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That is not Ed Asner in a dress! That is me, Meg, as a baby. I can see the confusion. I was so fat my mother had to slit this Christmas dress in the back to get it to fit over my head. When I was brought to the photographer, he said “Oh my God, what do you feed this kid!” My mother replied that I didn’t eat that much. There was a woman in the waiting room watching the entire exchange. She told my mother that she shouldn’t worry. Super fat babies meant thin adults. My mother just said “We don’t think she’s slimming down anytime soon.”

It’s good my parents didn’t ridicule my weight by dressing me in hippo themes or anything. HAHA real funny.

Due to the trauma of being laughed at for the first 2 years of my life, I believe this could lead a person to search for products to beautify them until they keel over. Subconsciously, of course.

I tried hard to think about “What would I shrivel up and die without?”

Here’s how these products made my cut. The basket cut. Because I have so many new products that come in I have baskets that are specified for each product. I have the eye basket, the lip basket and then I have THE BASKET The one next to my sink that is filled with products I absolutely love! Here’s my favorites from 2007!

Nad’s Facial Wand I’ve saved so much money doing my own eyebrows with this. I usually can’t maneuver wax strips but this is a cinch. End result is clean and professional. If you’re a slave to the eye wax salon, save money and time. I urge you to give this a try!

Nailtini Nailpolish We’ve already gone crazy for their gorgeous summer shade “frappe” and am so excited to be reviewing the perfect winter shade in Amaretto Fizz soon. Every nail salon should carry these, they don’t chip, apply easily and have amazing blends! All with fun, potent names. Everyone said 100% Recommend in their overwhelmingly positive reviews!

Alexander De Markoff Disquise for Eyes This is the best eye primer I’ve ever used. No only does a tiny bit go for a long long way but it not only brightens and camouflage it keeps the eyeshadow on forever. I grab for it everyday and have yet to make a dent in the bottle. It is excellent!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transformation Potion I love this, It makes sexy bedroom eyes so simple! Once I smudge a smoky black eyeshadow on the top of my lids for drama I grab this baby. With an easy pen like applicaion I just draw the clear formula along my top lid for a perfect looking liquid line! Since the formula is clear it matches any color you have on your lids. Simply genious! Makes any klutz into a skilled makeup artist!

The Balm’s Balmshelter Coverage, moisturizes, and SPF protection?!? It has it all! It deserves its huge following. There has never been anything so comprehensive for my skin. Best tinted moisturizer on the market! When I start to run low I feel a panic attack on its way!

Smashbox Socialite Lipstick from the Decadence Collection The perfect nude with a gloss and mirror in the cap. When I think of it being limited edition I want to cry. Hear Ye Hear Ye Smashbox! Keep it Year Round!

Laura Gellar Liquid Candlelight This product is like the perfect evening bag or perfect pair of heels. Once you try it you’re not going to know how you ever lived without the extra va-va-voom! It is the perfect seductive glow!

Kerastase Ciment Thermique Lets just say I would have been bald if they didn’t send this amazing treatment my way! If you have color damaged hair don’t hesitate to pick this up-you will not be sorry!

Cat Cosmetics Skin Double For nightime or break-out days I always reach for his with my foundation brush. It gives me a flawless finish and perfect coverage for zits or discoloration.

Epione Restorative Firm and Fade Creme HOM is going to be so mad when he sees this on my list. It is not cheap but as long as Dr. Simon keeps the 50% off deal up for us a Megs I’ll still be buying. It’s healing and the only creme I’ve ever found to rid my mystery reacurring face rash overnight. Miraculous stuff!

Ladies, what do you think of my faves? Anything you’re shocked to see left off list? Keep in mind this was only for 2007 reviewed products!


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