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Thank-you Bourjois PR swell! Your gorgeous mascara was recieved and distributed to our greedy yet discerning hands!
Mascara is a staple. I know that, you know that. The crazy beauty magazines write that “in the summer you just need a dab of concealer, lip-gloss and mascara”. I don’t know about that. Three products at this point seems pretty risky.

Every 1.9 seconds Maybelline sells a tube of Great Lash Mascara. I’m not a fan, but I’ll buy the statistic (not the tube) because we are a nation of crazy mascara fiends! A great nation of spending $800 million bucks on eye cosmetics! The prices run from $1.99 Wet -n-Wild to a $33.00 tube from Fresh Cosmetics. Add in the advice that you trash the stuff every 3 months and I can see how this endeavor of beautiful lashes gets pricey for our nation. Once you add in the cost of the now, ever popuar lash extensions for $400 bucks a pop, this could lead to national homelessness! A homeless society with great peepers. Who am I to judge? I have 14 tubes actively rotated as I type this. I am also not a homeowner, coincidence? I think not!

Bourjois Talons Mascara runs in the mid-level price range of around $13.00 a tube. It promises..”Nylon Fibers that act as lash extenders” and “a special brush that extends your lashes to bombshell”…

Ladies please post if you are ready to face fore-closure for opportunity to have Betty Davis eyes..

Buy it now!

Bourjois Lengthening & Curving Mascara Noire Fusele 41

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