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Benefit Lemon-Aid !!

Benefit Lemon-Aid !!

Do you notice dark circles under your eyes? Are your lids a slight, tired pink? Did your lower lids seem to be a perkier awake-shade years ago? Of course. When I was 22 I went out EVERY night of the Hollywood Week! I got home at 3am, I went to bed at 3:30, I woke-up for work at 7:30am. With a quick shower, few sweeps from my blush brush, lipstick and mascara I was good. No one seemed to know the difference besides my frequent trips to the coffee pot and water cooler. Youth was on my side.

Now, not so much. I’ve had to hang-up my dancing shoes for every night of the week. Now it is a twice monthy affair if I’m lucky. Tired eyes are only one of the tell-tale signs of sleep deprivation or nightlife living. I’ve given it up! I’m not “on the list” anymore! Why do my eyes still look like I am? This “age” thing is killing me!!

Does Lemon-Aid make you want to set-up a stand outside your favorite nightclub? Does it really make you look “fresh and lively”? Are your dark circles “invisible”? Ladies please tell us if this Lemon-Aid works or if we’re just drinking their kool-aid?

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