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Daily Features: Saturday At Sephora

What’s flying off the shelves at Sephora.


ruthanneinspiiresMeg here, I started out young and tough (but not that tough) but tried to be. That was all I knew. I cut my teeth in the toughest professions in the toughest cities and had no one to rely on. I could have stayed in the small town I was born in but who with an ounce of ambition ever wants to do that? I was always envious of those that could “find happiness in their own backyard.” Find happiness? I couldn’t find a damn thing except trees and at winter…bare trees with frost. Call me crazy (wouldn’t be the first time) but that didn’t scream happiness…It screamed “MOVE THE HELL OUT OF THIS GODFORSAKEN PLACE!”
There were years of interesting and wonderful women that I met. When you decide to grab life by its balls and just “go for it” you’ll be amazed at the women you attract. I’ve met every women from the Queen to the courtesan. I find them all fascinating with something to learn. Who do I call when I need answers? When I say WWRD (What Would Ruth Do) I call the most fabulous and most determined woman I know. I call Ruthann Jagge.

Ruthann doesn’t coddle me. She doesn’t say “oh baby it’s OK.” She tells me the truth. She tells me Meg, you’re drinking too much and being an asshole.” Then she will follow it up a few days later with “I know you’re trying, hang in there.” It’s strange, I just don’t want to fail her.

I got some tape of my new TV Show and the first person I sent it to was, yup Ruthann.

You see, I wanted her opinion. It means so much I can hardly type this without crying. Ruthann opened up her family to me, Jessalyn, Pat, Mary, Mike, Bridgette and Tricia. They are the coolest and I think of them, right or wrong, as my own. You should see how I stalk their Facebooks. “Hope Jessalyn is doing alright with her bar studies!”

Ruthann amazes me! Ruthann inspires me! I have a boyfriend that knows I’m a pin-up girl thanks to Ruthann. I used to just sleep naked but now I take the time to be a confident present that is waiting to be unwrapped. Amen, that it’s a long distance relationship but a little satin and lace never hurt. Because of Ruthann, I take the extra 10 minutes (seriously girls, that’s all it takes) and lotion myself up so whether or not he touches…I’m still the sexiest girl in the room…For me.
Ruthann taught me that knowing you’re the sexiest gal MAKES YOU THE SEXIEST GAL. Confidence is everything.

owns a room when she walks into it. People literally stare at her. She is that light. She commands that presence. If she likes you she loves you and I have been so lucky to be blessed with her. If you cross her (or as I’ve seen with her loyalty) someone she loves…Well, you best be moving on (on, as in another country)

Ruthann has a new website that I visit constantly, Silver Stiletto Studio. It has given me amazing confidence to wear my new undies! It has given me a new appreciation for my sexuality and sensuality and a confidence I never knew!

Check it out here!

My boyfriend best love me because I’ll be doing the shimmy and shake in a naughty pin-up corset! Would I ever have the courage? No, not without every woman’s champion. Not without my trailblazer Ruthann.

My personal hero that has opened herself to inspire, create desire and make you the woman that you though you always could be! I can’t thank-you enough, you made me me,

Ruthann is my mentor that inspires me every day! Who is yours?

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christopherhitchensDisagree with me! Tell me I’m stupid, tell me why, let me learn. Let me think. Allow me to be angry with my mental short comings but let my mind expand to try to understand your point of view. Allow me the right to try to catch up, let me acknowledge there’s more. I, Meg, LOVED reading Christopher Hitchens.

This isn’t an “after-they-die-they’re great” tribute. I “liked” Christopher Hitchen’s page as soon as there was one to like.

Agree or not, the man made you think. I admire him greatly. I am only very sorry that I never took his course when I had the chance. I had no idea that he really was “terminal’. Large presence belies large longevity.

He took on “the establishment” then he took it further, he took on God. He was dying and he took on Jesus. I don’t know how to measure the size of balls but that took big ones.

Whether I agree with your opinion or not, I will always respect you for having one. It’s shocking to me how many don’t voice their opinions. Speak up.

