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Stacy B here! I am one traveling Mama. This summer we did many long weekends, a bunch of overnights, a trip to Disney World and another one to San Diego and LA. Hello frequent flyer mles!! I miss summer already, but I’m looking forward to a low key fall!

You’d think I’d be a good packer by this point. Actually, I am a great packer, for my kids. They had everything they needed and more. They had enough toys to last a 12 hour flight, enough clothes for 2 weeks and enough random other crap that I’m shocked our luggage was under the weight limit. I did forget a few things for myself. But, we were visiting the in-laws so we had no problem jumping in their car and heading to the nearest drug store.

While digging through stuffed animals, puzzles, books, water-wings, diapers, bathing suits and too much more to write, I realized I forgot my soap for my face. No big deal, like I said, we were minutes from a drug store and it gave us a chance to get out of the house for a few minutes. And samples sizes are a guilty pleasure of mine. I love them, they are so cute! And such a good way to try new products. I wish more products offered trial/travel size.

I decided to try something different for my face, even though my normal brand had a trial size. I do my best but my face is really tan, even with daily sunblock. I just have skin that browns easily. So I felt like I was in need of a good exfoliating product to clean away some dead skin. I went deep into my high school roots and grabbed a St. Ives exfoliating facial scrub.  

I feel like this apricot scrub was every girl’s first scrub. Maybe this or Clean & Clear….The little particles of almond in there really smoothed out my face. Luckily, I have no issues with breakouts or blackheads, even after traveling, but my skin really felt much smoother and healthier. It had a nice little glow to it, too. And not because of the sun!

It smelled fresh and clean, washed away very quickly and easily and a little bit went a long way. Traveling can be stressful and we know how stress can hurt our skin. Add a trip to the in-laws, two 6-hour flights with a 4-year-old and a 15-month old, a 3-hour time change and the stress potential for this trip was really, REALLY high. But, the boys were unbelievably well-behaved on both flights. Strangers were complimenting us, it was great. I got a high five and a ‘congratulations’ from a nice old man who was about 3 rows behind us. My boys did not make a peep! They also both survived the time change surprisingly well and had a great time with their grandparents and cousins.

I really lucked out, I found a great product that kept me looking fresh, young and glowing and we had a successful trip in all ways possible. Plus, thanks to a convenient trial size for $1, I have a new product that I really like and will probably always use as my travel go-to. It washed away airplane oils and residue so fast, it was totally worth it. I would have paid $2 for it! 




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Nick Stern here! Men are creatures of habit. Once we get accustomed to a routine, we are committed to it. This shouldn’t be mistaken for loyalty or integrity but simply laziness. We exert just enough energy to find our comfort zone and as soon as we discover it…Good luck trying to lure us out. No! Really, men don’t like to leave their “comfort zone?” This is why many of you struggle to get the men in your lives to upgrade their skin care routine. You might be laughing right now because the closest thing to a skin care routine for your man is probably a bar of soap and a washcloth. I would stop laughing though because their failure is really your failure. I can’t wait to hear how this is our fault.

Let’s face the facts, without women forcing this whole hygiene agenda down our throats in the first place, most men would probably stop showering altogether. However, women can command (nag) a man to do anything when it comes to maintaining a respectable appearance. I mean Meg (yes, Meg nags me not to start sentences with “I mean”) in passing told me that my toe nails needed to be clipped. Now at the time I totally downplayed my concern as it was the weekend. All I wanted to do was watch basketball with my beer and my primal toe nails. But it was useless, the seed was planted in my head and an hour later I was in my bedroom clipping those suckers listening to The Cranberries like a brainwashed Stepford wife. I’m sorry you felt brainwashed Nick, I now see that I took away 10 great self defense weapons.

Please understand that I’m in extreme circumstances living with a beauty expert and all. I’ve learned about exfoliation, eye creams, eye gels, the difference between eye creams and eye gels, lip balms, hand balms, cuticle balms, balms with more balms…I even know that the oils on your face have low PH and when you use bar soap, which has high PH, you can actually damage the natural balance of your face by leaving a salt residue and sucking the moisture from your face. Still laughing….because I just dropped some knowledge on everyone. Meg, did you even know that? I am all knowing. AP Chemistry (fist pump)! Where was I?

