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chloeName: Chloë

Age: 25

Vocation: Graphic designer, Photoshop is my best friend.

What is in your purse? I love BIG purses so I carry around LOTS of things, my iPhone, an Yves Rocher lip balm, a Dr. Ricaud hand cream, Chanel Candy glow lipgloss, leather gloves from ZARA, magazines, wallet, keys, bottle of water, passport…I pretty much put everything that can fit in my purse lol.

Guilty Pleasure: Nutella, this is the best chocolate thing in the world I eat it straight from the jar lol

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns: my skin is light  with yellow undertones, in winter my it doesn’t look so good, No sun for months is terrible for the skin at least for mine. Sun if you read me please come back I need you.

Beauty inspiration: Ok I won’t be very original but like my friend Emylie, to me Marilyn Monroe is THE WOMAN, nobody will ever be prettier than her she was strong, beautiful, glamorous, independant, curvy and GORGEOUS. But if I had to pick a French inspiration it would be Brigitte Bardot, she was so pretty and sexy.

Top 3 skincare products:
– Murad Essential-C Day moisture, I got it from Meg and I am using it since then it’s the perfect moisturizer.
– Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects, they definitely works and you can see results after only 2 days.
– St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse, Best self tanner ever if you are looking for an intense and natural fake tan, this is IT.

Top 3 tools of the trade:
– Revlon Jumbo 3-Barels ceramic waver, this is what i use to achieve the perfect beachy wavy hair.
– Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush, it’s the softest brush I ever tried.
– Eyeshadow palette
Best beauty secret / tip: When I am late and don’t have time to wash my hair, I put some baby powder (it will absorb oil ) on my roots, then I put my head down and shake it 5 seconds after TAa DAa my hair looks better ok it’s not as good as a real shampoo but it definitely HELPS =)

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
– REVITALASH (pink ribbon) I heard so much about it but way to pricey for me.
– MAC viva glam Lady GAGA and Cindy Lauper Lipsticks (100% benefits go to MAC AIDS fund)
– A good bronzer for yellow undertones skin, because every bronzers that I try are always RED, PINK or ORANGE  on me, it’s so frustrating anyone has suggestions?

My blog:

Thanks Chloe! Can I just tell you your eyes look AMAZING DAHLING!! Who is with Chloe on her picks and can help her out on her search for those items?

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emyleeName: Emylie

Age: 25

Vocation: Model maker in Lingerie and Corsetery

What is in your purse?
Wallet, little pink umbrella, iphone, ipod, Lip Balm EOS (from Meg, I love it!!!) Benetint from Benefit, Estee Lauder Pink Blush, Nuxe hand cream and a little mirror.

Guilty Pleasure: My first addictive guilty pleasure is buying too many bags… and drink Coca Cola I prefer the real Coke but my body prefers the Diet 🙁 And my little luxury once a month is a relaxing massage at a beauty institute.

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns: Dry and sensitive skin with some redness.

Beauty inspiration: My beauty inspiration/glamour icon is Marylin Monroe – she was so beautiful all the time… And of course all women who feel good in their skin, who enjoy the life whatever their age and weight is!!!

Top 3 skincare products:
Nivea Cleansing Milk – I love it because it is so light and creamy and leaves no trace after one application. And very important: not sticky!
Nuxe hand cream ” Rêve de Miel” – the scent is divine and the texture is rich.
Clarins Cream for sensitive and dry skin.      

Top 3 tools of the trade:
L’Oreal Expert Silver Shampoo – Because I have blond hair and this shampoo is made so you won’t have yellow hair if you’re blond!!!
Benetint from Benefit – my favorite make up product!!! Lovely on lips and cute on cheeks I love love this one!
Helena Rubinstein Eyebrow Pencil in natural Brown – because I’m blond and I have no eyebrows lol I can’t live without it…

Best beauty secret / tip: I don’t have a special tip… Just put moisturizing cream everyday and every night and drink plenty of water… I have just one tip from my mother: she has no stretchmarks because when she was pregnant she put on her belly a lot of moisturizing cream… So I haven’t got any children yet but I will test her tip!!!