Do I agree with everything he wrote? Of course not. He wrote “Women Are Not Funny.” I think I’m pretty funny. We’ll agree to disagree.

I think he’s brilliant, I think he was irreverent and brave. Standing behind your thoughts is absolutely fantastic, no matter what your beliefs are.

Here is a video where Christopher Hitchens is doing what he does best, he’s doing a Hitch-Slap and every once in a while, we need one. I’m one of the “toy player’s” but I so love he doesn’t want to play. Other marionette’s make the puppetry think.

I applaud free-thinking, I encourage dialogue, I love to be challenged. I agreed with you more Christopher then not. I would never be so brave to voice and fight on your principles. You enjoyed your drinks, you enjoyed your smokes and you went on your own terms.

Good for you.

We all could use a lesson on speaking up. We go around once. Do it! Any other Christopher Hitchen fans?

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alice in wonderlandHello ladies, this is Eleni about to break some fascinating news.
Friday is a magical day. It’s the day that responsibility ends and fun starts. It’s the day that people are allowed to wear stupid clothes at work (unless you work for and you can wear stupid clothes every day!) It’s also the day that you might decide to turn off your computers for the rest of the weekend, but I sure hope you won’t cause then you’ll miss out on what I’m about to announce. Do I have your attention? You’re all familiar with Alice in Wonderland, right? Some of you love it, some of you are scared by it – I sure am. But we all are fascinated by it in some way. So is Urban Decay, that just launched its Limited Edition Disney Alice in Wonderland inspired Book of Shadows!
Inspired by Tim Burton’s film that’s scheduled for release in March 2010, Urban Decay made this book of 16 amazing eye shades! It also includes mini 24/7 eye pencils and eye shadow Primer Potion. The limited edition palette opens up to a pop-up scene of Alice and her journey through the mushroom forest! How can any woman in her sane mind not want to own this?! So ladies, here’s the scoop:

A little birdie told us Sephora was going to start taking phone orders tomorrow for the Alice in Wonderland Palette!
They launched it last Friday and it sold out within hours! There are representatives at Sephora available from 6am to 9pm PST and the phone number you need to call is 1-877-SEPHORA

Hope you’ll make your call on time and won’t miss out on this!
Have a great, magical weekend!

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Kate2004rock here! My first makeup was a Tinkerbell set with a translucent powder a gawdy-pink lipstick and some rose-oil perfume.  I got it with some dress up clothes sometime around the age of four.  A few years later I got a new makeup palette with all kinds of “fun” colors of eyeshadow (teal, orange, hot pink) and those little lipsticks that stack like legos.  My mom just HATED when I wore the stuff out of the house…to school, on airpline trips, wherever.  She told me I “wasn’t” old enough.  At age 9, I began buying Wet ‘n’ Wild nail polishes (which, at the time, were only 99 cents) at the grocery store when my mother was back in dairy checking dates on gallons of milk.  I wore green and blue (school colors!) on alternating fingers for about tree years!  Eventually she even bought me some powder (for covering breakouts) and a lip pencil at a friend’s Mary Kay party that I got roped into attending.  The older girls at school always had their free-gift clinique bags out at lunch or between classes to reapply.  And I so just wanted to be like them.
For my 13th birthday, I finally became a woman.  When I opened my presents from mom and dad, I got a tube of Maybellilne Great Lash mascara and an appointment card to the Clinique counter that evening!  I got my first makeover and and was “outfitted” with all the products I’d need! Though, my mom thought I would eventually get tired of wearing makeup (joke’s on  HER, now!), the lessons I learned in that experience were so important!  Someone really took the time to show me how to wear makeup and how to wear it right!  I really hope that every young girl in the future gets the same kind of treatment!  I encourage all of you to do the same for your daughters, neices, or little sisters.  
I’ll leave you with some suggestions for the best products for “young” learners to start out their makeup wearing careers with!
1) Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer -$32 is a reasonable price for complexion products.  It has some shimmer which young girls (and 23 year old MBA students) love.  It has SPF 15, because we need to drill it into their heads NOW!
2) Tarte Bronzer in Park Ave. Princess – As I’m sure most of you know Tarte’s packaging is beyond cute and its supposed to be fun.  And Tarte products pack some punch.  Most teenagers feel obliged to wear bronzer every day and the Park Ave. Princess is perfect because it will show a makeup newbie that bronzer is supposed to be brown/bronze and not orange.  It’s a pretty glow in that fabulous faux-croc case.
3) Clinique 3-Step Skincare – Easily one of the most foolproof ways to teach your girl the steps of skincare and why and what each stage does to beautify your skin.  Plus, clinique’s different lines are easily swapped and blended (perhaps if she needs acne-care or redness treatments).  Plus they’re at lower price points than the heavty-duty stuff that us less-young girls have to use.
4) Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara – I recently discovered an unused forgotten tube of this in my own stash and It just does wonders.  You get tons of volume and great separation and $20 is something she can afford with her babysitting cash.  Downside: slipperly slope into getting addicted to the primer potion.
5) Duwop’s Lip Venom – $16.  This silky clear-pink gloss (shimmer available!) is a great natural look for younger girls but they get some plumping action to really get a good pout going.  Plus its handy and pocket sized!