Ah yes…so ladies you have an obligation to improve your man’s skin care, if not for his appearance at least for the health of his skin. What exactly is your job here?

I know changing your man’s routine is a daunting task….he probably already has his standard soap, his shaving cream, his deodorant, his shampoo (hopefully he has a conditioner in a separate bottle., Pert Plus was great when we were 13), and you are not going to change his comfort zone overnight. Asking him to try a daily facial cleanser or an eye cream might overwhelm him with too much commitment right out of the gate. We don’t want to push him back into the arms of the bar soap by being too aggressive.  Thus, the easiest way to improve his routine is to add something that isn’t a daily commitment but a weekly one. My advice is to start with a weekly facial mask like the Lava Masque by Kyoku for Men to his regimen giving  him what everyone wants a product that has a big payoff for little effort. You only have to convince your guy to use the lava mask for 10 minutes a week to see great results. Honestly, his skin looks really, really great!

There are plenty of facial masks out there but only the Lava Masque by Kyoku has a natural volcanic mud/ash base that extracts excess oils and removes dead skin cells while the 73 essential sea minerals increase blood circulation improving cellular renewal and revealing a healthier, younger looking skin. The best part is that this product screams masculinity. Having volcanic ash on your face…I mean how can you get more manly than that. Seriously! Volcanoes have wiped out entire civilizations and you’re now wearing part of it on your face. I usually spend the 10 minutes staring at myself in the mirror and reenacting scenes from Braveheart or sometimes I turn off the lights in the bathroom and pretend to be a Navy Seal. And this is where he loses me…

Ladies stop laughing at your man’s juvenile skin care routine and go get him a volcano! Meg, prepare the Lava Masque, it’s time to go to war! Nick’s skin looks amazing! If you ladies want to check out a masque for your man (and don’t want to share yours) Kyoku has great products that wont break the bank!  How many of you share products with your guy?

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The other day someone questioned me how manly a Manly Monday could really be since I write for a beauty blog. And though my user name is WordsofWhimsy (Meg refuses to allow me to change this somewhat regrettable and whimsical choice of words) I believe I have a responsibility to champion the best products for men because men only want the best. We want the best lover, the best car (car probably goes first), the best job, the best sports team, so why would men want to settle for second rate hygienic products. Now I get it that some men are never going to try fancy body wash or eye creams but I’m going to discuss something that all men need…that all men secretly want (even if they don’t know it.)  Shaving is a daily necessity and unless your man is a cowboy, a civil war veteran, or a porn star it’s time for a shave…seriously. I had a mustache for a year in college and the only things I got out of it were a lot of fist pumps and girls always asking me for drugs. 

Shaving is a billion dollar industry and both Gillette and Schick have spent years of research ingraining their brands into the minds of your men. In fact you might not have known this but Gillette actually sends every 18 year old a free razor for his birthday. What’s the point I’m trying to make you’re asking…well the point is that if we’re going to get your men to try a better shaving product, we have our work cut out for us. This won’t happen overnight but with baby steps we can definitely enhance your man’s shaving experience. So without further ado, let me introduce you to  Billy Jealousy’s Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment. If your man has ever had a real manly shave at a barbershop (and if he hasn’t you just got yourself a last minute gift idea…wink) then he knows the warm and comforting feel of a hot towel wrapped around his face. Billy Jealousy bottles that experience in their Hot Towel formula. It’s simple to use heating up in seconds after applying to a moistened face and then using a traditional shave lather for a cleaner, closer shave.  

It says to avoid using this product if you have sensitive skin but actually my “man child” holds up very nicely when using  Now do you need this product to shave no…but do you really need a Ferrari to drive or a private jet to fly…the answer is no, but this product isn’t for the man who adheres to the norm. It’s for the man who wants “to bring a little heat” to his mundane routine…the man who wants a little luxury. So bring the barbershop to your man and have him looking and feeling like James Bond.           

