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Kate here, Why is it that good things usually have to come to an end? (Especially the best stages of life) childhood, college, happy hour. Seriously? I don’t understand why things have to end. How do we ever really know that they would eventually sour? When I die, I think when I get my parent-teacher conference with God, I’m going to have to ask him about this. I suppose he’ll tell me that we’re human, and we change. We’re not static. We’ll continue to grow until the day we die. But, it is certainly lovely to have the good things to remember.

And so it will the same way for Sephora and Bourjois. Bourjois is a great line, with some great products. But, sadly, Sephora has outgrown Bourjois and won’t be carrying it in the U.S. in the not too distant future. And so, the upside is that EVERYTHING is 30% Off!!! I want to encourage all of you to take advantage of this – and stock up (hoard) if you need to. And of course share with you a few of my favorite Bourjois products to try while you still can. (Though I think the line will still be available at Ulta.)

#1 – The Drole de Sourcil’s Brow Gel. Sort of a funny brow gel…comes in light, dark, and clear. The dark brow gel has been a STAPLE for me for nearly three years now! I am lucky that I overcame obsessive-compulsive tweezing early in my life and my brows are still intact enough to have a good shape, if only a little bit sparse towards the center. A couple of swipes of this colored gel keeps my brows “on” all day. I have Anastasia products and the Smashbox wax/powder duo all stored in my arsenal. But I still use this one EVERYDAY without fail…hardly any experimentation with others. So it must be good!

#2 – They don’t have this product listed online but we have them available in my store (and probably a few others, I imagine). They sell a 5 piece brush set in a neat little mesh case that was originally either $45 or $48. But with 30% off they’re closer to $30. This would be a FABULOUS staple for your suitcase, or even a good “down payment” if you’re considering investing in brushes. They’re not at all a bad quality and the handles are pretty and pink!

#3 – Bourjois has some of the BEST eyeliners. I wore the liquid liner for a long time. Comes in several colors and has a thin brush for precise application. The Khol and Contour pencils are good creamy standbys. And the Effet Metallise are water-resistant metallic liners that come in some super-pretty, wearable colors!

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