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:  
Fred Farrugia eyeshadow Exclu for Sephora – because I love his concept. Very modern, practical and chic.
– I would like to find a really good lipstick that does not move when I kiss my boyfriend! I tried Chanel, Yves St Laurent, L’Oreal, Nivea… and never found my lipstick, so girls if you have some tips or brand for lips… you’re welcome!!!
– Find a magic formula to have more hair, more volume and a real good shampoo or spray that would make me see a real difference.

Thank you for this note of French air, Emylie!
I love it how over here in Los Angeles, our glamour icon is Coco Chanel
– and over there in France, it is Marylin Monroe! The grass is always greener I guess…
Ladies, do you have any lipstick suggestions for Emylie?

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Name: Martina Vella

Age: 20

Vocation: At the moment student, studying Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Management and Banking & Finance hoping to take my honours in Management and maybe become an HR Manager, also I want to be a part-time make up artist

What is in your purse? Usually my netbook, purse, keys, diary, pencil box, and car radio and when I go out I take my purse, keys, lip brush and the lipstick and lipgloss I would have put on.

Guilty Pleasure: almonds

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns: Ivory with pink undertones, I have oily to combination skin and it’s very very sensitive. I had mild acne up to a year ago but I still have a bit of spots now and then.

Beauty inspiration: Anne Hathaway, she is such a glamorous and down to earth actress I really really love her style! When I’m in a more casual mood I look at Teri Hatcher’s character Susan – I love all those baggy cardigans, hehe.

Top 3 skincare products:
– Cetaphil – it’s an acne treatment cleanser
– Effaclar – it’s my day moisturizer
– Brevoxyl – my night moisturizer
My dermatologist ordered them for me so I use all three religiously
Top 3 tools of the trade:
– Concealer Palette
– A whole set of brushes
– Eyeshadow palette
Best beauty secret / tip: Always take off all your make up before going to bed! And drink plenty of water!

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
– A load of ELF products
Urban Decay’s Alice in Wonderland palette
Chanel Pro lumiere Foundation

Thanks for sharing your favorite things with us Martina! We talk about a million different products all the time – so it’s refreshing to see a simple and efficient routine sometimes. Like yours!

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Name: Connie Connor

Age: 36

Vocation: Optician hoping to go back to get my masters soon 🙂

What is in your purse? My purse has so many things in it. I have a vera bradley backpack purse and it holds quite a bit: wallet, migrain med, excedrine migraine, nail file and about 6 different types of lip balms (I have a problem).

Guilty Pleasure: I have a few guilty pleasures. My first and foremost is lip balms in which I own so many that my friends tease me. And my second is shoes… I have about 50 pairs or so and I cleaned out my closet and threw about 12 pairs away… I own enough body sprays and lotions to keep an entire third world country smelling lovely.

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns:
I have fair to medium skin with olive and yellow undertones. I have combination skin that is prone to break outs especially during my monthly. My biggest skin issues are that I have a condition called melasma which causes darkening of the skin – it drives me absolutely insane! I am also always on the look out for something to help with signs of aging because I’m getting to the age that i have to worry about it.

Beauty inspiration: Sophia Loren… she is a beautiful and natural looking woman. I love the look of natural beauty, natural grace, and natural sincerity – it looks good on everyone.

Top 3 skincare products:

Olive oil – it is the most versatile item in my arsenal. It can be used on your hair, skin, nails and internally.
DDF Brightening Cleanser – it just makes me feel clean and i feel like I’m doing something good for my skin.
Sunscreen – it’s an absolute must for me now – with the melasma I have to use an spf of 70 which just kills me because I love to sit and read a book in the sun so if I’m not very careful about the sunscreen I will get even darker skin patches.

Top 3 tools of the trade:
Shu Uemura eyelash curler – I can say nothing bad about this curler–it rocks!
Darcy’s botanicals Peach Kernel hydrating milk – it just smells delicious and makes my hair feel so luxurious and did I mention it smells fabulous 😉
My third tool of the trade – drink plenty of water. I think it helps me to maintain a nice healthy complexion (at least I hope it does).

Best beauty secret / tip: Beauty is only skin deep. You can be the most beautiful person on the outside but be very ugly on the inside – and I wouldn’t want to be you!