Who buys cosmetic shaves for their guy? Would you?

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Nick Here! I actually just woke up from my Derma nap only a moment ago which inspired me to write.

This is a lie, he was woken up from his beauty sleep by by my shrill yell “Nick Stern! OMG get up! I’ve walked the dogs and done the dishes and you need to get me my Manly Monday!” By the way? What’s a Derma nap?

Meg, you don’t know what that is? That’s okay but don’t act surprised if you start hearing that term more often…it’s literally the new thing. Taking a nap has many benefits and it literally takes no effort. It helps your metabolism, eliminates stress by literally bathing your brain in the neurotransmitter serotonin, and most importantly regenerates skin cells for younger looking skin.

Wait? A nap regenerates your skin cells. Nick Stern, I thought you were just being lazy. All this time you were just doing research? I’m going to need to eat some humble pie. You have my full attention, go on…

I wish we lived in a world where a nap could cure everything: Too fat? Take a nap! Too stressed? Take a nap! Having bad sex? Take a nap! Have bad skin? Take a nap!

But wait, you’re losing me here. You just said if you have “bad skin” to take a nap. 

Meg, a nap, only takes you so far. You have to compliment a nap with a well balanced routine  to make it a true Derma nap. My favorite skin products are the ones that you put on right before a rejuvenating slumber.  My go to overnight product right now is the Kyoku Eye Fuel which combines two repairing formulas conveniently in separate pumps. The first is the Uplifting Eye Gel  which removes under eye puffiness and the Eye Radiance Cream which prevents dark circles and early-onset wrinkles. With cane sugar extract and anti-aging micro-particles working deeply to brighten and lift up the eye area, you can feel proactive without actually being active. This is literally what every man strives for so ladies while your man slumbers  just pat gently under his eye and turn that nap into a derma nap. Now for that six pack overnight gel. 

“So ladies, while your man slumbers just gently pat under his eye and turn that nap into a derma nap.” I think Nick Stern is still dreaming if he thinks on top of cooking his dinners and providing witty companionship, I’m going to start patting cream under eyes during his siestas. I also, would not recommend any women doing this. We have to draw a line somewhere. I AM intrigued in two different products with two different pumps in one bottle though. That’s pretty cool. It takes up less counter space, did you like one formula better than the other?

Meg, you want me to choose!? I love both formulas equally so I can’t possibly pick a favorite child. The eye radiance cream is great for removing my dark circles after nights of burning the candle at both ends. While the uplifting eye gel is my go to after a long night of drinking for an instantly awake, fresh look. 

Ladies, this really does work nicely for Nick Stern. He went to get a facial and has enjoyed telling me over and over again how “the facialist kept saying I have immaculate skin with clear to minimal blockage.” I mean, if I had a dollar for every time he has repeated that to me. I don’t like to compliment him too much on his appearance because he gets a big head and speaks about himself in the third person. However, his eye area is looking great so if any of you need a good rec for your guy. Check out Kyoku Eye Fuel.

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Nick here! The male is a strange animal of habit and the one thing we don’t spend time thinking about is changing what ain’t broke. That is why we don’t really switch up our hygienic (refrain from calling them beauty products around men) staples. The main staple in a man’s arsenal besides soap is deodorant…and let’s be honest we wouldn’t even use it if we could get away with it. Honestly I rarely use it as it is unless I’m going to work or leaving the house…sorry Meg you wanted to live with a guy. I’ve used the same brand of deodorant for the last 10 years and the only reason I chose it in the first place is because they told me that it was the official deodorant of NASA. So if I’m not going to achieve my childhood dream of being an astronaut I sure as hell am going to smell like one. ( I’m literally listening to the theme song of Apollo 13 as I type). 

