictures from one of the very many before and after lip galleries on her site. My lips have always been thin and while I do get them plumped, Emilia recommended I get them tattoo-ed to appear fuller as well. Not in a cholo brown or a clown red. The color that Emilia applies is the exact same as the natural shade you’re born with. You can go a bit lighter or darker but I am going with natural. Ha! “natural!” Anyhow, when I go back for my 8 week eyebrow touch up (Yes, I am flying across the country for an “eyebrow touch up.”) I am going to have my lips done.

I will, of course, be giving a full play-by-play on that procedure as well!

Check out Emilia’s Eyebrow Before & Afters HERE.

Be even further impressed with her lips HERE.

Emilia spends a lot of her time fixing botched makeup by other artists, please do your research. If you are in the NY area I cannot give you a higher recommendation than Permaline Cosmetics. Her body work is also amazing if you know anyone self-conscious over any body scars. So great!

So that’s my tip of the day! Have you ever thought about permanent makeup? What do you think?

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