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Besame Masterliner Eye Pencil

Besame  Masterliner Eye Pencil

The glamorous vixen that is Miss Fergus sent us some Besame Masterliner Pencils. We’ll start by reviewing the eye pencils.

Before we start, I want each of you to go to WOW! What a beautiful site. It is so up my alley. Beautiful women that represent all different looks and times. I love pearls, I love steamer trunk luggage with far away places stuck to it, I love finger curls, flapper dresses and sepia tones. Chanel floats my boat, classic is key!

What’s the deal? Classic is king. No one ever looks back at photos five years later and embarrassingly sighs ” God, I just look so CLASSIC” and throws the photo album across the room.

It’s a never-ending battle. I know I am going to look back at my puffy tube dress with my Paris Hilton- esque wide belt and want to die a death by paper cuts. Yet, I wear it anyway because it’s so “now”.

Everything about Besame’s packaging is both “classic” and “now”. They walk the line and pull it off. Old-fashioned without feeling old. I guess the word is, oh yes, that’s it, CLASSIC!!
Here is the Besame Masterliner Eye Pencil claims “these water resistant formulas deliver powerful, vibrant color that glides on velvety smooth and can be smudged for a smoky-eye look. Each pencil has two tips, one at each end, containing a different complementing shade of color”.

Ladies, please post if I should continue to carry my Chanel Caviar bag or if I should trash it for this seasons Louis.

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Besame Masterliner Eye Pencil

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