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DD’s manifesto: “I’d rather talk about the good things, then bitch about the bad”

Just recently, things in my life have been, well, for lack of a better word WIGGY! As a result of this, my energy was all out of whack. And we all know bad energy means nothing goes well: work, social, confidence, even parking karma, ALL BAD!! All suffering because I was fixating on the bad stuff. My game has been way WAY off. Even with getting my hair done, mani, tan sprayed on, and dead skin slothed off my bod, I couldn’t shake that ugly feeling, or in this case, feeling of ugliness.

Then today I was given an amazing opportunity. While I was out in East Hampton, trying to eat my low self esteem away with copious amounts of lobster rolls and French fries, I got a call! I was invited to have a private clinic with a world renowned horse whisperer! A “natural” horseman! I’m an avid rider, I ride two to three times a week at a fancy smansy stable in NJ, where I walk in and the groom hands me my horse. I don’t even get my hands dirty! This experience couldn’t have been more polar opposite! I rode this gorgeous horse, Austin, with no saddle, bridle, bit, or reins!! It was just like the Indians rode on the plains. So exhilarating and liberating and wonderful! After the clinic, we took a two hour trail ride along the beach, where we saw wild fox catching fish in the sound! It was just about the most magical day I’ve ever had.

I don’t know if it’s because mercury is in retrograde, or because I spent a fairy tale like day out in nature, or because I tried a new DD product that I LOVED, but when I got dressed to go into town for dinner, I feel like I got my mojo back!! OK, so I put on my Lilly Pulitzer sun dress, some foundation and bronzer, glued on a few individual lashes and then tried Ardell Lash Magic Blending Mascara and it blended my false lashes with my real lashes AMAZINGLY!!! It made my false lashes virtually undetectable! And that made me think that this is a perfect product for beginner lash users, because the whole challenge with applying individual lashes is to get them to blend in with your own lashes! The mascara was not cakey at all. Lash Magic does not add length or thickness to your lashes so that your lashes will remain clump free!! It actually coated and blended my lashes with one stroke! And the formula is water soluble, so it’s easy to wash off AND will not ruin your false lashes (if you want to reuse a strip lash). So there you go, I learned new horsemanship skills today and all you novice lash appliers learned some new lash skills. I AM the LASH WHISPERER!!

Ladies, how is your summer going?!

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