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The sultry Kristan from Afterglow Cosmetics sent Meg’s Makeup some beautiful Multi-Tasking Loose Mineral Eye Shadow out to try in an array of fabulous colors!

Have you ever noticed when you go shopping you always stare at a new item for your wardrobe, you stop and feel it and then you hold it up to yourself and picture it on. I do that. Then I turn to my girlfriend BeBe and gush “Oh, I loove this”. Nine times out of ten, BeBe will look at me and say, “Meg, you own 4 other pieces exactly the same in your closet”. Upon closer inspection, I will admit that I do and keep looking. Before we leave the store, I run back to it and buy it.

The same rings true for my eye shadow basket. Yes, I wrote basket. I have a specific basket in my powder room for each product. When I look into my eye shadow basket it’s a bit pathetic. Like, yup, really thought that color was working for me so I ran with it. Do I ever run with it! Chocolate brown, sable brown, mocha, golden caramel, java, sienna, cocoa (O.K. so I use a lot of brown).

I went to lunch with a girlfriend and she said, “you’re so daring and love color. I picked this eyeliner up for you”. She then handed me an eyeliner from Too Faced Cosmetics in…Turquoise Tinsel. I graciously went insane for it on the outside. On this inside? I was freaking out. Turquoise? What was I going to do with Turquoise?

I was heading out to BeBe’s house (yes, we spend a lot of time together). It was just an errand day and I wasn’t expecting any paparazzi shots (O.K., a girl can dream, Stars! They’re just like us). I grabbed the Turquoise liner and paired it with, believe it or not, brown eye shadow. When I got to BeBe’s she looked at me and said “You’re eye make-up looks really good. What is that?

Yup, we had a winner with the Turquoise. What have I been missing my whole life by my commitment to brown? What has brown ever done for me? Don’t it make my brown eyes blue. I am exciting! I am daring! A new woman if you will!

When BeBe called me to tell me the eye shadow color choices Afterglow sent (yes, I do have other friends, she just stars a lot in this story) I yelled to her, “SAVE ME THE EMERALD GREEN! or TURQUOISE!! Did they send Turquoise? I look fab in Turquoise. No? O.K. SAVE me the EMERALD PLEASE”!!

As a new adventurous woman, I wanted the sparkly Emerald. It was the holidays! Nothing says “I’m a good, festive girl” like Emerald paired with ruby lips.
I wore my new emerald shadow out to a tree-trimming soiree and “yes”! I was complimented up the ying-yang!

So score 2 for trying new colors! I learned a lot from that little unscientific experience. Experiment. Color look garish in tube? Well, give it a shot on before you walk away! That dress would make you look like a heifer? Maybe or maybe like a voluptuous Goddess! Try it on! Getting out of our comfort zone is a good thing. What’s the worst that could happen? Neon purple with gold flecks? Bring it!

Here is what Afterglow Cosmetics has to say about their Multi-Tasking Mineral Eye shadow…“Brighten up your eyes with our collection of sophisticated 100% natural mineral eye colors. Our unique blends of micro-pulverized minerals and pigments apply easily, blend incredibly well and have amazing staying power. Our eye shadows can be used wet or dry to create amazing effects that last all day or night. Our 100% natural eye colors pigments are so pure that they will not irritate even the most sensitive eyes and contain no dyes, preservatives or talc”.

Ladies please post if Afterglow gave you one with their eye shadow!

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