What was your first big makeup spurge and how old were you?

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Katie here bringing you the tips for perfect eyes!

Eyeliner (n.) – a cosmetic for the eyelids, usually applied in a thin line close to the lashes to accentuage the eyes. It’s such a simple idea, but I really think that eyeliner can be one of the trickiest cosmetic beasts to master.  Pencil? Gel? Liquid? Powder? Thin? Thick?  Cat-eye? Clown-dots below and above the lids (I’ve seen it, its weird by they do it)? With a brush or without?  Waterproof or regular? There are so many gosh darn decisions!  This week, I’m all about simplifying this monumental task in our daily regime.  
Generally,I do think the thinner and more natural looking your eyeliner, the better.  It’s not supposed to be the color on your eyes (that’s what shadow is for) its just supposed to highlight the shape of your eyes.  Also, NEVER line the lower lashes with a liquied or a harshley colored pencil.  If you absolutely MUST put something under your lower lashes, make sure that it is very thin, and very well blended/smudged.  As a rule, though, lining the lower lashes makes your eyes look smaller and older.
– probably the simplest of the tools to use and master.  They are also the easiest to correct when you goof up! They come in a variety of shapes, but I still find that SKINNY eyeliner pencils are the easiest to control.  Generally, the gel-based formulas last a little bit longer (in terms of hours of wear) and they don’t dry up or get crusty like some of the old school pencils.  Though Kohl formulas are a good option too.  I love:
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencils:  They are a creamy gel formula that comes in lots of wonderful (and practical colors). They can be easily blended for about 30 seconds after you apply them, and they stay put all day…especially if you have an eye-primer on underneath.  And…waterproof!
Makeup Forever AquaEyes: Really, these are along the same lines as the urban decay pencil.  They are also waterproof, they come in a different variety of shades than the Urban Decay pencils so they’re really on par with them as well!
Sephora Nano liners: these are a good option if you really want to play with some different colors, they’re only $5, but they’re not waterproof and you only get about half of the amount of products as standard sized pencil so I’m not sure that it’s worth it if you already know what you like as far as eyeliners go.
– from all the eyeliners options, Gels are the most waterproof and stay put products to boot.  It take a little bit of skill to learn to apply them with a brush (A flat taklon eyeliner brush is easiest – just connect the dashes that the brush  naturally makes, just take your time and make sure to get as close close to the lash line as posssible).  As a chronic eye-itcher and rubber (I can’t help it!) I really like to wear these on a daily basis because eyeliner isn’t really convenient to “touch up” during the day. I love:
Stila Smudge Pots – they started it all!  The pots are rather large and will last you a long long time.  They start to get a little bit dry after a while, but wetting your brush before hand keeps it nice and slick.  The black is a go-to and also great for the inner-rims when you’re doing a smoky eye.
Smashbox Jet-Set Waterproof – and WHOA they were not kidding about the waterproof!  You HAVE to have eyemakeup remover to get this off – but I love that! Whenver I wear these I never worry about smudging or running or raccoon eyes!
– if you love that sleek Angelina Jolie look, you want a liquid liner.  There’s definitely a learning curve in putting these on well. It’s hard to learn to not leave a gap between the “line” and your lashes but slowing down a little helps a bunch.  These days, they’re making felt tips so its much easier to have a steady hand when you put these on.  Bonus: they are much less likely to run or smudge than a pencil, but they don’t often come in waterproof formulas.  I love:
Hourglass Calligraphy Liners– one of those felt-tip models I was telling you about.  I love the inky dark color of the black one.  It’s SO chic to do a well done sleek line of black liquid on top only paired with a nude matte or semi-matte shadow.  You’ve never seen your eyes so awake and fresh!
Lorac Front of the Line – the exception to the waterproof rules.  These pen-format liners are waterproof.  And they last.  For days. A great choice if you really want long-lasting.
Powders – nothing too remarkable about these – you can juse a thing angled brush to smudge around the eyes after you’ve already applied your shadows (in a darker shade).  It looks very natural and subtle.  Perfect if you’re in that “less-makeup-is-more” sort of category.  Plus, there are several products that can transform any color of shadow into a water-resistant liquid as you wish!  Most of the time, the are just a version of sugar-and-water.
Too-Faced Liquif-Eye– just dip the wand into any shadow to create your own smudgeproof liquid eyeliner.  It won’t make your shadow crusty as moisture often can.  Just make sure to clean the wand thoroughly between uses and/or colors!

