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Meg here! I am a picker and a plucker. I can’t leave that zit alone and I obsess over random hairs. I buy tweezers the way other people buy laundry detergent. I’ve always been like this. I’m sure it’s a sign of some sort of compulsion or OCD behavior. 

I guess it was maybe Sophmore year when I decided my eyebrows were too bushy (*they weren’t.) I just plucked and plucked and the inevitable happened. I plucked too aggresively and some were not growing back. Not growing back ever.

Sidenote-I have never had this problem with my armpits, bikini line or legs (go figure.)

I have done all of the tricks and have found great eyebrow fillers (favorites from Anastasia and Senna.) The deal with powders is that you have to fill in what you’re missing everday and it’s hard to draw on extra and make it look “natural.”

I had heard about tattoo permanent makeup but I didn’t want to look like Tammy Faye Baker and I mean, I LOVE TAMMY FAYE BAKER. 

Everyone knows that I guinea pig myself so that you don’t have to! I was more than a little intrigued when I heard about a new, permanent technique. It’s called 3D Feathering. It’s where the permanent makeup artist draws feather strokes to make the eyebrow ink mimic hairs. 

permalinecosmeticsbrowsFew people are experts at this. I want to stress this BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU SEE TO DO THIS PROCEDURE. Get before and after pictures, check yelp and speak to people that have had this done. Depending on your skin care regimen this procedure lasts between 2-3 YEARS. That’s a long time to be unhappy about something on your face.

It’s my job to know who the BEST of the BEST are, and that is why it was without hesitation that I booked my eyebrow 3d feathering with Emilia from PermalineCosmetics. Emilia came highly recommended and her artistry is natural and beautiful. I had no doubt scheduling my appointment with her. She is located in South Hampton, NY and Upper East Side, NY. Lucky for me, she also has a place in Huntington, NY. I was in the city but she was with her family in The Hamptons. We agreed to meet halfway. That is how bad I wanted Emilia to do this procedure-I took over an hour cab out to Long Island! That’s dedication. I also had a fancy Beverly Johnson hosted New York Fashion Week party that night so I was really putting my eggs in the basket!

By now you’ve seen my before and after pictures so i’m going to just take you step by step.

beverlybookpartyFirst Step-Emilia will discuss with you what you want (shape and color-fullness.) I trust professionals and was so in love with her before and afters I said “Just show me what you think will look best on me.” Emilia then took a pencil and drew the shape and fullness she thought would best frame my face and open up my eyes. When I looked in the mirror I was so happy and knew I was in the right place! It did give my face a lift and I instantly looked better. Dare I say, younger? It was a quick me up and I could not wait to get started!

Second Steps- NUMBING CREAM & Pick Color-I write “numbing cream” because this is very important in the steps. People commented to me the pain they were in when they had this done in other places by other people. If Emilia ever wanted to be an anesthesiologist, she could be. She was fantastic is keeping me numb during the entire process. She showed me 3 of her top color choices for my skin tone and we picked one out together.

Third Step-SIT STILL and Relax-the process is now starting. She does the entire procedure in about an hour. Does it hurt? If you can handle botox or the dentist, you can handle this. It doesn’t hurt, it was only uncomfortable when she would get a sensitive spot. The numbing cream really blocked everything and it was a 2 on a scale of 1-10 for uncomfortable.

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Liquid Palisade! The No More Mess Liquid Nail Tape by Kiesque!

nailartMeg here! I never can paint my own nails. I keep them short since I spend so much typing and usually get the nailpolish everywhere! I a simple “Why-Didn’t-I-Think Of This? Liquid Palisade comes to the rescue! I had some great Nail Art done on me by my local salon Green Nail. @ms.nailsbyliz (her Instagram) painted me pink with yellow tips in honor of my Easter outfit.

She did a really cute job! How Easter Egg perfect! I was really happy with my results.

And then I went home and packed for my Easter weekend and promptly chipped them.

Great job Meg!

What am I do to to fix them? How would I get those perfect yellow lines straight? Liquid Palisade sent me some of their nail polish barrier and I finally could use it! I just bought some polish at the drugstore and voila! See my little Youtube (and I am going to try to do more videos so please subscribe if you could!! THANK YOU!!