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
I’d love to try any product from 100percentpure – I love the way the makeup looks, the significance behind it and the way the owner stands up for animal rights.
Bath bombs from lush – they look sinful and I’d love to try them.
MOR Marshmallow Lip balm – I saw this on and it sounded perfect for a lip balm junkie like myself.

Thanks for sharing Connie! And don’t worry, you really don’t have a lip balm problem. Not yet! Up to 30 lip balms is a very acceptable number!
What’s the product you ladies keep buying no matter how many you have?

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stacybName: Stacy Brinegar

Age: 31

Vocation: Training Specialist for the MathWorks

What is in your purse?
Dove Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion, Jelly Pong Pong Lip Sorbet in Carmel Chic, Erbaviva Lip and Cheek balm  (great for lips, chapped cheeks and cuticles!). My wallet, phone, work security fob and a picture of my one-year-old son, Kyle. I also have a bottle of water on me all the time, hydration is an essential beauty element!

Guilty Pleasure: A really good book, a really good massage chair and a really good pedicurist. All at the same time! I love my son and husband, but that is some quality ‘me’ time!

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns: I have medium skin that tans very well, but can get pretty fair in the winter. It’s pretty normal, a little oily at times around my nose, and my eyes can get very dry in the winter, but other than that, I have no real complaints. I just need a light moisturizer and some under eye concealer and I’m good to go. My only concern is that the less sleep I get, the more the under eye circles are bugging me. I need a good nighttime eye cream that will allow me to wake up refreshed, not puffy or dry and awake. Regardless of how early my son wakes up.

Beauty inspiration: I will always remember my grandmother who passed away about 15 years ago carrying around her little lipstick case with a tiny mirror everywhere. No matter where we went, she was always touching up with this crazy fuchsia pink color that just worked. She was not afraid of color, and knew that the perfect shade can instantly pull you together. I loved that even while suffering from pancreatic cancer, she always had her lipstick on. And it was perfect.

Top 3 skincare products:
– Clinique “All About Eyes” eye cream
– Jergens Natural Glow for Face in medium
– Trish McEvoy’s Vitamin C daily face primer.

Top 3 tools of the trade:
Revlon’s makeup eraser – it’s perfect to get rid of any accidental smudge, eye liner that went a bit too far, and little mascara bits that end up on your eye lids if when you sneeze before it’s dry! 
– An eyelash curle – it’s almost as good as concealer in waking up tired eyes, And a good set of eye shadow brushes. Thin for definition, thicker for sweeping shadow and a slanted brush to get in those creases.

Best beauty secret/tip: In the winter, our feet can get neglected. Especially if you live in a cold climate like Boston! About once a week, I’ll take either a REALLY thick foot cream (Burt’s Bees has a great one, and right now I love Curel’s Foot Cream) or even just straight petroleum jelly and slather it on. All over my heels, toes, balls of the foot, cuticles, etc. And then, I’ll take some thick woolly cotton socks and cover them up for the night. I make sure that the lotion is not fully rubbed in so that it has time to soak in. I wake up the next morning and my feet feel soft, smooth and totally moisturized.

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
– I’d like a really deep moisturizing cream for my face and around my eye area that will guard against wrinkles and keep me looking bright and awake. Especially in the winter, my eyes can get really dry, I need that extra protection from December to March! I have my eye on Olay Regenerist Deep Hydrating Cream.
– I’m also looking for a really good shampoo and conditioner that smooth my VERY thick wavy hair but doesn’t cause build up. I use Pantene now, and I have to switch every few months because my hair gets product built up in it because it’s so thick.
– And, I’m dying to try the Diana B products everyone on this site raves about! Maybe the Green Tea and Grapefruit Body Lotion?

Thank you Stacy for sharing all this information with us!
There is nothing that warms our hearts more than grandmas with fuchsia pink lipstick!
True beauty comes from loving yourself – and what’s a better way to declare that love than never giving up your lipstick! Even when you’re old and sick!

Ladies, what is your beauty little thing you’ll never give up?