Those are tips for the tools to give you top eyes! Do you think I’ve forgotten anyone?

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Ode to a Lip Balm –
Oh Lip Balm, My Lip Balm–
How much do I need thee? Let me count the ways,
For a Day in the Sun – to keep from parchment
At night before bed, on the bedside table in my apartment.
To smooth out my lipstick, to keep me from looking old.
I love you in every color – clear, pink, red, peach, or gold.

here! I really feel that this essential, foundational, staple of a beauty item gets really overlooked here at Meg’s Makeup!  Guilty–all of us!  I use lipbalm everyday in so many ways!  In the morning before lip color to moisturize!  In class, to kill my boredom.  When outdoors (with SPF) to protect from the sun! And before bed to hydrate and more!  So, today, I bestow upon you my top five favorite lip balms – and you guessed it! Find them all at your favorite Sephora location!
Caudalie Lip Conditioner- ($12) – Shouldn’t surprise you that this makes my list.  There’s a Caudalie product on ALL of my lists, and in my routine somewhere everyday.  (I LOVE it!).  Anyhow, this lipbalm is really smoothing, not gunky.  It is parapen, sulfate, synthetic dye and petrochemical free. (Read: NATURAL)  Rise Bran makes the waxy smoothing component.  Sunflower oil hydrates and protects.  Olive, grapeseed, and apricot oils for the antioxidant components.  It doesn’t have a strong smell, either – so it makes a great all-around balm.
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment w/SPF 15
– ($22.50).  This geniously packaged (has a screw on lid!) lip treatment is super luxrious feeling.  You get that super-hydrated feeling of Vaseline, without the oiliness of a petroleum product. It smells and tastes like, what else, brown sugar! Sweet and tart blackcurrant oil cushions the lips with essential plumping fatty acids, while antioxidant grapeseed polyphenols and vitamins A, C, and E provide extra protection.  Also available in a tinted red shade for a hint of color!
Jack Black Intense Therap Lip Balm – ($7)
– This shea-butter forumla is ultra-moisturizing and the mentol gives you a nice cooling sensation (and helps to freshen breath!) Avocado oil is the hydrating agent while Green Tea soothes and adds the antioxidant punch!  Oh yeah, it’s SPF 25 too!
Rosebud Salve- ($6)
– While some people like the mint or the strawberry, I really feel like nothing beats the Original Rosebud Salve!!!  It’s been on the market for more than 100 years and they used to sell it door-to-door for 25 cents per tin!  Besides being a great lip treatment – it has other uses as well: sunburn, bee stings, diaper rash, or dry knees and elbows!  I think it’s hard to find such a useful product these days!