End result? IT WORKED!! If you are a nail artist or nail technician or manicurist or anyone that does their names-GO GET THIS!

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here! 10 years ago I started and I am lucky enough to be recognized as one of the (if not first) very first makeup blogs. Let me put this into perspective, when I started this blog, many people (most people) had never heard of “a blog.”

Urban Decay and their amazing PR extraordinaire Tammy  has been a supporter since before the time of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. My blog and Urban Decay have had a relationship lasting longer than most of my marriages.

I think that’s because we’re both able to recognize the awesomeness in each other and don’t take each other for granted and don’t bitch and whine constantly. But that’s just my take.

potionLike all good marriages, Urban Decay and have supported each other and supported amazing women! This is one reason why it doesn’t surprise me one bit that Gwen Stefani and UD have joined forces on The Ultra Violet Edge.

100% percent. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. ALL OF IT. All of the sales of Urban Decays Eye Shadow Primer Potion Enigma is going towards helping various women’s charities to the tune of THREE MILLION DOLLARS!

If you have never tried an eyeshadow primer then there is no better place to start with the Original Holy Grail Urban Decay One! I used to think my disappearing eyeshadow was the 8th wonder of the world. I’d put it on, only to be absorbed into my oily eyelids seconds later. That was until I found this primer, they could call it “glue.”

I took a trans-atlantic flight, my hair looked like I went through a wind tunnel. My clothes were a wrinkled mess. Fourteen hours later and I was tired enough to sleep at the baggage carousel. My eye makeup? It looked like I had just stepped away from a photoshoot. It’s that good.

Go do something great for yourself and go do something amazing for other women in need! It’s so often that Hollywood only gives back when they need to for Community Service. Last time I checked, Gwen Stefani had managed to keep herself off TMZ so she actually means it. HOLLA BACK GIRL!

Have you tried Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer? Tell the ladies why they need to buy this! You know, because it’s awesome and because it’s awesome to help other ladies!

Buy It Here!


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Better Skin, Hair and Nails and…Sex? Happy Valentine’s Day!


Meg here! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so today I’ll be telling you about a natural product that boosts energy, makes nails and hair stronger, increases metabolism and IS GREAT FOR YOUR SEX LIFE!

True story, I was dating someone that was older (not that I don’t do that now. I like them better older, they can’t run as fast.) Anyhow, youthH2O approached him to do a “testimonial” for them. He said he that he would but first he had to try the product. I totally forgot about Maca being one of the main ingredients. I thought he was just going to use it and see about his skin and nails and the beauty angles. I forgot he was even taking the daily shots. About 2 weeks later, I couldn’t get him to stop touching me. It was like I was hanging around a 15 year old, not a senior. I of course thought it must be me. I thought it ws my new perfume or lipstick or that I had finally got my greys covered. Nope. It was exactly 2 weeks later, the same timeline youthH2o had for seeing a difference in your body. I guess they couldn’t write “See a difference in your sex life!” on the bottle. I think they should though, it is true and more people would buy it.

Why is it turning men all sexy like? What makes women more fertile? Why have my girfriends been sneaking Youthh2o into their husbands shakes? Maca. That’s why. Google it if you don’t believe me and you’ll be shocked by all of the medical journals telling you the same thing (but all medical like and not with a story about sneaking it in shakes.)

Here is are the, ahem, hard facts of the history of the miracle of Maca.

WHO: Maca Root is an herb that is now emerging from obscurity and near-extinction to take its place among the most valuable herbs known to mankind. It has many health benefits but it’s increasing sexual libido in both men and women.

WHAT: farmers in Peru noticed that when their animals grazed in areas where the Maca grew, they became much healthier, hardier, stronger, tended to copulate more, and had a much higher fertility rate. They decided to try Maca themselves both as a food and a medicine, and found that it made them much more energetic and stronger. It also made them much more sexually active and fertile.

Inca warriors knew maca could increase their stamina, and they ate the root before going into battle. Maca also increased their sexual health and virility. Legend has it that maca was kept from the warriors when they returned from battle to protect the women (They would rape the women.)

