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Krista’s TOP TEN… and then some more…

Many of you have expressed envy of my, well, enviable collection of hair products. I offered to write a hair column for megsmakeup not because I am an expert in hair, but rather an expert in shopping for hair products. I have spent many years and lots of money not in an attempt to have beautiful hair, but to have hair that I can leave the house with and not have to hide my face in shame. So here are the products that I use. Not only have they tamed my dry, porous, frizzy, uncontrollable mane, but have also given me — dare I say it? — beautiful hair.

BAREX ITALIANA COLOURLIFE SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER and REDEFINE CREME This is luxury haircare. Makes your hair look and feel like silk. Simply put, the best. Buy it. The Redifine Crème is a revelation. Defrizzes, calms, smoothes, styles. Weightless and leaves no residue. I use it after heat styling to “perfect” my ‘do and use it on no-wash days to re-style. Hands-down the best styling cream I have ever used.

vonNATUR COMPLETE HAIR & BODY WASH AND CONDITIONER I have a flaky scalp. I’ve done a lot of research, and it’s not dandruff, it’s a “flaky scalp” condition, so dandruff shampoos make it worse. Tea tree oil doesn’t help. But the combination of aloe juice and a bajillion essential oils in this S & C has more or less cured it. On top of that it makes my hair shine like glass, and makes it manageable, soft, and super healthy feeling and looking.

FREDERIC FEKKAI GLOSSING CREAM I cannot live without this. It is technically a “leave-in conditioner” and that’s how I use it. It’s the first thing that I put on my hair, straight out of the shower, every time I wash it. It tames the beast. Otherwise, my hair is an unmanageable pouffy mop. There simply is no substitute.

PRAWDUCT FLAT FACTOR Flat-out the best hair straightener. I use it on my hair before I dry it and I also use it when I style it wet (my hair’s really short so I style it wet quite often). Either way, it makes my hair glisten like gold, whips it into shape, keeps it that way without making it crunchy or sticky, and really (for real!) helps to straighten.

FUDGE WET WAX I never have been and never will be a hairspray user. I touch my hair constantly so I don’t like products that make my hands feel nasty after I touch it. I also want my hair to move. I don’t want it to be stuck in a permanent position, aka “helmet head”. This spray wax is basically a hairspray alternative. After the time you spend styling and getting your hair to look just right, you want a little something to lock it into position. This has hold, adds a little weight (good if you have frizzy fly away hair like I do), defrizzes, and also adds shine. It’s the last thing that goes on my hair after styling it either dry or wet.

What else has megsmakeup done for me? Led me to some of the best makeup, skincare, body and beauty products on the market. Here’s my absolutely must have, can’t live without, hands-down, holy grail lineup:

TARTE LIGHTS, CAMERA, LASHES! My lashes are pretty long, thick and curly to begin with. So what I’m looking for in a mascara is something that adds drama without flaking, clumping, or smudging, and that will last throughout the day. After years of searching, and endless disappointment, I found the Tarte, and it delivers on all counts. The price is right, too. I’ve never been letdown by any Tarte product. Love their glosses, love their bronzer, love their adorable packaging.

SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER I kind of think of my makeup life as pre-Primer and post-Primer. It seems like one of those unnecessary extra steps that won’t do much, so why bother? Bother!!! Once you use it, you’ll wonder where it’s been all your life. The best thing since sliced bread. Makeup goes on flawlessly and stays that way. I’ve become a major Smashbox convert and have loved everything I’ve used. I especially love their glosses.

TheBALM BALMSHELTERI had heard so many raves about this line but had never tried it until I got the BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer and Lip Gloss. They are mind-blowingly amazing. I can’t believe the great coverage I get from the TM; it also feels good (can I say “cushiony”?) on my skin and I love that it has sunblock. Ditto for the gloss. It goes on like a moisturizing, luxurious lip balm, and is packed with hydrating oils. On top of that, I love the sheer colors, and love, love, love that it has SPF. This is a product I’ve been waiting for someone to make, and the prices are affordable, too. Thanks, Marisa!

ERNO LASZLO TRANSPHUSE EYE CREAM I have tried so many high-end eye creams trying to find the one that’s just right. My skin is not dry, but my eyes really are. My skin is not sensitive, but my eyes are. So I need an eye cream that’s really moisturizing, but no so potent that I have a reaction to it. This is the best I’ve ever used. Really emollient and moisturizing, but not greasy. Feels luxurious when you put it on, and sinks right into your skin.

EPIONE HYDRATING MOISTURIZING CREAM Truly like nothing I’ve ever put on my skin before. It’s actually really hard to put into words. It’s a whole new world of moisturizing. My nighttime routine is AHA, Epione Firm & Fade, and the Hydrating Moisturizer. In the morning I have to take a few moments to stare at myself in the mirror and admire my dewy, hydrated, younger-looking self. Seriously. It’s that good.

WELEDA WILD ROSE DEODORANT I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally have never used a deodorant that actually does what it’s supposed to. Lo and behold, this really works. At the end of the day, I still smell like a bed of roses, and BFOK does, too!

Happy Holidays! I hope my choices help you out at the check-out counter! Anyone else share my picks?

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