If you had ONE lip balm you could grab for what would it be?

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Meg here! I am having a birthday party tomorrow night. My birthday is Monday and who wants to party on a Monday? One of my guy friends can’t be there so I went out with him last night. I raged! I was like a caged animal released (its been a tough month.) I really was naughty and really wild.

I had to get myself to Costco today with my friend John and we had to get some party supplies. I didn’t put any makeup on except my moisturizing sunscreen. I barely had the energy to drag a comb through my hair. I felt like death warmed over and headed to John’s place to get the errands done.

John: Meg, wow! You look great. Really you look young and fresh faced. I think this is the best you’ve looked.

I am ready to beat him but then I realize something HE IS BEING SERIOUS

He goes on to tell me that I wear too much makeup and it just makes me look older. Solero and Megken have said the same thing to me pretty recently as well.  I don’t know if my new beauty routine should include me going out the night before and dancing on tables but HHmm something to think about I guessKiss

This brings me to TheBalm Two Timer Mascara. My friend was just in town visiting me from the UK and he said “Are those your real lashes? They look real but are they those lash extension things?” They were my “real lashes” I had just used the “Marcus Lashalot” end with is the fuller end of the dual wand. It is great becuse it actually gets really skinny in the middle of the lash wand to collect gumped up extra clump so your lashes just look long and full-but they’re REAL no extenstions needed.

During the day, I absolutey love the other end of the mascara “Johnny Finetune” it lets me be precise and it looks like I’m not even wearing any mascara. It just really makes my eyes POP. It’s just a sexy girl next door hotness. Apparently lately, I’ve been looking like I should be on the show The Girl Next Door! Kiss

I love that it is duo-sides because as women, we need A. Options B. Cosmetic Case Space! I really grab for this little Two-Timer constantly.

So I’m going to start to go more with the Johnny Finetune and try to hide behind a lot of makeup. I mean I am Megs Makeup. It’s not like I’m ever going to be one of those “natural girls” Ugh. Sorry babe, not me.
I will be trying a lighter hand though.

As with all of TheBalm’s products-I think this is a very quality product at a fair price.

I will have a lighter hand with my makeup! I will…I’ll start Sunday.. Saturday night is party night and I’ll be going behind Johnny Finetune’s back and having quite the affair with Marcus Lashalot! As Sweetassgal
says I’ll be getting my “Glam ON!”

What did you ladies think of TheBalm’s Two-Timer mascara? Are you having secret rondez-vous on your old lash wands?

Buy It Here

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We got a little thrown off with the holiday so Katie is bringing you Saurdays at Sephora on Sunday! Hope your 4th was wonderful! Love, Meg

Kate here! I’ve been there and I know it’s hard to do.  I’ve watched countless early 90210 episodes and I know that Kelly and Donna were ‘thin by all meanings of the word’.  But, my friends, it’s 2009 and it’s time to make a clean break, get sober, and put the tweezers down!  What starts as a “simple” pluck of a single stray transforms into Jackson Pollock random pop art.  And our eyebrows are the sufferers for it!  Thicker (or thick!) brows have been back for a while and personally, I really don’t think they ever go out of style (Hello, Audrey Hepburn!)  
I bring you photographic evidence to show you that I learned the hard way–but luckily before it was too late.  Above and right you see my senior picture (age 17) in the fall of 2003.  Excuse the bad eyeliner and acrylic nails but notice just how thin and uneven and unnatural my eyebrows were! I had a sickness and I didn’t know what a real eyebrow should look at.  About two years later, while I was working in a small cosmetics boutique in Oxford, Mississippi, the BrowGal on hand gave me an intervention!  She told me STOP!  Only pluck the ones that are really stray! And never from above the brow!  Just fill in with a little powder/pomade/gel if you please!  As you can see by July of 2008 I had truly recovered – and before it was too late.  It never is good when you have to DRAW on your eyebrows later in life.  They never look real!
– Hold a pencil or straight age beside your nose and straight up perpendicular to the inner corner of your eye.  Your brow should begin outside of this line and you can pluck any and all unibrow wannabes in between!  
– Extend your pencil from the outer corner of your eyes at a 45 degree angle.  Your brows should stop inside this line, so you don’t want them drawn or grown out to your temples.  That’s weird!
– If your brow hairs are particularly long, comb them all up with a brow comb or a clean toothbrush sprayed with a little hairspray.  Only trim the ones that go above your “horizon” line.
My brows are actually a little bit sparse towards the center so I do fill them in a bit every day.  Below are a few of my favorite brow products for you to pick and choose!
Tweezerman Slant Tweezer ($22).  I feel like slanted tweezers are much easier to maneuver than a pointed, so it doesn’t take so much time.
Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil ($22).  Comes in a wide variety of colors (from ash blonde to brunette to gray).  Just pencil in some color in your “bald spots” and use the spoolie brush at the other end to blend, buff, and shape.
Stila Brow Polish
($14).  Sort of combines both steps of the pencil mentioned above since the color and the brush are all in one step.  It’s the 1-2-3 easy method of brow coloring.
Smashbox Brow Tech ($24).  These also come in a wide variety of colors in the powder and clear wax duos.  Just use a stiff brow brush (they are usually angled and made of squirrel hair).  Paint a little bit of powder on first and then finish with wax to hold it in place.  Reverse these steps if you’re one that has more skin than hair above your eyes!