WHEN? Thousands of years ago, pre-Inca times, 8000 B.C. the power of Maca Root was discovered. It only recently has been rediscovered as one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet.

WHERE? Native to the Andean mountains of Peru. It has grown wild for thousands of years at altitudes of 11,000 to 15, 000 feet above sea level in extreme weather conditions such as freezing cold, snow, hail, intense sunlight and very strong winds, probably the worst weather in the world for growing anything. Despite these seemingly unfavorable weather conditions, the volcanic soil is rich in minerals and is free of chemicals, and the plant also benefits from the purest air, sunlight and rain in the world. Apparently, the tougher the environment, the more resilient the plant and the greater its medicinal value. Maca has the distinction and honor of being the highest growing food plant in the world.

WHY? With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may like to know that in MEN-Maca NATURALLY increases sperm count, shrinks enlarged prostates, increases libido, aids in sexual functioning, and reduces anxiety according to recent research findings. Maybe the best thing about maca is that it does not work like synthetic ED drugs that produce hormonal changes that may lead to unwanted side effects. Maca has been shown not to change testosterone levels. (Phytomedicine, August, 2007)
In WOMENSimilar studies show that females given Maca respond with increased regularity in cycles and easier ovulation. It also increases sexual libido and stamina.

I even went the whole nine yards and asked Manuel Villacorta (National expert on Superfoods and famous nutritionist if he has found this true. Here is what he told me- “As the author of two Peruvian superfoods books, Peruvian Power Foods and Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Superfoods Diet,  I have studied the health effects of maca extensively and have found solid consensus that maca is shown to increase libido in both men and women and has been regarded as a potent sexual stimulant for centuries, so it’s no surprise that today it’s known as nature’s Viagra.

 No maca supplement is created equal. And for that, I recommend youthH2O not only because it contains pure maca extract, but because it is a highly absorbable source of maca- optimizing the benefits of the root. I personally use it and I recommend youthH2O to my clients. And yes, their testimonials are resonating with maca research claims!”

You can buy a big bottle of this and add it into your daily shake or smoothy. I like the individual shot bottles so I know I’m getting the correct amount. Before, the taste was a little hard to take (all healthy stuff is, right?) They just came out with a new flavor “Blooming Apple” and it tastes as good as it is for you!
So if you’re looking to amp up the lovin’ give this a try for two weeks and be sure to report back to me. I swear to God, everytime I talk to the founder of this product-she’s pregnant again! SO BEWARE!!

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Meg here! Lipstick Queen is always a top choice for fantastic colors that go on smooth, don’t feather and are both full of moisture and staying power. I’ve known Poppy King (the creator) for years and once you know Poppy, you understand how each tube of color is produced with love, determination, affection and the need to make you feel satisfied and beautiful. Here is a photo of Poppy and I from years back when she was launching in Beverly Hills Barney’s. This photo is probably 6 years old!

There are many ways to find your perfect hue. Well, why not the stars, sun and planets to guide it? Lord knows we’ve tried every other way.

Lipstick Queen has always been my favorite Lippy and when they decided to coordinate color with the zodiac? Well, sign me up! I’m a true Cancer, hard outside shell but squishy center. I come off as a tough broad but inside I’m a softie. I take in both stray dogs and people and there has never been a charity case I couldn’t open my heart or wallet for.

I gave searching for a “favorite color” up to my sun sign and let Poppy do her research! Without any ado, I was ordering her “CANCER” Lipstick trio. Marked as “Find Your Lip Color Destiny.”

Every zodiac sign is represented with the items that you need. My collection of Three Lip Colors-SINNER (hot rose) JUNGLE ROSE (popaya coral) & ENDLESS SUMMER (aloha.) Well, these were colors that I never would have picked out for myself. Yet, once on my lips, each one brightened up my face and made me seem healthy and alive. I LOVE each shade. I adore them for not only the color but for the moisturizing glide on and the staying power! After a few cocktails, the intitial color is gone but the lipstick had turned into a stain so I am not bared lips. The colors, shine and durability are potent. I applaud Poppy for coming up with these astrological combos because (on a whim) I decided to give the “stars” a chance and what a lovely, winning combo it turned out to be! I played the dice and was pleasantly pleased! I would have never thought to add these colors to my arsenal and now I reach for one of them almost daily. Poppy does it again!

