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ardell22Gigi here . .There is a lame but truthful joke: “How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?  Answer:   “Only one but  the light bulb has to really want to change.”

I believe my eyebrow obsession began with a friend of mine.  I call her a “unibrow,” as in Andy Rooney of “Sixty Minutes.”  We have been close for ages. I try to act casual and our conversations generally wind up with my asking, “Oh, I tweezed today.  Did I tell you?”  She is past less-than-subtle hints.  At this point, she probably  requires heavy farm equipment to separate the fur piece.  The days of tweezers for her may likely be gone.  My point?  I can’t change my friend–only she can do that.  But take a long, hard look at yourself in the merciless sunlight before noon.  Be a real woman and dare to use a magnifying mirror. Lines and wrinkles and hairs–oh my!

I despise hair where it shouldn’t be and pull it immediately.  My husband has dubbed me “The Princess and the Pea.”  One stray between my brows or above my lip will drive me into a state of agitation so vicious that I can’t sleep until it is gone. Be afraid while tweezing.  Be very, very afraid. Over-plucking can kill the roots of tiny fibers permanently (I take part of that back–a slow, painful, cruel, horrific, and permanent death to facial hair).

Put ice where you are going to be working to numb the area.  Plucking is also best performed in the most brutal light possible (beat me, I know).  Follow tweezing advice from others as I don’t have room to explain now.  But after tweezing you’re not “done” any more than a painting is without a frame. I have a year-round toy for you.  You and I both know that you are tucking away more stocking stuffer’s for yourself than you are for others (as am I), but this one will fulfill your inner child need to play and beauty ritual. Try Ardell’s “Brow Defining Palette” (what a lovely word “palette” is–it just rolls off the tongue).  Eyebrows define our face in a way nothing does with color, gorgeous color.  Brows naturally thin with age and you will look eternally youthful with some tint.  Think of Brooke Shields or Kathy Ireland with very blonde brows.  Ugh, but I should be so homely.

One of the best ways to do this?  Ardell’s palette includes three shades–ecru, mink brown, and black.  Why three?  So that you can mix the coloring to match your own natural shade, neither too dark nor too fair (God did know what He was doing when he chose your eyebrow shade.  Artificial hues bellow for help!).  The kit offers an angled brush, miniscule tweezers, an eyeshadow applicator, and a mirror.  I’m not wild about the brush and keep it for travel only.  These powders are highly pigmented and overkill is easy.  If you have a brush like Joey New York’s “State of the Arch,” employ it.  Otherwise use a small one that offers total control and apply the individualized color you created with soft, featherlike strokes to fill in sparse areas and mimic natural hair. No lines allowed or I will call Atilla the Nun to handle you!  To keep in place without wax, dab the brush with a bit of moist soap and apply upward and outward for a younger, wide-awake, a yes-you-may-possibly-stand-a-chance-with-me look.

Once I’ve combined mink and ecru for brows, the colors become eyeshadows!  Talk about multi-tasking!  My routine is to use the chocolate as a base color on my lids, contour and line with the black, and highlight my brow bone and the area between my eyes with the cream-colored hue.  This gives super long-lasting color, even without primer. For nights out, carefully use the black on your lids for a smoldering appearance (please don’t revive Halloween here–I am groveling).  Oh, now you are  BabyLove the Beautiful, Chelsea1 the Chic, Erica the Exotic, Nicollback the Naughty, PotionPrincess the Passionate, Sharond the Salacious, Shaybear the Sexy, or Vicci132003 the Vixen and totally hard to resist by men everywhere.  Make them stand in line.  No, make them kiss your hand as they kneel before you!
Ardell offers another highly useful product:  You can purchase Ardells’s Brow Pencil with an excellent mascara-type wand brush on one end to help tame your former beasts.  A liner is on the other end and is smooth and doesn’t tug at the very sensitive skin around your eyes.  If a liner doesn’t virtually apply itself for me, I toss it.  I’m not searching for wrinkles.  Ardell delivers.

And what am I doing with my friend?  I’ve considered slipping something into her beverage when we go out to make her pass out.  When she awakes, she will be new and improved and eventually forgive me.  Does anyone have killer, industrial-strength tweezers? Oh, I I’ll just use my husband’s heavy beard trimmer if the battery lasts through the process . . .

Who else is an Ardell fan? I love that you can find the brand at most drugstores and not only do they work but the price is right!

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