What are your favorite brow products and tricks?

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Katie here! Get it while it’s hot and 40% off! Decleor Sale! – Saturdays at Sephora
I wish I had stumbled upon this deal earlier – it only lasts until midnight Tuesday! 40% off all Decleor products at!  Decleor was “among the first to introduce essential oils into skincare (over 30 years ago!), Decleor combines unique and natural products with beauty-enhancing techniques for holistic aromatherapy treatments. A beautiful marriage of science and nature is the secret behind their innovative products, which awaken the senses, offer effective results, and promote total body harmony and balance.”  Once again, the French really get ‘er done!Here’s my top 5 picks from Decleor to make you even more beautiful.

  • Tonifying Lotion – One of the most gentle and softening toners that I have ever used.  It’s got a faintly sweet smell and is really great to soothe your tired skin after you wash your makeup off in the evening.
  • Phytopeel Natural Exfoliating Lotion – A great exfoliator that is gentle enough to use every day.  Little clay bits act as the scrubbers to smooth your skin gorgeous. Essential oils of Marjoram, Lemon, Lavender, and Thyme smooth, soothe, and brigthen you to a glowing fresh complexion.  Perfect for those with sensitive skin who still want to slough off the gunk.

  • Hydra-Floral Deeply Hydrating Eye Contour Gel-Creme – Good for all skin types, and light and fresh enoguh to use during the sticky summer months.  Also great if you just want a heavy-duty hydrating eye cream without all the anti-aging ingredients (or harsh chemicals!).  Also an excellent dark-circle reducer.

  • Aromessance Neroli Comforting Concentrate – the pure neroli oil is fine for all skin types.  It calms and events out sking for a natural radiant flow.  A drop or two mixed with your moisturizer, day and/or night, is all you need.

  • Perfect Sculpt Divine Rejuvenating Cream- a luxurious, yummy smelling firming body lotion.  It is make up of 3% Essential oils including Immortelle, Rose, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Lemon, Grapefruit, Frankincense, Myrrh: Purify, detoxify, and invigorate skin.

Any other ladies out there that want to suggest a “Must Buy” from Decleor while we save $$ ?