For under $75, this is a great gift for a beauty and horoscope obsessed friend! She’ll get 3 amazing colors that are Barney’s quality and prestige hand picked for her birthdate! This is a must have because it forces you to try a new set of colors that get you out of your comfort zone!

New year, New you! Live a little!

Buy it here!


What is your go-to lipstick?

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mark. Eye Dream of Glam Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette-AND HOW I SPENT AN HOUR CLICKING THROUGH THEIR SITE!


Meg here! I have a fantastic deal for you that is going to make you swoon! Swoon, I say! First off, I saw a Facebook Meme thing that said “Good News! Only 10 more Fridays until Christmas!” Seriously. We’re Still breaking 85 degrees over here and they’re already pushing holiday.

That said, I have a fantastic find. You know about mark.? mark is avon’s younger, hipper line. I’ve tried a few things from them in the past and liked what I’ve tried but this mark. Eye Dream of Glam Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette is AMAZING!

First of all, I’ve been using it everyday and I’ve hardly made a dent in it. It’s massively huge. You could use it everyday and still pass it on to your daughter. (Side note-I don’t recommend that as it’s probably a health hazard but you could.) 

The colors are marbleized so you can get a million different looks from each individual shadow. The colors also go on wet or dry! I’ve been able to also create some nice liner looks with this.

The quality is fantastic and the colors really stay put! The price is a very inexpensive $40. Really, for $40 you have about every color combination you would need ALL YEAR.  This product lasts as well as some designer eye shadow duo’s (read-two colors for the 2 of you that don’t know what a duo is) that I’ve shelled out for in the past. In closing. You need this…

Off topic, I am friends with all the original Beauty Bloggers (and a bunch of the newbies but I can’t be friends with all of the newbies since there is like a million of them.) I was one of the originals that started this whole “Beauty Blogging” deal and how I’m not rich or famous I’ll never know. Anyhow, do you know the fabulous Amber Katz? She has a fantastic site called Rouge18. I’m sure you’ve heard of it! It is fantastic. Anyhow, Amber and I are facebook friends and I saw this picture of her and supermodel Cara Delevingne. You would think I would be into what Delevingne was wearing. I wasn’t. I was immediately drawn to the jacket that Katz was wearing. I had to have it! I knew it was probably a “dream item” it was clearly a Chanel. 

I immediately messaged Amber “Where did you get that quilted jacket?”

Imagine my surprise when she wrote back “I got it at mark!

From the same mark. that I was planning on writing this eye palette review on. In a span of 24 hours I can now say I am OBSESSED with at least two “must have” items from their site!The price on that Chanel inspired jacket? $56 (or less than two Chanel lipsticks.)

As soon as I was turned on to that find, I spent the next hour clicking through the site and filling up my shopping cart. I am so happy with the quality of my mark. cosmetics, I’m sure I’ll be just as happy with the quality of the new jacket I have coming! I mean, Amber knows her stuff!

Check out the mark. site and have great time perusing. I dare you not to start filling a cart. When you do! Make sure that mark. Eye Dream of Glam Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette is in it! You will not be sorry! Any other mark. fans?

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joico gold dust

Meg hair! A few weeks back, Joico had a wonderful launch for some of their new products at the always chic Cecconi’s restaurant in West Hollywood. My wonderful friend Kavita Daswani picked me up and we were off to see the latest and greatest from this iconic line. I have been using the K-pak since it came in a purple grey colored bottle. Even before my hair started to turn grey (so we’re talking early high school years.)

“Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle” This is an actual photo of what hangs next to my bathroom vanity mirror. It’s a good little reminder. Sometimes, a few of my grey hairs stand straight off my scalp with a lovely wiry pubic hair texture. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and don’t understand how my friends didn’t alert me to a giant blackhead in my ear. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and see dark circles and bags under my eyes so dramatic I mistake myself for Tommy Lasorda. Then I remember a joke I cracked the night before that was completely wrong and innapropriate and how everyone had a great belly laugh. I hope people more remember that about me than a few greys, blemishes and bags (unless the bag is Chanel-remember that.)


