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Hello studio audience – Jeanasina here!  Today I’m going to be talking to you about anatomicals “eye cream… you scream, we all scream for eye cream”!  This company is so off the charts fun I don’t know that anything I can say could possibly be more clever or as funny as this company is!  Honey, the spotlight is totally on anatomicals, I’m just the prop guy in the back laughing at their material!  Listen to what it says on the tube! “regenerating eye cream for value, performance and cuteness…” How adorable is that!  What eye cream EVER says anything about being ‘cute’ as part of the results of using their eye cream!  Man it’s been a long LONG time since anyone used the words “she’s cute!” on me!  I’d horde the stuff and eat it just totally hoping I get to be thought of as cute again one more time in this lifetime!  Nobody says ‘cute’ anymore. 

These days all you hear is, “She’s hot!”  If you overhear guys sometimes when they are checking out a girl, one guy inevitably will say in a high voice “She is one FINE lookin’ woman” and then make some gestures to go along with his admiring glances.  On TV when they want you to buy their lipstick – they tell you that if you use their lipstick you’ll be sultry, daring, sizzling, exotic and completely compelling!  Not once do they say “Use our lipstick and you’ll look really cute!”  Like I said, people don’t use the word ‘cute’ anymore very often, at least not when looking directly at me!

I think I mentioned before I’d just love to own this store if they opened one in my town!  Oh man, EVERYBODY would be in the store and the ENERGY in this store has to be really great all the time!  I mean these people get to come up with off the wall names for their products!  I wish I worked for them just to help come up with more hysterical names for great products!  Their philosophy seems to be…

Whatever you look like,
whatever shape you are in
We only want you for your body.

They have that last line on most of their containers too.  Ingenious marketing!
Clever and creative names for every single product!  A month or so ago we reviewed “No Old Bags Allowed” -and we LOVE IT! I mean really!  “No Old Bags Allowed”!!! – Do you think for one minute Estee Lauder is EVER going to call their line of eye cream, “No Old Bags Allowed”?  NEVER!  But anatomicals must have known they have a great product line – the items they sell all WORK great! The feedback is always that people are really happy with the quality and results of their products…SO…….if people already are sold on the product, then…how about if we just name each item ANY THING WE WANT TO!  And that, is what I think, they did!  They have a cream called “Puffy the eye bag slayer”!!! – I want to work there and help create these names!  Can you imagine how much fun they must have every day?  They must bounce names off of one another and bust a gut laughing and then spend hours narrowing it down to which is the funniest name for their newest product and then they start all over again!

You use the… Eye Cream, You scream, We All Scream for Eye Cream…twice a day. You are to apply it to the ‘delicate eye area’  I’m never sure just how much of the eye area is considered ‘delicate‘, so I pretty much swathe just about the entire eye socket and the circumference around that and I think I have it covered.  I’d use the no old bags allowed when I felt that my eyes had reached a very unflattering hag like quality.  It definitely helped perk them up!  

I have a lot of eye creams – everybody wants to win the race for best eye cream!  I mean, where do you even start?  Even though we watch our eyes like vultures looking to see if there is a new laugh line or crinkle that wasn’t there the day before – is there really any cream that can honestly bring your eyes back to the way when you were in your 20’s?  I don’t think so – not really.  But in the meantime, I still believe that using eye cream is important and I never miss a day or night of putting it on!   The Anatomicals Eye Cream, You Scream, We All Scream for Eye Cream is odorless, comes out in a white cream which turns completely transparent the moment you touch it and put it around your eye.  It feels a bit cool when you put it on; but it’s a nice feeling. I liked this cream a lot but.

Anatomicals is on Facebook! 
This review might have been even longer but I got totally sucked into their Facebook page.  Look at it – you are definitely going to like it!  Just start with looking at their “INFO” page! Once you get there you can read the names of all their fun products!   Listen to this, they have a bar of soap that’s called “Get your filthy hands on me”!   I wonder how the scenario would play out if, at the exact second I came home with that soap in my bag, my husband happened to drive up on his Harley and ask me “What’s in the bag dear?”  If I looked back at him and answered “Get your filthy hands on me”…would he assume I’m talking to him and act on it?Kiss

Have any of you tried this screaming eye cream or scanned the website!

Click on to order or to watch their promo video which you WILL watch more than once just to see these people in the photos again!  Everything about anatomicals is just so out there and so much fun!  Everything from the visuals to the colorful packaging to the names of the products to the sound effects …EXTREME DELIGHTFULNESS!

Who else is gaga for all things anatomicals!?!

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