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Katie here! By request.  (Because I’d never want to leave one of our girls hanging!)  I think we can all concur that Dean and Davis Factor, founders of Smashbox Cosmetics, sons of the amazing late Max Factor, are earthbound deities.  Good-looking and inventors of amazing makeup!  When the Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder was first tested out on HSN they sold out in minutes!  I got to wear it around one day last summer, before they launched it in Sephora last fall.  It’s definitely a light, smoothing powder, great for setting makeup or wearing alone on a low-key day.  It has an “advanced formulation of pure-gold, 48 minerals and 11 amino acids” to provide you with amazing anti-aging benefits.  But it’s only a powder!  However, I think this product really hast its pros and cons.  
Pro:  Really evens and smooths out the complexion.
Pro: Ingredients like silica and wax help to seal in moisture.
Pro: Kept pressed in the compact until the unique revolving lid “shaves” just enough product into the top for you to use as a loose powder.
Pro: Apparently, after 6 weeks of continious use, the apperance of lines and wrinkles on the face decreases by 66%.
Con: Not so great if you’re looking to keep it natural…quite a few unpronouncable and unreadable ingredients like “Dimethylacrylamide/Acrylic Acid/Polystyrene Ethyl Methacrylate Copolymer.”  Yeah, on the Smashbox site, that’s all between one set of commas.
Con: Only comes in four shades.  And I feel like medium and dark have distinctly orange tints to them
Con: I don’t think it really has the gumption to get medium or full coverage alone.
Personally, I’m still on the fence about this product. $59? I don’t know.  So here’s my pros and cons – but ladies…you be the judge this time!

Buy It Here

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Kate2004rock here! I went to see the new Nia Vardalos film last night “My Life in Ruins.”  It was super cute, it made you laugh out loud, and having been to Greece before, it made my heart ache a little.  I loved Greece–the food, the wine, the yogurt, the beaches.  It’s fabulous.  That’s why today, I wanted to reaffirm my everlating devotion to Korres, the Greek homeopathic line started in a pharmacy in Athens.  There are no synthetic ingredients in this natural line which ranges from soaps to sunscreen to skincare to slick lipglosses (I needed the alliteration!) and their full makeup line.  All Korres products are free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes, petrochemicals and GMOs.
Their newest editions to their line are the Jumbo sizes of your favorite shower gel and body butter scents.  Recession-friendly prices with light-summery scents sure to transport you from suburbia to the Cyclades (And the alliterations continue!!). $19.50 buys you 13 oz. of showergel or $29 for just under 8oz. of body butter. 

The body butters are thick and moisturizing, but a little goes a long way so I feel ike $29 buys you quite a bit of product.  Scents like Guava, Melon, and Lemon Basil are adventurous and exotic enough to put a lot of life in your “stay-cation” in the backyard!  The Body Butter Trio ($24.50) includes minis of the Guava, Quince, and Fig scents makes a perfect hostess gift or a great way for your greedy-self to try  more than once!
One of the five shades of lip butters ($9) also make good stock for your beach-bag or a little tint of color on your lips for margaritas with the girls!  What are your favorite Korres products?


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brandtKate here!Obviously, I was cocky.  I really only suffered the occasional cyclical blemish as a teenager.  I thought, “Gosh! I am so lucky for my clear sking! I really am going to obey the complexion gods and take as best of care of my skin as possible!  Then by about 22 – which I think is safely out of adolescence – the dirty acne bomb exploded on my face!  More than 10 breakouts at a time! All over my face!  Without end! It’s just really frustrating – I feel like I’m being punished!

But last week, my old boss and friend Mary from Dr. Brandt showed me the new Blemishes No More line from Dr. Brandt.  There are cleansing pads, the “toner” intensoltuion, the spot blotter & concealer, a redness relief serum, and an oil-free hydrator.

Even in less than a week, I’ve cleared up dramatically just by integrating the IntenSolution into my skincare regimen!  $35 buys you 3.7 ounces – which Mary said should last 2-3 months.  It “effectively clears blemishes without over-drying skin.  It overs intensive acne treatment for race or other parts of the body where breakouts occur.”  Salicylic acid sluffs of dead skin and grime to keep from further congesting the skin.  The special Palmitoul Hexapeptide-26 helps to regulate and control the breakouts.  Plus it’s really cooling and soothing to the skin – sort of like in a Sea-Breeze kind fo way – but much less hash!

Even better, you can try the whole regimen in the Blemishes No More To Go kit for $45 which includes the intenSolution, the Oil -Free Hydrator (divine under makeup!) and the cleansing pads for about a 30-45 day supply.  There is a skincare God!

Any other Dr. Brandt Fans?

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