I’m a girl that’s all about sparkle. Not the teenage glitter stuff. The grown up girl sparkle-the sexy, come hither sheen that glistens perfectly by candlelight. I was really impressed with all of Joico’s new line up. What have I been grabbing for in the evenings? GOLD DUST SHIMMER FINISHING SPRAY. Here’s why it is perfect for blondes, it brightens and adds light, depth and a subtle shiny sparkle. It smells delicious and it’s actually doing secret undercover agent work! Not only does it add sex appeal, it’s working with Joico’s Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex to repair and protect your hair. As a former brunette (sorry, I had to go bottle blonde-the greys are just too damn expensive to cover every ten days!) I hit the spray tan machine at least once a week. I have to or else I will look completely washed out. This little, cost effective bottle ($8!) even helps my skin. When you apply Gold Dust Shimmer, you use it exactly like you would a hairspray, I like to spray it a little heavier around my face. The wisps along my forehead and sides really add light and frame your skin. You will get Gold Dust ON YOUR FACE. Not a lot, and not glaring. I love this “mistake” it adds such a sweet shimmer to your skin you instantly look healthier. It’s perfect for a night on the town, holiday party or hot date night. The last time I used this I was told “Your skin look amazing! You look like an angel.” EDITOR SIDENOTE-I’M NO ANGEL.

This has been my go-to, before I’m out the door it takes all of 30 seconds and the results are fabulous. Joico put on a very nice dinner. Below is a picture of the table as we walked in. Next, Kavita Daswani (LA TIMES) and I looking very intrigued at the new line. Bottom left, Kirbie Johnson (PopSugar) and I having a love. 


Any other fans of Joico? Which product is your favorite? How about Sparkle? Too girlie and young or do you have your own favorite sheen?

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Summer Soiree! A Night of Beauty With Top Tier Media & Manfolk PR!


Meg here! As you can see from this photo I was not alone! From left to right Dawn McCoy , Jennifer Mathews, Moi and Christina Farrell.

Top Tier Media  joined forces with the fabulous Dorothy Manfolk of Manfolk PR. An evening was had by top makeup artists, bloggers and traditional media (I snuck in through the freight elevator.)

These two companies did an amazing job at getting an L.A. flakey crowd to come out on a sweltering, summer week night. This is not easy feat. In L.A. People think they are being polite if they wait to tell you that they’re not showing up to meet you AFTER you get to the restaurant but BEFORE you valet your car.

That’s the type of mindset that you just deal with here. It’s a trade off. Sunny days for shady manners.

Before I delve more into becoming “Miss Manners” or should I type #MissManners (#everything #you #do #you #now #need #Hashtags) that’s what’s going on with those signs we are holding. Apparently, I not only need to get back to my blog but also to learn Pinterest and Instagram and YouTube. I’m going to try to do a weekly YouTube on here #GODHELPUS.


Everyone commented how lovely everyone looked and enjoyed the party. I want to tell Jen and Dorothy that everyone made the drive in LA traffic (the event started at 6pm) because they’re just really nice people. I wanted to tell them everyone was there even though it was 95 degrees out because everyone really cared about them. I wanted to tell them it was about empowering and support and love. I mean, I was there for that reason. That and because if I were a “no show” Jen would never talk to me again. The majority of the people came out in droves and they came out for two little words that can get most grown women to do anything…GIFT BAGS.

Yes, while the rest of the world stopped getting gift bags at the age of 6, women in Los Angeles feel almost insulted if they go somewhere and are not handed a bag full of something when they leave. 

Jen and Dorothy are veterens and they know the best way to get a great audience is the old fashioned way-bribery. You know these aren’t going to be schlocky bags when these ladies work with great clients! I was very happy to get my Gift Bag, my sciatica and back was not. They were chock full and while brimming to the top with all sorts of goodies. Here were my top picks! Jen was gracious enough to be my hand model as I am in deep need of a mani.

Onsen –Onsen Skincare is getting a bunch of buzz, especially their facial peels. This summer I’ve been an oil slick and I have been in dire need of a good exfoliator. I’m excited to give this a try and I’ll let you know what I think. I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat but humor me.

