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thebalm12Oh ladies! I could not WAIT to give you the Wednesday, Jeanasina, Body Beautiful slant on… The Balm Overshadow – the sexpot series!!! If I were to try to convey to you in 4 vivid words the best possible words to describe this line it would be…”Sirens Signify Sexpot Shadow”! I’m not kidding you…just open up the website to purchase the Balm Overshadow! And when you DO go to this page, you will see 4 Vixens right out of my past!

I had a total deja vu when I looked at these four women! When I was a little girl, curious as little girls are, I would go to my little friend’s house and we’d grab her divorced Mom’s playboy magazines and sneak off with them. Well, my little friend and I would go hide in her playhouse and look at those old Playboys and the women in those magazines looked exactly like the steaming hot sirens on the Balm sexpot series website page! It’s the same style of vamping sexpot! I wanted to grow up to look like they did! Those women are absolutely pulsating off the website! If you look at those women – I mean really look – you can only imagine how other men and women would look at those women – and yearn to touch one of them! These are the kind of women that make men, young and old, stop in their tracks and take notice! The nylons and garters, the flimsy, barely there little wisps of material some of them have on…these women create a need in the people who see them.

Now take a deep sigh of contentment and appreciation of what I just wrote and listen to this! The Sexpot Series Overshadow is completely in line with the images they have chosen to represent this line! I used words like ‘Sirens Signify Sexpot Shadow” earlier in my review and this ‘overshadow’ signifies that indeed! Sirens spend a lot of time making sure their eyes are as compelling as the rest of them are and let me say this, the Overshadow definitely made my eyes compelling too! I could hardly take my own eyes off of my own eyes in my rear view mirror!!! Kiss! The urge to constantly admire my subtle yet sexy newly renovated Overshadow eyes today had me lost in delight! The Overshadow I received is called “Work is Overrated” (How ironic is that since I’m laid off!) It’s like the most translucent pinkish/silvery touch of angel dust where-ever you put it! I used it under my brows and at the corner of my eyes and I just had fantastic yet subtle sparkle about me! I experimented putting it under and over other shadows and no matter what I did with it – I LIKED THE RESULTS! It also lasted and lasted! We want things we REALLY like to LAST and LAST don’t we people! Exactly! It didn’t come with a brush, however you can order one for $8.00 on the website or just do what I did and use your own favorite brush for application! The shadow has a plastic disc over it with little holes that slowly shake out little snippets of the magical contents.

It comes in a very small jar that you can hold in the palm of your hand. If a thief should come into your home at the exact moment you are applying your new Overshadow, you can quickly screw the cap back on and fold the tin into the palm of your hand and keep it hidden from any freak show make-up bandits.  I’m just saying that this product is going to be one of your favorites so you’ll be careful to never let it out of your sight! It’s a killer bombshell of a partner to the Mary-Lou-Manizer reviewed recently! Seriously…if you were armed with both the Balm Cosmetics products… the Mary-Lou-Manizeer AND the Sexpot Series Overshadow things can happen! It could be that the next time you put on your flannel pajamas and enter a room, you’ll just be wearing the top, your hair will be all brushed to one side and you’ll be smiling because you just took a look in the mirror and felt SO good about how sexy the Overshadow made you feel! I know wearing it today changed my mood and while I was out shopping at my favorite little thrift store – I tried on some size XL jeans that actually made me look good! LOL! It’s gotta be the Balm!
So my advice to you is….Ladies… fire up your garter belts and get yourself some Sexpot Series Overshadow today!
Buy It Here!

Who else LOVES The Balm as much as we do! Meg cannot live without Balmshelter! She would die without it!!

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