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jenskiName: Jeni Emmons

Age: 29

Vocation: Pharmacy Tech and part time student

What is in your purse? My Toshiba Gigabeat (mp3 player), red heart shaped sunglasses, Bath & Body Works Anti-Bac, Bath & Body Works Ruby Red Licorice sparkly lip gloss, Carmindy for Sally Hansen Moisture Plump Lip Balm in Sweet Plum, Maybelline Dream Matte Pressed Powder, Physicians Formula Talc Free Matte Finishing Veil (the BEST for fast touchups), a knife that’s disguised as a tube of lipstick (ya never know when you might have ta kick some ass), Trident Splash Strawberry Lime gum, my 2G flash drive, Bath & Body Works Winter White Fresh Shimmer Roll-On (one of my favorite scents)

Guilty Pleasure: I’m addicted to EBAY. I would rather shop on EBAY than go to the mall anyday. The thrill of the auction and finding stuff that nobody else has!!! Also, I buy wayyyyy too much underwear. And last but not least, my tattoo and piercing addiction. I love enhancing every aspect of myself.

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns: I am one of the palest people I’ve met. I can never find foundations that are light enough for me. Sometimes I use self-tanner just to match a foundation, haha. I tend to break out if I use heavy makeup or sleep with my makeup on. (Thank DOG for Proactiv) Also, I have mild psoriasis and am always looking for the best lotions and creams to keep my skin soft and smooth.

Beauty inspiration: I’m inspired by music mostly. I like to look the waymusic makes me feel. I’m also inspired by Japanese Culture quite a bit. Traditional and modern both. And lastly, by nature, especially the ocean. The colors, the smells, the beauty of sealife…

Top 3 skincare products:

– I think I’m in love with OLAY’s Regenerist Microsculpting Cream. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I really have noticed a change in the way my skin looks and feels. It’s even helped even out my skintone, which I didn’t expect from it.
Bath & Body Works “Sleep” Black Chamomile Aromatherapy Body Wash and Body Lotion. The scent is heavenly and totally relaxes me after a long day. It also lasts forever. Sometimes, I use the lotion before I head in for busy Mondays at work and it keeps me sane.
ProActiv’s Repairing Lotion is the only thing that keeps me from breaking out. I mix a drop of it with my regular face cream (CVS Luminizing face lotion, a knockoff of Aveeno) and it works wonders throughout the day in keeping my skin clear.

Top 3 tools of the trade:
– I use Tweezerman‘s Corner Eyelash Curler on all my lashes, not just the corners, for a wide-eyed doll look.
Remington True to Light Makeup Mirror (this one is unavailable now but the good ones are expensive and worth it)
Tweezerman tweezers. I think they are the best. The one I use looks like this and has been wonderful at grasping the smallest, finest hairs.

Best beauty secret / tip:
Get lots of sleep. I know I look a million times better when I’m well rested. I feel a zillion times better and am better able to function throughout the day. Also, I drink a cup of green tea morning and night. It’s a natural metabolism booster and antioxidant, so it helps control my weight and keep my body healthier.

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
Resylane, for lip augmentation
– Laser Hair Removal
Chanel Mythic Lipstick

Great to get to know you Jenski!
Carrying a knife that’s disguised as a tube of lipstick is hilarious! What’s the craziest object in your purse ladies?

