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The fantastic and fabulous Nonita from Alexander de Markoff was kind enough to let Megs Makeup review pots of their eyeshadow base “Disquise For Eyes”.

In the last two years I have had a complete jump to all things primer and base. I honestly don’t know how I lived without these staples.If you’re just starting to get into cosmetics you need to go get yourself some face and eye primer. You will be amazed at how much better your foundation, powder, blush-all of it stays on. Trust me, it’s a great investment because it makes you get the most out of all your other products.

Eye shadow has always been the trickiest to get to stay on through the day! It was like it would just evaporate off my lids and all my hard work had disappeared! Based on the incredible wealth of knowledge that is the Megs Makeup reviewer I was steered to Urban Decay’s Primer potion. You ladies know what works and my eye shadow issues were solved! The Disquise for Eyes seemed to be the same concept as my primer potion. I can like both! I have 100 lipglosses, Desertdoll has 500. Why should we only have one eye primer?

The Disquise for Eyes is an eyeshadow base like no other. It starts off creamy and dries down to a smooth powdery finish. It’s in an elegant little pot that screams old school elegance. I was not familiar with the Alexandra de Markof line before and this is definitely a high quality product!

Here’s what Alexandra de Markoff says about Disquise for Eyes..“An eyeshadow base that helps make eyelids look younger while blurring fine lines and imperfections on the eyelid. Keeps eyeshadow true to shade and looking perfect all day. Will not crease, streak or fade. Can also be worn alone”.

Ladies, please let us know if Disquise for Eyes made no costume needed! Any other primer or Alexandra de Markoff fans?

Alexandra de Markoff Buy It Here

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