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2007 Best of Sephora Winners!

Everyone loves a winner, right? Well I don’t know. This is a true confession. I have never told anyone this before. But bear with me — it requires a little bit of background. In 5th Grade, I was the School Champion for the National Geography Bee…which was pretty cool for a 10 year old to beat like a 14 year old (although, he was pretty dumb so, you know…). My parents were so proud! I studied super hard for the state qualifying exam which I didn’t qualify for…it was REALLY HARD. Oh well. (ASIDE: I’m actually awesome even still to have on your Bar-room trivia team because I know all kinds of random sh*t.) Its both a blessing and a curse. So in 6th Grade, naturally, I breezed up again to the school finals, an assembly in front of the whole 5-8 grades. It came down to the final question. I threw it. I knew the answer, but I gave the wrong one. I lost. I let him win. I just didn’t want people to think I was a nerd! I’ve never told that to anyone before…and well, I am so ashamed.

Anyhow, I hope you all voted for the Best of Sephora 2007 winners back in June. And now they’re here! But I’m not gonna lie, I have some opinions on them:

Best Blush. Nominees are Tarte Cheektains, Smashbox, Benetint, Nars Orgasm and LORAC Powder. I mean, you know NARS was gonna win. I definitely voted for Tarte Cheeksteains because well, they stain. They just stay on my face better, although I often layer a powdered blush over them. I have really come to like cream blushes better anyhow. NARS Geule de Nuit is my favorite a shimmery peach-rust. So pretty, all year-round.

Best Lipstick. Nominees were Cargo PlantLove, Dior Addict, Sephora Long-Wearing, NARS, and Makeup Forever. NARS takes it again. Although, I definitely agree with this one. The color, in particular was Dolce Vita which is a perfect pinky-mauvey-nude. Its one of my favorites to layer underneath some fun gloss color. I concur!

Best Mascara. Nominees: Fresh SuperNova, TooFaced Lash Injection, Benefit BadGal, LashFusion, and DiorShow. I mean, was it even a question? Clearly, DiorShow is the best mascara ever and I swear by it. I have been using the SuperNova during the day lately and have thought that it suffices. It really curls well! And I’m a bit miffed that they lumped LashFusion into this category because it is NOT really meant to be worn alone as a Mascara. It WILL smudge. HOWEVER, it is a fabulous, beyond fabulous primer to wear underneath your favorite (Dior) mascara, like for a night out on the town. It lengthens, thickens, and conditions. I highly recommend it for that purpose, however!

Best Foundation. Nominees: Bare Escentuals, Dior AirFlash, Makeup Forever Mat Velvet, Sephora Powdered Foundation, and Stila Illuminating. Winner (who’d have guessed): Bare Escentuals. I just don’t even know what to say. Personally, I can’t stand the feel of it. My face just feels dirty. But it seems I am in the minority. The Stila Illuminating is great for dry, dry skin but is a little slick if you’re even close to combination. The Sephora Powdered Foundation is OK but I have a can of the spray AirFlash from Dior. Its $60 a can which is a big turn off I know, but I have only been using it on special occasions. You can use a sponge to put it on or you can just straight up mist your face (which is what I do). And you get this flawless, airbrush, amazing finish. And it dries quick too! Maybe it needs to be a Dream Item for Desertdoll some day or something. But I love it.

What do YOU think?


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