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red velvetName: Rachel S. Gutierrez
Age: 42
Jacqueline of All Trades – Master of Some  
I loved working for “Leisure Lady” (family owned by Southern Baptists, no less!). We sold bras and boobs, butt pads, edible panties, sex toys, hooker looking dresses, thongs that glow-in-the-dark, play music, have dangling rhinestones, feathers, marabou & leather, plus a whole lot more.  I knew every stripper & drag queen in town. This was back in 1992, long before thongs were popular. I did my persuasive speech in college about why YOU should switch from granny panties to thongs and made an “A”. Also, voted “Best Public Speaker”, which was really exciting for me, because I’m normally VERY shy. Once I feel comfortable, you will wonder where the remote control is.                 
What is in your purse?
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E, Swivel Stick Revlon Lipstick – Cherries in the Snow #440 (Been wearing color since late 80’s), Revlon Lipstick – Raspberry Bite #745, Revlon Lipstick – Wild Berries #36, Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid – Berrie #50, Aveda Lipstick – Scarlet Sage #731 (same tube since 1988), it’s a gorgeous blue red, Leopard Faux Fur Lipstick Case, prescription bottle of Ativan – I use this when I visit my mother and if my 16 & 13 year old nieces are having an attitude.  I don’t visit often, so the Ativan last a long time!
Guilty Pleasure: 
I guess getting a neck and shoulder massage by a professional, pedicures and I love, love, love, long scalp massages while being shampooed. It just might be better than sex! Seriously, it can be that good if you have someone well trained.
Skin color, type and any special skin concerns: I have dry, ivory skin with Rosacea.
Beauty inspiration: I think my beauty inspiration is my sister Roxann. She’s nine years older than me and I remember being very young watching her do her makeup. I couldn’t wait to get older so I could wear makeup just like her. She always looked so beautiful when she was done and she still looks beautiful at age 51. Roxann is a member here, but never has time to do anything. She’s the one with two teenage daughters who think they know everything (Ativan please!).
Top 3 skincare products: This is a hard one, because I’ve been switching around a lot since my rosacea has changed from a red blush to red dots. The dots would be fine if my face was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie red polka dot bikini that I wore for the first time today. Unfortunately it’s not, so…
– I’m using prescription Metrocream and my face does feel smoother, but I still have polka dots.
– The moisturizer I’ve been using lately is called Infinite Aloe Skin Care. The jar states, it’s the ultimate of aloe skincare cream. I bought it at a “Home Show” of all places. These giant jars were selling like hotcakes (what is a hotcake?) I think we should say “selling like chocolate cakes”. Yeah that sounds much better. Yummy!!! I do truely love this product.  I just wish it had SPF.  The cream is not too heavy and not too light, it’s just right, like baby bears.
– My 3rd skincare product is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E. I use it on my lips day & night, around my eyes & chicken pox furrow at bedtime. You know when your mother always told you if you frown your face is gonna stay that way, she wasn’t lying! I have a chicken pox scar that’s perfectly oval between my eyebrows. I now have a lovely line down the middle from not turning my frown upside down. A psychic told me it’s not a chicken pox scar.  Instead she said, I was from India Royalty in my past life and that is where I wore my gemstone. I was like okie dokie. (Ativan Please!)     
Top 3 tools of the trade:
– Eyelash Curler is a must
– Lighted Makeup Mirror from the 70’s or 80’s
– Eyebrow Brush

Best beauty secret / tip:

Even if you’re not in a happy mood, try to smile at strangers and throughout your day. There’s a lot of lonely people in the world. So just giving a simple smile can brighten someones day. It’s free to give and you usually get one back. Smiling releases good endorphins and before long you will feel much brighter too. We all look better when we’re smiling.

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy: 
TRIA Laser Hair Removal System
MAC Prep & Prime Eye
MAC Lipstick in Russian Red

Thank you Rachel for sharing all this fun information with us! What a blast it must have been working for “Leisure Lady”! And keeping the same lipstick tube since the 80s?! Wow.
Ladies, what is the makeup item that has lasted the longest in your purse?

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stealmysunshineName: Stephanie Silva


Student, Part time umpire for girl’s softball.

What is in your purse?
Rosebud Salve, Victoria’s Secret lip gloss in Pina Colada, my library card, Dove Go Fresh Deodorant in Cucumber, Lise Watier corrector palette, Sunsilk Waves of Envy Hair Spray.

Guilty Pleasure:
Buying cleansers. I’m always on the look out for cleansers even though I have more than enough. If the packaging looks good, it’s organic or it smells good I’m sold.

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns:
I had to google this one! But I think I have olive skin tone. I have combination skin. I don’t really have a lot of acne, but because I’m out in the sun a lot during summer (and when I was younger I never wore sun screen), I have some sun damage. Also sometimes at the end of the day the area around my nose gets oily.

Beauty inspiration:
I think my beauty inspiration is you ladies at I was never really into makeup even though I know there are a lot of girls my age who are. Mostly because I never really knew what to do with it. I learnt so much from this site and from all your tips and reviews on products.

