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Welcome back to our South Coast Plaza Week at! It’s me, Chichi, here with the latest Green Chi Tuesday! If you have been reading our posts this week, you’ll have gathered that the ladies and I had a fabulous day at the South Coast Plaza. A day of shopping and V.I.P treatment in a half dozen of the best beauty stores in America? What’s not to Love?! My day at the South Coast Plaza was like my birthday, Christmas and girls night out all rolled into one! Thanks again to our wonderful Pammie for making it all possible! So, one of the most exciting things for me about the SCP visit, was that it gives me a chance to talk about one of the gold standard companies of green beauty, Aveda! I’m not sure how I’ve managed to write so many Green Chi columns without gushing over Aveda and their amazing line of products. Well, now I have a chance to fix that glaring omission with our relaxing and educational trip to the Aveda store at the South Coast Plaza.

Our appointment at Aveda was scheduled towards the end of our big day. By that time, our feet were tired, our brains were filled with fabulous beauty finds and all of us ladies were dragging a little bit. As we walked into Aveda, we were welcomed by that incredibly soothing and yummy sweet-herbal smell that (to me) defines Aveda. We were quickly greeted by the very enthusiastic, super sweet and genuine Christina, the Team Leader of Aveda at SCP.

Christina offered us all a cup of Aveda Comforting Tea, which is a 100% certified organic herbal tea filled with licorice root and peppermint. The tea is caffeine and sugar free and can be served iced or hot. This miracle tea has been a mainstay of mine for years and does wonders for an upset stomach, especially during “that time of the month”. With the tea fortifying our minds and bodies, we gathered around a table (see bottom pic, left to right, Blusleelee, Chichi, Meg and Pamelairene) and listened to Christina talk about the Aveda Company and their new Smooth Infusion Hair Line.

Oh, did I mention that as we talked, Christina and the staff treated us to a five minute “reflexive massage”? I’m not sure how I managed to leave my seat after it was completed; I was so super relaxed and happy. Christina let us know that Aveda looks to make a genuine connection with each and every one of their customers. The massage is one of five types that are offered gratis to any one who walks into an Aveda. Plus, once completed, I promise you will not be given a “hard sale” by the Aveda staff. They let the products speak for themselves and while answering any and all questions; they will not push to make a purchase.

In addition to the massages, Aveda also has five different consultations (hair, makeup, skin, aromatherapy and sensory) that help to zero in on each customers personal wants and needs. Again, these consultations are free of charge and will not result in a sales person forcing a bagful of product on you.

All right, back to the lesson learned by the ladies of megsmakeup. You know how you have a regular beauty routine that is comprised of a mish-mash of your favorite products. Well, Christina and Aveda wanted to stress the importance of using a system of products designed to work together. As Christina stated “systems work.” If your looking for a particular result (in this case gorgeous smooth hair) you will really benefit from using a shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment that are designed to be used with one another. This past week I have been using my Aveda system faithfully. I found that using all of the products together from the Smooth Infusion Line left me with hair that is as smooth as silk hair without frizzies and flyayays!

Our time at Aveda flew by way too fast! Soon after we came out of our massage comas (witness Desertdoll and the lovely Christina mid-massage in the middle pic) and sipped the last of our tea, it was time to move on. As we gathered our things, we were presented with gift bags full of samples from their Smooth Infusion Line. The other lucky ladies from megs and I will be here shortly to give our reviews of this bagful of goodies, but you should know that all of Aveda’s products are 100% plant and flower based and are 95% paraben free (soon to be 100%, they are just phasing that last pesky 5% out). All of their packaging and bottles contains at least 75% post-recycled content. This company is dedicated to the green movement and pay attention to every detail “from the soil to the bottle.” To this end, Aveda is now a 100% Wind Powered Company! Eco-minded ladies, you can take comfort that any purchase you make at Aveda is not only good for you it’s even better for the earth!

Our bag of goodies consisted of:

Smooth Infusion Shampoo This plant-based shampoo creates a smooth new surface and softens hair up to 60% while protecting hair from the environment and reducing frizz.

Smooth Infusion Conditioner Work that system! This conditioner is made to work with the matching shampoo and promises all of the same results (smoother, softer hair) as its partner.

Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment A once a week deep treatment for hair that helps strengthen hair weakened by chemical processes, heat styling and environmental exposure; phellodendron and barley seal in moisture while castor, jojoba and meadowfoam seed oils smooth hair’s surface.

Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother Just a small amount of this treatment to towel-dried, damp hair helps create a smooth surface on hair while defending against humidity for up to 12 hours!

Light Elements Smoothing Fluid Another faithful member in my beauty arsenal! A small dab worked into dry hair gives lasting, weightless shine and texture to all hair types. I have exceptionally fine hair and this never gives my hair a greasy look and doesn’t weigh it down.

As an added bonus we also received sample of Aveda’s personal aroma Pure-fume spirit in the Shampure scent. This lovely little bottle makes me feel as if I am always relaxed, calm and happy in my own Aveda scented world!

If you’re interested in the new Smooth Infusion line, Aveda has a great deal (both on-line and in stores) that is running thought February 14, 2008. The Smooth Infusion Kit contains full sizes of the Shampoo, Conditioner, Style-Prep Smoother and Smoothing Fluid. As a bonus, the kit contains a genius styling brush, (looks like your flat iron and wide-tooth comb mated) which you use while blow-drying your hair. It will help you get that smooth, flat look without the damage from a heated flat iron!

I know I’m not the only Aveda lover out there! I would love to hear about your favorite products from this fabulously green company!


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