100% pure -I did not need any introduction to this company. Everything I’ve tried from them is fantastic! I especially adore the body washes and if you have children, this kid line is also wonderful. Really great products and really good for you too. I can’t say enough great things about the brand.

Dermorganic – Already a fan of this Argan based hair care line. Their leave-in conditioner is heavenly! I have yet to use a product from them that I didn’t love. I did not know that they had branched into skincare. I was pleasantly surprised to find both a toner and a moisture renewal in my bag. Will let you know how those fare!

Chella I also have used a Chella item in the past and was very happy with their eyelash heater. Worked greart and really curled up the peepers. I am excited to try their brow products as I have been resembling Joan Crawford (my hero) as of late. While she was an excellent parent, her eyebrows were a bit sparse so I looking forward to try to emulate more Brooke Shields this time around.

Thursday Friday-If you don’t have an extra $5,000 laying around for a Chanel bag, you can still have one-sort of. These tote bags and clutches mimic the highest designers and trends at prices that wont leave you homeless. Really cute and practical. Check them out! Great for the beach. Have the most stylish blanket ensemble on the sand!

Thanks for a great Summer Soiree! What do you ladies think about this “Gift Bag” deal? Does it go on where you live?







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 Meg hair! You want to know what stinks? When you’re five years old in a sandbox and everyone else in the group picture has cute ponytails and you have tufts on your head and your grandfather refers to you as “his little Ed Asner.”

Being bald due to cancer must be terrible. I mean, you have cancer, so there are bigger issues. I never had cancer. I was just bald because God has a very good sense of humor and that’s life.

Now, I have long, luscious hair. Amazing. It only took 10 orphans in a poor Indian village to get it. So, win? Win?

I can lie and tell you if you use this product your hair will grow. It doesn’t. I spend the GDP of a poor nation on my tresses. Because I am on TV and I HAVE TO. Those long full locks with a slight curl on the end? Yes, they’re as natural as my full C+ boobies and plump upper lip.

Jessica comes to my house after I’ve spent $300 on new, auburn Indian hair. She has to remove all of the old stuff. It gets ratty. I’ve got my extensions out and now she is coloring the remaining pieces I have in. She has to, we have to make the new hair perfectly match. It’s step one in a process that will take hours and almost $1,000 a month. I think I’m JLo.

Full hair is sexy, full hair equates youth and health and vitality. Full hair has always eluded me, until I took the hit to my wallet and decided “full hair” was worth it.

This is totally random but I remember when Kirstie Alley joined “CHEERS” and she was the hot bar manager that everyone thought was so sexy and wanted to bone. I remember thinking “She’s not that cute. She just has FABULOUS hair.” Give that chick a buzz cut and no one is giving her a second glance. That my friend, is the power of hair.

Every summer in high school I would look forward to returning in September. Your head sweats and your hair grows in the summer months. I wanted to be the sexy girl with the flowing tresses past my shoulder. It grew past my shoulder. Much like a dandelion. A dead weed would grow and my hair would thin out and be split. Nothing like those Pantene ads had promised.

I got hip to the game and being around entertainment schools you pretty quickly “nothing is real.” Today, I drove to Reseda to BUY the most perfect auburn locks. The ones that Jessica will sew into my head.

Is it expensive? Hell yes! Is it worth it? Hell yes!

By the end of tonight I will have AMAZING auburn locks. The kind that take 10 years off my age. When I meet a guy (IN LA, he knows what they are and “gets it.”) When I meet a guy in any other part of the country he assumes I’ve had a serious brain injury and the screws at my scalp keep my head from falling to pieces.<--break->

I’ve had boyfriends say “Take them out! I want to run my fingers through your hair.” I dismiss this request, as it usually comes from the same boyfriend that says “I love you natural.” All the while, the night he decided he was in love with me was the night I had spent an hour on my makeup and 20 minutes on my fake eyelashes.

So there it is. The before and after! WHAT DO YOU DO FALSE TO MAKE YOURSELF FEEL REAL?