Top 3 skincare products:
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Cleanser: even though it does not smell the greatest, it works really well to keep my skin clear and (mostly) oil free.
Vaseline: Vaseline will always be my favorite all-around moisturizer, it works great as a lip saver and moisturizer
Lise Watier corrector palette: This thing saves my life. It has colors that match my skin tone and it works great at concealing blemishes. It also has colors to highlight, reduce the look of under eye bags and vein reduction (although I have yet to try that one).

Top 3 tools of the trade:
Goody Straightening comb: I know heat is so damaging for your hair, but this works really well if  have to go for a swim and don’t have time to blow dry and straighten my bangs. Before I buy anything I go to this site (and of course) to check out the reviews
– Moisturizer with SPF: This is probably the most important thing that I use. I’m really anal about using SPF sun screen because of the existing sun damage I have. Even in the winter, I have to put on some form of sun protection before I leave the house.

Best beauty secret / tip:
I think the best tip I ever got was to use vaseline instead of mascara. It works really well at making my eyelashes look thicker and add a bit of a curl to them. Also it adds a little shine to them. Another tip is for hair. If you want it to be really shiny and healthy looking, make a banana mask. Mash 1-2 bananas depending on your hair length, apply to dry hair and leave on for 10-15 minutes, then wash it out with shampoo normally.

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
– I really like Miss Dior Cherie L’eau (the green one). I got a free sample from the Bay and it smells so good.
– A really good mascara. I haven’t had much luck in finding one. I have pretty thick eyelashes that are pretty long, and I want a mascara that doesn’t clump. I heard Diorshow Mascara is really good.
Nars nail polish in Orgasm. I’m blushing just typing that , but the color is lovely and I’ve been looking for a nice nude color with a bit of shimmer.

Thanks for sharing Stephanie! We totally feel you about being sold when a product has great packaging, smells good or is organic! And it’s great to see how much you insist on SPF protection, that’s the way to go, start young!
At what age did you ladies start being concerned about sun damage or wrinkles?

If any of you ladies want to be a part of the Meghead Spotlight, please e-mail us your answers at!

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Meg here! We try to read all of your comments. Yup, we try to read everyone of them. When you get your Makeup Points packages we LOVE when you all go back to your own blogs or youtube channels and let your readers what you thought!

It helps out the companies that generously support us to hear your makeup reviews and feedback on their products. I makes us over here do a happy dance of joy when you so kindly promote us!

While I was trolling around on the site I saw this awesome post under “What did you get with your makeup points?” It is a heck of a LOT of work but it makes us happy to make you happy. Ilovemakeup wrote us a lovely “Thank-you” in her comments but then wrote this as well…
“hey lovlies! I got my package today!!! couldnt have come at a more perfect time-major stress issues here!!! I traded in twice (once for 50 points, once for 250) I emailed eleni to say i hadnt recieved either and she emailed back on 10th november saying she was packing it and sorry for the wait, so it took 2 weeks to arrive (quicker than i thought it would be!!) and i couldnt be more chuffed!!! i got*nicole paxson pressed powder (one shade for all) loving this stuff the compact is gorgeous! (a percentage of all proceeds goes to lupus and skin disorder research)*armour lip gloss (gazarri’s, 21) its a hot pink gloss-sooo pretty!*DDF advanced eye firming concentrate (cant wait to try it tonight!)* Diana b, peach frangipani body lotion sample (will try in the am)*and of course a handwritten note from the amazing lady herself!The nicole paxson powder only comes in one shade as far as i can tell-it says one shade suits all and i could only find one on their site.I looked up the prices of these items and its like $130 worth of stuff!!! the eye cream is priced at $88 on the DDF website!!! I cant believe there is an eyecream that costs that much!!!! I soooo cant believe I own it???!!!! crazy generous! Im still in shock! Thank you soooo much meg!!!! <3I have posted a video of what i got on youtube…

We quickly rushed over and watched the adorable Carly on her Youtube Channel
She did an amazing job reviewing and talking about and we were so proud! It completely made our day! When I’m about ready to strangle myself with packing tape I think of how happy the Meg Heads get and continue to pack! Sometimes I can’t even find Eleni under the piles of padded envelopes but kindness like Carly’s keep us moving!

