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Whenever you pop open an Allure Magazine or an Instyle for top celebrity make-up artists “must haves” there always seems to be a recommendation in there for a BECCA product.

Meg’s Makeup was sent not one product but all different ones to try. The fabulous Nicole from BECCA only had a few samples available so you’ll be seeing all different reviews.

When we opened the box of goodies all of us “oohed” and “aahed”, BECCA’s packaging is really cool looking! Everything looked so gorgeous I couldn’t decide what I wanted. A perfect little clear acrylic square called out to me. Inside it was the most gorgeous, shimmering eye shadow. I guess it has to shimmer when the name of the product is jewel dust! The color I took was “Erzulie”. A stunning purple/lilac at other angles blue. It’s hard to explain but it also has a pink shimmer highlight to it.

All of us make-up maven passed the wine and the BECCA box. Each lucky lady grabbing whatever product they had to try. Cream blushes, liner’s, eye shadows and powders all made their way around the table. I absolutely love and recommend the jewel dust, could all of BECCA’s products be equally as good?

Ladies, since we all got different things to try please tell us all about your product and the shade you got it in.

Sometimes too much choice is overwhelming. Yes, I love my little shadow pot but hmmm that cream blush looked amazing too…

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