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shadyladyMeg here! Now that Prudence’s pups have all found homes I am free to continue my normal life. My “normal” life consists of jumping around a bunch. Planes, trains and automobiles, I feel like I’m always heading out the door.

My girlfriend was over watching me pack before my last trip “Meg, I want to watch you pack your makeup, I want to see what you take. I feel like I should be taping this.”

Don’t be silly! Taping this? She’s so funny. Like anyone wants to see a tape of me packing! (If even one of you reply that you would like to see this then I will in fact whip out a camera so fast your head will spin.)

The fact I have no muscles in my body and very limited space make getting all my must-haves into ONE clear plastic makeup bag a necessity. Keep in mind these are not hiking or family vacations that I’m off to. Ninety-nine percent of the time it is work related and guess what I’m talking about? Yes, makeup. So I can’t be looking all shoddy or they’ll say my jig is up and really I’m not qualified to talk about anything else. Except stocks, lately I’ve been learning a lot about stocks but, if you think about it, this One clear plastic makeup bag is really a life and death situation. Professionally anyway.

I leave for New York Fashion Week September 7th and yes, I am going to have to pull it together. I don’t want the hassle of a million different single eyeshadow pots, I never can find the exact one I’m looking for. It’s not convenient or space savvy. Luckily this Shady Lady can grab her Shady Lady Vol. 2 Palette because it has been making the cut and coming everywhere with me!

What’s my fave combo? On my lid I like the color Mischievious Marissa. It’s that goldish shade on the bottom left hand side. I do dark shading with the brown on the top. The very first pan. Then I hope back down to the last row and highlight the brow bone with the shimmer color that’s very last in the bottom row. I highlight the inner-eye with the white in the middle, bottom row again.

Another beautiful thing about this palette is the shadows work so well with a little water as eyeliners. They really do double duty well. See? I’m still saving space.

There’s about a hundred different combos and I haven’t found a color that I don’t like. I really like them all. This is a big deal because you usually can get stuck with a few shades that you’re not crazy about and then the palettes a waste of moolah.

Happy to report that’s not the case with this Shady Lady. This palette has been making its way on a lot of my hostesses vanity’s and they’ve been grabbing for it in the morning. A lot of happy customer’s and these hues flatter just about everyone.

If you’re in the market for a fabulous fall palette (really anytime) then I give this an A+. Also 9 pans of shadow in a slim travel cases for $39 is a very good deal. You’ll use this to death!

What items are your travel staples? When I thought I left this in NYC I nearly hyperventilated!

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