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The always fantabulous Lindsey from Benefit sent along “High Brow” a highlighting pencil for your brows.

Benefit has its devout followers, no matter what we send out to Meg’s Make-Up tester Lippie, she still can’t stop going to the Benefit counter for their products. Chichi gave me Benefit’s “Georgia Peach” as a gift and I used that stuff down to the bare bones. They mix cutesy-can you really take this product seriously? names with these amazingly serious cosmetics. The cult following Benefit has is no joke.

Benefit’s “High Brow” claims …” an instant brow lift in a stick. Want eyes that appear 10 years younger? Give yourself a ‘lift’ with high brow…a brow lifting “…

Ladies please post if “High Brow” took ten years off your eyes (or at least got rid of that tired-groggy morning look).

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Benefit High Brow

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