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Meg here and I don’t know about this whole 12/12/12 thing but the sky in LA is totally grey and it loks like it’s going to down pour any second. I hate this for a number of reasons. One, I think I suffer from Seasonal Depression. Whatever that is, the type of thing where a person gets down when it’s gross outside. To help combat this ailment, I moved to sunny Los Angeles sixteen years ago. Now I just suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a slight case of anxiety and an extreme case of narcissism-the same as every other Los Angelino.

Since the sky is dark and eerie it may seem strange to speak about MDSOLAR SCIENCES Mineral Screen Tinted Gel. SPF 30+. It’s not that far off, here’s the deal. Even though Mr. Sunshine is not visible to you, harmful UV Rays are still shooting right through the clouds. People actually get a lot of sun damage this way because they’re not expecting it.

Not to Bragg (Ha! See what I did there?!) Since my Apple Cider Vinegar routine my skin has been looking really nice. I do of course have a little uneven redness around my nose and chin. The ACV really helps but it’s not photoshop in a bottle.

I am loving MDSOLARSCIENCES Mineral screen tinted gel SPF 30. It’s so light but it provide enough coverage to even out my skin tone. It really feels like smooth silk going on, like a high end moisturizer. There is zero “cakeness” and it doesn’t sit in my fine line or creases. Oh yeah, it’s also protecting my from getting any new fine lines or creases and preventing the ones that I do have from getting worse. Thank you SPF 30+!

Sometimes, companies that use the SPF really concentrate on that and the almost medicinal aspect of their product and overlook the cosmetic end. This product feels more like a luxury cosmetic than a preventative one. Only a little is needed and it doesn’t at all apply greasy. I’m reaching for this daily.

I’m looking out the window and it’s still overcast and cold, but I wont be fooled! I know Mr. Sunshine’s rays can beam through the clouds. This is both comforting and terrifying. Thankfully whether the sun decides to come out tomorrow or not. With my MDSOLARSCIENCES Mineral Screen Tinted Gel SPF 30+ I’m protected either way.

How about you? Do you take the extra SPF step? How important to you is it that it’s already included in your product?


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Meg here! I hate saying that because I always say it and also, you’re all a bit mad at me because I haven’t yet got your cosmetics out to you. All I can promise (and I stand behind my word) is you’ll be happy once you get them. This is a HAUL!

Let’s talk eyes. Eye Scream, you scream we all scream for eye cream!

Without eye cream I just scream. Period. It’s not pretty.

The fine sensitive area under the eyes? Let’s be frank, (hi Frank) it’s like the tip of a Peter.

So thin and so smooth and so sensitive to the touch. You should never use a finger stronger than your ring finger to apply your cream. It’s so delicate any touch with force can alter the skin (hi Peter.) We had a true arguement. UNTIL we realized we argued the same point! From Dawn at Beautyfrosting.

Michael Todd True Organics is the answer for all puffiness, dark circle and eyelines. My gorgeous friend Dawn at Beautyfrosting is so amazing and really speaks to the argument that Michael Todd True Organics Eye Treatment is the answer! She had two of us over debating eye cream.

They both won and apparently so did I because I got the name of a new eye cream I had to try: Michael Todd True Organics Intensive Eye Treatment.

While it produces noticeable, dramatic, results when it comes to line reduction, dark circle-correction, de-puffing and overall eye hydration and skin cell regeneration, its price point is totally doable at $38 for .5 fl oz.

Plus the fact that it’s cruelty-free and 85% organic makes me feel good about using it. Add in that celebrity plastic surgeon, Andrew Ordon, M.D., of “The Doctors” fame, says it “Tops my list of best eye cream treatments” and you have a winner in the war on anti-aging skincare.

A personal note? I love that after a particularly champagne-celebratory evening, the soothing, gentle, massage tip applicator helped break up my not-so-perky puffiness.

Within a week, it became a staple on my bedside table and a staple in my heart, as well.

Dawn’s photo.

Again, I say it so many times because it’s true. Naural works just as if, not better than chemical.

At the end of the day, I wash my face and apply my Michael Todd True Organics Intenive Eye Cream.

And yes! I wake up looking bright eyed. My bags have diminished. It’s a WIN WIN!

I give Michael Todd True Organics Intensive Eye Cream 5 Champagne Flutes! What is yours?


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