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Happy Saturday, Girls! Sorry, but this is going to be a little bit of a vent. I mean, I just LOVE it when you know, I’m Windexing a shelf or organizing something and a client comes in and says “Do you work here?” Because I frequently go to stores that I DON’T work at and give them a little Swiffer. Not. And I KNOW this never happens to any of you beauty-monsters. But the BEST is when people come in don’t even actually glance around and ask “Where’s your eyeshadow?” I guess since I know nothing but Sephora – it’s only instinct to look really confused when people ask me that. Ok, so these are daily occurrences at Sephora, my home sweet home; well, that and we employees making fart jokes in the walkie-talkies, and making lip-gloss “recipes” which involves putting SEVERAL shades of different brand’s lip-gloss on all at one time to get cool colors. Hey, sometimes it’s slow! So, lets just call all that “NORMAL.”

Well, what else is NORMAL at Sephora? Did you ever just wander what our Cash Cows are? What we sell like it was liquid gold? What kinds of items people probably would take onto a desert island with them? Well, today — I’m going to tell you, so that way you can go buy a case, just in case. Well, here goes!

NARS Orgasm Blush – $23.50 – It’s apparently the universally flattering blush color. A Golden pink with a hint of sparkle for a perfect rosy glow, without being “too much.” It’s their best-selling product and our best-selling blush. I own it. I love it. The Balm’s Hot Mama and Smashbox’s Skin Tint stick in Tint for a cream formulation.

Smashbox PhotoFinish Foundation Primer. I know that it is already a favorite among several of Meg’s reviewers, and for darn good reason! The original formula is a clear silicone and water based to fill in lines and smooth out the skin before you apply foundation to improve foundations’ coverage, keep it on longer, and have younger, smoother looking skin! It also comes in an SPF 15 formulation, A Bronzing formulation, and three different color correcting formulations for redness, yellowness, and blueness (dark circles)!

Sephora Professional Stippling Brush ($35) – Forget paintbrush foundation brushes. They make your makeup look cakey. This brush is the end-all be-all of foundation brushes. It looks funny with its’ combination of synthetic and authentic hairs. But its self-explanatory. You “stipple” or “dot” on the wet/dry or liquid foundations in splotches on your skin and then buff it out with a soft powder brush for the most natural looking, flawless, air-brushed-esque complexion finish of your life. You NEED it!

For filling in those lines in real time- try Fusion Beauty. The Lift Fusion ($140) for the face works. For real, y’all. Try putting it on one side of your face. Then when you wake up the next morning, you’ll look like you had a stroke because one side of your face will be sagging and one will be prepped and perky! The LipFusion is great too – you get that great instant plumping effect with a great little tingle. Over time, with long-term use it fills in those funny vertical lines you get in your lips. I don’t know how they figured out to actually add collagen back to your skin – But they did it!

And finally, another good pick for you to run out and buy – if you are living without Urban Decay Primer Potion, then shame on you. No more eye-shadow creasing. Ever. No more midday “reapplication” (which is German for bullsh*t). Your eyeshadow is there to stay. And for $15 it is a MUST MUST MUST HAVE, you should have had it last week! I mean, its so simple, yet so deep.

Ladies, have you had any luck with these items! We see them fly out the door everyday. They must be doing something right!

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