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“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
the courage to change the things I can;
and the wisdom to know the difference.”

The truth always rears its ugly head. Deep breath here: My name is Gigi and I am a Palettoholic (please applaud here). “Palettoholism” is an addiction, an obsession with eyeshadow palettes (think “Fatal Attraction:” Put yourself in Glenn Close’s place but insert palettes where Michael Douglas would be – and skip the rabbit scene). Place a few bizarre shades in a plastic or metal container and I will purchase it. I’ll look at the compact, frown, and throw it in my basket anyway. It began with my love of painting and color and intensified when my dear mother bought a beautiful Revlon shadow compact for me at age fourteen. My mother, my own loving mother, was an enabler.
The Revlon mix was so amazing that I scraped out every bit. My friend gave me a quad from another company. Should I tell you this? I used that one from ninth grade until college. No, I didn’t spit in it (TanteJoan – we’ll discuss the mascara later) but I should have expired or gone blind from a deadly bacterial infection. Please don’t keep your eyeshadows around for years – eye cosmetics should be tossed before all others. And why don’t I follow my own advice?
Withdrawal from Palettoholism isn’t pretty. I have to take it one day at a time. If I leave a drugstore without purchasing at least one palette, my hands shake and I have body tremors. I sweat profusely and my personality turns into Cruella DeVille from “101 Dalmations.” I am highly agitated and often have hallucinations of rainbows and Jackson Pollock paintings.
Hence, here’s the skinny about the latest knock-out palettes I purchased from Almay, their new I-Color Intense Trios.™” My husband says I find products before they appear on shelves. Perhaps he’s right – it’s not on yet. I was at a large display and all of these were gone but three. I saw a woman about my age standing there and she said, “Gorgeous!  I’m going to buy them all.”   Like hell you are, lady – no one and nothing separates me from makeup I crave. I thought of tackling her to the floor but don’t want a rap sheet for aggravated assault. Images of Charlie Sheen’s unflattering police photo haunted me. I asked myself, “Quick, what to do now?” My fingers began to tremble and my eyes twitched. I simply had to have them. I very nicely said, “I’m sorry, these are reserved for me.” The poor thing believed it, relinquished them, and simply walked away with an “Oh, I didn’t realize.” I wanted to yell at her as she turned away, “If I told you to jump from a bridge, would you?”  We aren’t supposed to lie, but all things are fair in love and makeup.
I was never a huge fan of Almay’s eyeshadows as they seemed dull, but these are renaissance, powerhouse palettes fit for the Red Carpet. The shadows are a trio with a large amount of a fair shade to use as a base and/or highlighter. The other tones contour and color like few others do.  Almay now “decorates” shadows with ribbon-like “a’s” and has improved the overall appearance (we all crave for pretty packaging in the end!). Almay has been working with the concept of different hues to enhance particular eye colors, but there are none I cannot use. This company’s shades are perfectly coordinated and virtually goof-proof:  There are instructions for use are on the compact. If you can read, you can create wonders. For the ultimate smokey eye made easy, follow their instructions. Otherwise, play with the shades in different ways – you can’t go wrong! Almay’s new achievement works with mineral particles which interact with light and brighten your eyes immediately.  Some of the slightly shimmering, posh, designer shades? A gentle, ethereal pink to leave you like an angel, an off-white which mimics sixteen hours of great REM sleep, and a wispy, perfect beige tinged with a hint of gold.
The deeper hues are some of the most beautiful shades I’ve ever seen. There are tones of luscious chocolate, beautiful burnished bronze and copper, a slick silver-gray which doesn’t look like you’re going to the Mardi Gras, an inky, seductive deep blue, and an unusually gorgeous dark teal which gives me chills of excitement and turns me into Grace Kelly (I warned you about my hallucinations).
I did the ultimate test.  I donned the white lab jacket we reviewers all have, rubber gloves, and performed state-of-the-art scientific testing.   I made up one eye with a Christian Dior collection ($58.00!) and another with these. I repeated the process with Lancome and Lauder and these rivaled their costly competitors.
Application and blending are a breeze with the silky formula. You know what comes next – my lecture on keeping the applicator for convenience and using brushes for best results. The color remains a long time, especially when a primer is used, from Urban Decay’s to the Two-Faced Wrinkle Injection cream/primer I also love. (What? You didn’t buy it from beloved Beauty Ticket when on sale? There’s still time. An eBay merchant to whom I am not related, savealot27, offers these at great prices and gives stellar service. You can’t go wrong with her!)
Well, time for me to go – just me and my shadows… eyeshadows, that is!

How long do you keep your eyeshadows for ladies?
Have you tried the new Almay line?

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