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The glamorous and gorgeous Mio sent Megsmakeup out some of their Awake Eye Tint out to test. We’re all crazy for the Awake brand and now that they are in Bath and Body Works they’re easier then ever to get to.

I love new twists on old standby’s. I’m always up for trying the new package with the new promise of fantastic results. I’m not alone in this quest or else the beauty industry wouldn’t have our hard earned moolah to the tune of billions. Awake’s eye tint is liquid eye color that comes in a slim bottle with a twist off top (kind of like nailpolish) where there is a brush to apply. I got the color “Rose Vintage” It’s more plum then pink so I’m not sure why they went with the color “Rose” I guess there is a slight pink tint but it looks more like a sheer violet to me. I shake the bottle and then I apply. I like it mostly as a
brow bone highlighter. It goes on pretty sheer but it has a nice highlight shimmer factor. It made my eyes pop. I also like grabbing the bottle and dropping it in my purse. There’s no crumble factor to worry about and the applicator is right there.

I’m digging my new liquid eyeshadow but I’m still pretty new at the concept. Any advicde you ladies have on liquid eyeshadow in general would be appreciated. I’m using powder eyeshadow on my lids and then the liquid on top. I’m wondering if you use liquid eyeshadow with another liquid eyeshadow can you blend them? Hmmm. Another new beauty product to play with! I can hear the beauty business’s cash machine ringing!

Here’s what Awake says about their eye tint “A liquid eye color that provides a gleaming wash of pearlized color with just one stroke of a brush. The water-based formula provides a refreshing application, while treated pearls and pigments provide long-lasting shine.”

Ladies, how did you wear and fare with Awake’s Eye Tint?

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