Now the best way to get a man to try something new is to introduce a FREE product ( so ladies this will cost you but hell it’s an investment like painting your house or gardening) when they are close to running out of their current one. That is how Meg got me to change deodorants (or maybe it was a hint that I don’t wear it enough). I remember toweling off after a nice shower and looking in my cabinet to realize that my deodorant stick was out but conveniently next to the empty stick was a brand new shiny blue stick of Jack Black’s Pit Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant. How did Meg know that my second childhood dream was to be a race car driver. I’ve driven with him, let’s all just be thankful his dream is “producer.” Ladies, don’t laugh you  can rule a man’s heart and emotions by humoring their childhood dreams. I just gave you the key to running the world…you can thank me later.Thanks Nick, we had no idea that “humoring a man” could be helpful in getting what we want. No idea. Newsflash, ladies. 

The first thing I do before using Jack Black’s Pit Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant is smell it…naturally. I notice that it actually has a subtle soapy scent which is much different than the heavily perfumed deodorants found in those horrible pharmaceutical stores (Meg, haven’t I come a long way…you’ve instilled this snobbery in me). Beaming with pride. Beaming…The mild scent of Jack Black is great because it leaves such a fresh neutral smell that I can feel comfortable using a cologne without the fear that it will conflict with another pungent fragrance. The most important feature though in any deodorant is the one apply a day. Guys hate reapplying deodorant throughout the day fearing that their appliance that morning is failing them. My last deodorant failed me once and it’s the worst feeling knowing you’re so vulnerable…that is why the true test of any deodorant is seeing if it lasts all day. I have to say that Jack Black is truly a boss of the pit because I wore it through a couple of runs and was pleasantly surprised that I could sit on the couch next to Meg without her any of the wiser. You pick your battles.Is your man a real man’s man, then even better, because Jack Black Pit Boss is paraben-free –which is a chemical that mimics estrogen and is found in many deodorants — so Jack Black is as manly as it gets. 

The one downfall of Jack Black is that they don’t make pit boss in a bigger stick so if you’re reading this Jack I need more pit boss.  P.S. Loved you in School of Rock. I’ve told you THREE times already that it’s not the same-nevermind.

What deodorant is your guy using and Valentine’s Day is coming up? Who is thinking of gifting their guy with some great “man product” he’ll secretly love you for it!

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Nick Stern here! Meg’s Man roomie, the one she makes write for her! Happy Belated New Year Everyone!!! I love the beginning of a new year because it’s the time when people are the most positive about change. They vow to achieve some resolution that they lacked the previous year promising to lose that extra weight or quit that bad habit. As the clock struck midnight, I certainly felt a strong bond to my fellow human knowing that every year this time we as a race make that universal goal of being better…THIS YEAR IS MY YEAR! Then I woke up January 1st and threw up…(awesome, thanks for cleaning the toilet bowl-not.)

January 2nd I began my journey of leading a healthier more productive life. My biggest challenge and worst enemy to achieving productive success has been the word that many of us struggle with…procrastination. (I would have gone with “lazy” but sure, we can say procrastination.) I must apologize to Meg and to my growing fan base (thanks for your patience Mom) for being so lackadaisical with my Manly Monday reviews. Meg reminds me constantly how lucky I am to have access to so many amazing products because before her I thought CVS was the only place a man could purchase hygienic items. She’s right…I must share these products with the millions of men in the world and show them that there is something more than what’s in their local pharmacy (or at the very least the women who can nag influence them:) Oh boy Meg is yelling at me about my deadline….where was I…oh yes…my review. You’re “wordy” and take too long to write anything. Get to it Nick. For the Love Of God, we don’t have all day.

Today, I will be discussing Billy Jealously Salad Days Body Scrub which I’ve implemented into my daily shower routine at a reasonable price of $36.00 a bottle. (It’s reasonable because I gave it to him for FREE)To be completely honest, I have always used an unscented bar soap but after moving to the dryer LA climate I swapped out the bar soap for a body wash and a manly gray loofah (which hangs among the fifteen pink and purple ones…I have no clue why girls need multiple loofahs but they’re like fucking ornaments in our bathroom).Did you just really write “fucking” on  My Grammy reads this! 

