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Emily ma cherie from Bourjois Je t’adore ! I haven’t used my French since like 10th grade but I am trying to say Emily is my darling from Bourjois and I love her. Kate2004rock is our resident French expert so she’ll have to tell me if I came close. Emily sent out Megsmakeup some of Bourjois’s Suivez Mon Regard Multi Shimmer Loose Eye Shadow in a bunch of fun summer colors!

I love the highly pigmented aspect of all the new loose powders out there. It’s how a little goes a long way and I feel like an artist with my brushes. What I don’t like? It’s like I’m an artist. That would be a 4 year old artist with finger paint and no adult supervision. Could they make it any messier? Jeez Louise, you may not need a lot of loose powder on your face but I lose a lot on my sink.

Au contraire with Bourjois! Brilliant! No mess and a funky looking bottle with the brush built right in. How fabulous to get the exact amount needed on my face without speckles running down my cheeks or coating my vanity. The color selection is very vaca friendly and you could pop this in a travel bag without worrying about breakage.

Here’s what Bourjois says about their Suivez Mon Regard“This collection of gorgeous, easy to apply, loose powder shadows contains a customized blend of pearl particles or glitter, to bring out the individual radiance of each shade. Each pot contains its very own brush that makes application easy and mess-free, with coverage ranging from sheer to intense, depending on the look you desire.”

Ladies, did Bourjois’s Suivez Mon Regard make you c’est magnifique! Please tell us what shade you got! Be kind with the French comments Kate, I tried..

Buy It Here -BOUROIS

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