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Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed: They only want you for your BODY!!!

Anatomicals No Old Bags Allowed: They only want you for your BODY!!!

Goddess Granny here: I LOVE it when anyone dares to imply that it’s my “body”  they are interested in and not my mind…
I know, I know, all my sistas’ in feminism will be pounding the table but hey, you simply have to realize that sometimes the “truth” is REALLY not what we want to hear after all so go ahead and smother me with cheesy compliments, ply me with umbrella drinks and whisper something that will make me squrim. It’s the “fantasy” that sells people! Kiss

If you can also toss in a hefty dose of humor backed up with a solid set of skills and a proven track record of quality,I want YOU TOO! Surprised

How could you NOT fall in “lust” in a company whose “philosophy” is non-existant, (don’t you hate those stuffy self-serving “mission statements?) who makes it crystal clear that they are funny and original,and whose website is one of THE coolest,most well-designed and entertaining lil’ bites of delight on the web?Oh and….they make no bones about the fact that they also “only want you for your body!”

Anatomicals had me at first click…I promise you will love this site so be prepared to visit a while!:

“…keep this tightening gel handy,after all,there’s only one place for bags in this world: under the arms of a yummy Beverly Hills porter!”

Now don’t you know Miz Meg herself would absoultely agree with this statement but “No Old Bags Allowed” is the name of Anatomicals FABULOUS eye gel so take this little blue tube very seriously even if it laughs at itself? With orange flower water,my beloved arinca, and a dose of good ol’ witch hazel, this cool and totally non-irritating clear-gel can make anyone’s “old bags” morph into converted Vuitton’s in minutes!

Totally delightful, non-sticky, and effortless to apply, this gel can be used under makeup or alone with incredible results: the skin is calmed,the eye-ares is visibly smoothed,and there’s not a bit of tacky-tightness only a refreshed and  more youthful transformation in minutes! I don’t apply with a lot of care,just sort of smear it on and also “hit up” the upper-lip area as well (you can do this with any eye-treatment,the skin texture’s similar in these places!) if I over squeeze the tube.
I love that it’s non-irritating and gentle yet manages to do a great job without a lot of hype. Eye-creams are sometimes ridiculously priced and oversold IMO.

“Wake up late.Scream.Look in the mirror.Scream.Apply this soothing gel and realize that those good-looks were just hiding after all!” Sometimes we ALL need a bit of smoothing over in the am,right? Damn…who am I kidding,I’ll take some smoother-stuff anytime I can get it! Kiss

I use this get often and enjoy it every single time:it’s my current “go to” for a quick fix, it’s totally refreshing,gentle as can be, and really takes care of that “Gee where ARE my sunglasses?” eye-strain you get during the days of Summer.

I love this product and am dying to try more from Anatomicals: I haven’t been able to source a seller in the US but they assured me they ship quickly to the US so I’m going to place an order because honestly,I think it’s worth a bit of a wait to be able to enjoy more from this cutting-edge company!

If you find someplace that sells Anatomicals on this side of the pond, please share, won’t you? products also seem to be very reasonably priced, always a huge plus!

You can also visit this delightful company on Facebook: their totally irreverant humor is contagious and I predict good things to come for them!
I think we all need to just stop taking it all so seriously because nothing is more attractive than a smile! 🙂   Wishing y’all time to enjoy the special men in your life today and everyday as well!

Who else found “No Bags Allowed” to be the answer to a carry-on?

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