Great job Carly! You made us feel so special and we really appreciate it!

Let us know if you ladies have made any youtube reviews on what you have gotten in your makeup points packages! We would love to see them! I hope Carly has inspired you to make a fabulous Megsmakeup Points Pack Review Video!Kiss

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Name: Taya Burzynski



What is in your purse? My wallet, Clean&Clear absorbing wipes, Bare Escentuals buxom lips lip gloss, Garnier spot-on roll-on, my glasses, Annabelle soft kohl eyeliner and a little 100g jar of vaseline for dry lips.

Guilty Pleasure: My guilty pleasure would have to be moisturizers! I’m always looking for  one that is perfect for my skin, at a reasonable price. I also love chocolate bars and trying to perfect a chocolate chip cookies recipe (:

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns: I have fairly fair skin. It’s combination, but it’s leaning more towards the dry side since it’s getting colder up here in south Ontario! I have very evident bags under my eyes, that always make me look tired! I also have a difficult time getting rid of acne scars.

Beauty inspiration: I think my biggest inspiration is looking at people around me! I love seeing what other people are using and how they’re using it. I also love looking at makeup ads, especially for GOSH cosmetics.

Top 3 skincare products:
– Steivamicyn (topical acne solution, prescribed by doctor)
St. Ives Blemish&Blackhead Scrub
Peter Thomas Roth products! All this stuff is pretty much amazing.

Top 3 tools of the trade:
Lise Watier blush brush.
Lise Watier eyeshadow brush.
– Tweezers I stole from my mom! shhh…

Best beauty secret / tip:

The best tip… ah, so many. I think the tip that you have to constantly moisturize your skin! And to never give up finding that perfect product for your skin.

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:

Clinique Pressed Powder.
Eos lip balm.
– A recommended-by-an-employee-at-Sephora foundation!

Thanks for sharing Taya, it’s great to get to know you!
And it’s really nice seeing a girl that knows her makeup at 15, we’re so proud of you!
Ladies, when did you first become makeup-aware?

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Vocation: Art Teacher and Artist

What is in your purse?
Well in my purse I have a Boots no 7 lipstick in a lovely Coral color called Coral Dream, an Everyday Minerals lipstick called Siesta, but these act more like balms though (I think). I have an Everyday Minerals puff Jar with some rice powder in it. I get very oily skin, so this helps a bit. I have an Everyday Minerals Retractable Kabuki too, love it! Because I live in FL I always carry some spf so I also have Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer with an spf of 30 and some Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock spf 55. Some Purell hand sanitizer, just in case. Ooh a no7 Pefect Lips pencil (it was hiding in there) in nude… sometimes I outline my lips to make them bigger, yet to find the perfect nude though, or one that will stay on me. Some Avon Glazewear color- Sand Shine. It is a nice gloss nude color. Other non makeup things: my new free phone from ATT – it’s kinda nice, jealous of y’all iphoners though. Sharpie – everyone needs a sharpie! Toothpaste from my Virgin flight, so cute and teeny and a bunch of scrumpled up receipts… ie big mess.

Guilty Pleasure: Definitely makeup and makeup forums! My boyfriend teases me so much and calls me ‘makeup girl’ which I’m not! Haha! I hate being called girly for some reason, but then the thing is I pretty much am girly, I should embrace it really.

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns:
I have lightish skin- beige fairly light in Everyday Minerals- currently looking at other minerals lines too since I have been kinda breaking out in bumps from EDM. I know, very sad 🙁 Also I am so oily!!! Don’t know what to do about it.

Beauty inspiration: Audrey Hepburn, just gorgeous. But I love love love watching Pixiwoo on youtube!!! Those girls are lovely and some great tips on there plus they are from the UK and I miss home so much and it reminds me of home. (I now live in Florida but was born and bred in Scotland)

Top 3 skincare products:

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser– I keep going back to this, not a pretty bottle but oh well, it works good for me.
Paula’s Choice BHA lotion – good for a little exfoliating and getting rid of blackheads some.
Oil of Olay Complete spf 30 – I need spf in Florida, it is hot here, even right now in the Winter!