At first I thought a body scrub named Salad Days was a poor name choice since guys hate eating salads much less putting something called it on their body…but then I realized that it isn’t that men don’t like salads it’s that they don’t like admitting that they like salads. Salads are the least manliest food there. Right next to sorbet so men must become closet salad eaters. If I’m out with a girl and she orders a burger I’m ordering a burger extra bloody just to prove a point…but secretly my heart belongs to that baby spinach and beet salad with roasted asparagus. (Really, how is he still single?) Where better to be a closet salad lover than in your own shower. Salad Days Body Scrub has a refreshing scent with hints of mint and citrus that leave your skin smelling fresh without an overpowering perfume smell. The Jojoba Esters gently exfoliates removing dead/dry skin cells and allowing the sage and peppermint to purify and tone the skin underneath.

I noticed that it says you should use it every other day (I’m not really good about reading labels) SHOCKING! but I find it’s gentle enough to use every day.  Also, the best part is that the smell is so nondescript that you and your man can use it together splitting the cost while both profiting from all the skin renewing benefits. So go out and try it for yourself and remember to tell your man it’s okay if he tries a little salad too.

But seriously Meg, leave me a little Billy Jealously we’re almost out. 

Nick, the review was great but we need a little more info…So, if a lady friend brought this to you as a gift, what type of occasion would this gift be appropriate for? Nick: Not as a gift. Just if she brings it over and puts it in the shower, that would be nice and then I would have sex with her in the shower.

What? What are you talking about? NICK!! It’s just nice that a girl would make her presence known with adding things like that into the shower. The thing is, guys get weird if a girl brings them body products to their house, but if she can disguise it as her own thing then that’s OK. We secretly try and sniff everything that she leaves anyway.

What about the sex in the shower part? What was that?

I just like to have sex in the shower, but if a girl has established a presence in my shower than I will see her products and think about having sex with her in my shower.

Thanks for that insight Nick. Ladies, if you want to get inside your men’s thoughts and brain and sick Nick shower fantasy theory, check out Billy Jealousy Salad Days Body Scrub!

Just post in comments if you’re a shower or tub girl and the best one wins Billy Jealousy! Sure to get you some action! (thanks Nick.)

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arcona productivity

Meg here! Usually it takes me at least 2 months to break down a man. Much like the military, I believe you have to “break them down to rebuild them better.” I mean, duh. So when my new roommate Nick moved in I thought I would have to coerce him into his next “product man whore” role. It’s probably because of his cross country move and he already feels slightly weary. I have never had such success in transforming a man into a product genius. I also must confess, I have taken the liberty to try this product myself. You know, for journalistic reasons, in the case Nick didn’t accept his mission. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact this smells divine no matter what your gender. As with all things, Nick delivered! So here is his review on Arcona Exfoliating Facial Scrub Productivity. Because ladies, the holidays are almost here so here’s a tip for a gift for your guy!

Nick here! To be honest I’ve always considered myself too much of a manly man to concern myself with exfoliating my face. However, the last time I was getting my eyebrows waxed, Soleil, my charming beautician, suggested that I begin exfoliating 2-3 times a week to help with my clogged pores and oily complexion. I stubbornly retorted that I didn’t think it was necessary to exfoliate since I used a daily face cleanser. Now Soleil (Soleil? I guess Nick visits New Age facialists) could of let me waltz out of there a naive fool but instead she patiently explained the differences and necessity of using gentle exfoliation to rejuvenate the skin…that day I left behind not only my ignorance but also my boyish complexion. Fast forward 10 years later and here I am reviewing Arcona’s Exfoliating Facial Scrub appropriately named “Productivity.”

The first thing that I noticed was the fruity berry aroma (I do like smelling every thing first) coming from the cranberry and raspberry enzymes, which according to the bottle unclog and minimize pores…Soleil would definitely approve.  The purplish grayish tint comes from the volcanic minerals that gently exfoliate your face, and to top it off Arcona has added salicylic acid–an acne fighting staple– to cleanse and purify the skin.

