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drdimaQ&AMissRo here! Have any of you had issues with your eyes? Dark circles, puffiness, dryness? Well, again we have the pleasure of hearing directly from Dr. Dima herself! She recently received a question from one of her clients about under eye dryness.

Dear Dr. Dima,

I need some eye cream for dryness around my eyes.  Can you recommend a good one?

Laurie S. Pasadena, CA

Dear Laurie,

It would be helpful to know a few things to be able to give an adequate response to your question. Among them are age, any existing skin conditions, any history of allergies and whether the dryness has any associated symptoms. But, having said that, I will do my best to give you a few recommendations.

First and foremost, our skin has a built-in mechanism for keeping itself hydrated and one of the most common causes of dry skin under the eyes (or anywhere really) is dehydration.  So make sure you’re drinking plenty of water daily and the water in ice tea/coffee/soda doesn’t count.

Another cause of dryness under the eyes is using a product that has a potent skin rejuvenating ingredient in it such as Vitamin A, Retin-A, Vitamin C or similar cellular turnover ingredient. Many women I treat experience this “paradox.” They call or come back stating that they’ve been very compliant with the skin regimen I prescribed, but their skin feels dry and the wrinkles under their eyes look worse. In reality, they are developing new collagen resulting in softer, smoother skin, but it passes through this “dry” phase first. Now that’s a real eye opener!  

There is a product called Galactic Glove Seal Your Skin Serum by Cosminology that helps to soothe the dryness almost instantly without irritation.  Another is Heal Me at the Speed of Light Recovery Gel.  Both are non-irritating and are best applied immediately after cleansing.  Another very good product is Obagi Nu-Derm Eye Cream by the deity of dermatology himself and my mentor, Dr. Zein Obagi. Remember to use tepid to warm water for cleansing. If the water is too hot, it strips the skin of essential lipids leading to increased dryness.

Now, hypothetically of course, let’s say you’re out camping in the wilderness or you find yourself “LOST” on a deserted island with no internet or malls…ever wonder how those T.V. stars still manage to look so good? Assuming you have plenty of drinking water, your best bets would be an aloe plant, olive or coconut oil and even lip balm or any petroleum based product. Yes, that’s right! Just put some Chapstick under your eyes!

Lastly, you only have two of them. Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays with sunblock and sunglasses.

I hope this helps!  
Dr. Dima

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So, do you suffer from under eye dryness? If not, what eye issues do you have?

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