Top 3 tools of the trade:
– My Everyday Mineral Brushes– so soft and the best brushes I have owned so far! I have all the Kabukis which are so lovely and many of the eyeshadow ones… love love love them!
– Is mascara a tool? Well anyways I love trying out different mascaras so far my favorite is Max Factor 2000 Calorie as it is one of the few ones that doesn’t smudge on my oily lids! euh gross!

Best beauty secret / tip:
Keep qtips handy- especially great for cleaning up mascara from my browbone… I always do that by mistake and one of the pixiwoo tips was to look down into a mirror when you do your mascara, it works but I still forget to do that.

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
– I really am goggling the shu uemura eyelash curlers… kinda pricey for me – and my old Boots ones work ok, but everyone raves about these so much.
– I’d like some Signature Minerals foundation… see if it works for my skin any better than Everyday Minerals. It is hard because I am so oily and minerals kinda slip off a little after a while. In fact, I think I will put in an order right now… teehee!
Urban Decay eyeshadows. There is one in particular I have been goggling with green eyes, (I have blue eyes actually but still…) and that is the half baked and baked colors. Don’t you think they would suit blue eyes? They are just a little expensive for me right now, but one day I will splurge. I love testing them out at Boots… LOVE Boots, ahh I miss home sigh.

Great to get to know you Dana! Love your Halloween picture!
And what an awesome mascara application tip! It’s also really funny how your boyfriend teases you about your makeup and makeup forum addiction! Any other ladies out there being teased?

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christelName: Christel Hansen


Freelance Makeup Artist!

What is in your purse?
Cell phone, ipod nano, wallet, small mirror, dental floss, keys, asthma inhaler, Anatomicals Stop Cracking Up lip balm, MAC Fleshpot lipstick and The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissues!

Guilty Pleasure: Home and Away! I simply cannot miss an episode of it! If I do, I watch the omnibus at the end of the week to catch up on anything I may have missed, lol. I’m also a sucker for homemade cookies and cupcakes, yum!

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns:
I have fair skin which can get pretty oily. My main concerns are my dark undereye circles (concealer is a must!) and the occasional breakouts I get. 🙁

Beauty inspiration: My mommy of course! I love everything about her and think she looks damn good for her age! I only hope that I too look that good when I’m older!

Top 3 skincare products:
Cetaphil moisturizer – I love using this on both myself and my clients. As well as being a fabulous moisturizer, it’s also great to mix with foundations to make them thinner and more sheer.
Lucas Papaw Ointment – I can’t live without this! It’s by far the best lip moisturizer you could ever use. I slather it on at night before bed and my lips are beautiful and soft in the morning!
– Aloe Vera Gel – I use this as an everyday makeup primer and would recommend it to everyone. It really is fantastic!

Top 3 tools of the trade:
Beautyblender – I love it! Makes my job effortless and the results are amazing!
Avon Heated Eyelash Curler – I have a huge fear of using traditional eyelash curlers on people other than myself (I would die if they moved and I ended up pulling out their eyelashes!) so I tried this and I have to say, the results are even better than traditional curlers!
MAC 217 Brush – Love this for both applying and blending eyeshadow. It’s also amazing as a concealer brush!

Best beauty secret / tip:
I alternate between shampoo and baking soda to wash my hair – so one day I’ll wash my hair with shampoo, next time I’ll wash with baking soda, etc. I find that the baking soda cleans my hair better than any shampoo ever has! I also like to mix a little baking soda with my cleanser – it’s great for exfoliating the face. Only do this once or twice a week at most though!

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
MUFE Flash Palette – it’s not even available here 🙁
Yaby Pearl Paints Palette
Yaby Liquid Foundations

Favorite Drugstore Product and whyCovergirl Lash Blast – love it, love it, LOVE IT!

Favorite Splurge Item
Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor & Rolf! I adore the smell of this and was actually lucky enough to get this for my birthday so I won’t have to buy any for awhile!

If I was on a limited beauty budget I would
– Beg, borrow and steal! Kiss

Great to get to know you Christel! And great to read all these answers from the viewpoint of a makeup artist!
What does baking soda do to your hair that shampoo doesn’t? Does Aloe Vera gel work well as a primer for you ladies too?

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