Now Ive tried different exfoliation cleanses and the reason I’ve never been a fan is because most of them use harsh exfoliaters (see apricot scrub) leaving my face raw and irritated (please remember me as a manly man)(We’re trying). However, the fine minerals in Arcona’s facial scrub have a gentle sandy quality (think Hawaiian beach) that leave the skin feeling smooth. Not even the manliest man wants sandpaper on his face! 

After using the scrub three times a week for the last couple of weeks my complexion seems to be improved but better than that my face feels good….and really at the end of the day guys just like feeling good.(Guys just want to “feel good?” You don’t say.) So I definitely recommend this as a gift for the holidays because as Soleil says “only a real man exfoliates.”

You heard it here first ladies….so go be “productive”  and buy “productivity.”

Thanks Nick! That was a wonderful review. How many of you Meg Heads have a guy that needs a great facial scrub and isn’t afraid to say it? I would type more but Nick wants to have a talk about feelings and then he’s agreed to watch Thelma And Louise with me.

Buy it here!

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Meg here, holidays are coming up and if you need to fill a stocking but don’t want to go with Old Spice, I’ve got a treat for you! I have a new roomie. His name is Nick and he is from NYC. Never one to miss an opportunity, I decided he would rate “man products” for the holidays. He didn’t have much of a choice, I know where he lives. So let’s welcome Nick on his first review!

Hi everyone! I just moved in with Meg and apparently along with the 12×15 bedroom and garden view, I also inherited a basketful of male products and an editorial position with Meg’s Makeup. Meg claims that I’m the first man she’s asked to contribute to “Manly Mondays” championing the under represented voice of the male hygienic perspective; however, knowing Meg, I’m hardly her first. (ha ha Nick, I never said you were the first. Keep it up though and you may be the last.) Nevertheless, I’m still honored to take on such a huge responsibility of sharing my male viewpoint on expensive sounding products with the Meg Heads…so without further ado… 

Nick here! The first product I tried and will review on this post is Jack Black’s Beard Lube.  

Finally! I’ve been waiting anxiously for Jack Black to get into this space and was so excited to try these products since I’m such a huge fan of his movies. 

To be honest, I’ve personally never ventured out of my shaving cave where I was born and bred on the Gillette brand. So I was very nervous to stray away from my roots especially when I found myself staring at something called beard lube. I’m sorry Jack, I loved you in Nacho Libre, but “beard” and “lube” are two words that organically don’t go well together. I mean most guys are worried about being judged for purchasing weird sounding condoms ( see ultra ribbed ecstasy)…you throw beard lube in the mix and all bets are off with the store clerk. Nevertheless, after getting over my initial reaction to the name, I noticed that this is in fact a 3-in-1 shaving product acting as a pre-shave oil, shave cream, and skin conditioner which is wonderful for someone like me who loves pre and post shaving products but is honestly too lazy to use them rushing in the morning. Also, I like that this product states on the front label that it contains Jojoba and Eucalyptus, which though I have no idea their actual skin benefits, it sounds expensive and salubrious (boom thank you word of the day calendar). I mean heck the most I can expect from Gillette is maybe touting aloe vera which I feel was so five years ago.

Now after using the lube for over a week, I have to say that I really like it a lot. It has a masculine aroma with hints of what I assume is eucalyptus and it goes on clear without feeling too heavy or greasy. The most addicting quality, however,is the cooling sensation from the menthol which actually seems to be infusing my face with healing oils and nutrients instead of drying my skin. And I have to say because the product goes on clear, I have missed fewer spots being able to aim the razor more precisely. Now as I sit here writing this post, with probably the softest and healthiest skin I have had since starting to shave, I can’t help but wish I could go back in the cave ignorantly shaving with thick, pore-clogging gels because it would be an easier existence….ignorance is certainly bliss. However, I have entered the light of Meg’s Makeup and there is no going back. So here I am pining away enthusiastically over more beard lube from Jack Black.

<CORRECTION> It has been brought to my attention that Jack Black is not affiliated with the actor of the same name. 

So Nick, is this something women should consider for their man’s holiday stocking?

No, if a guy likes this than his boyfriend will buy it for him!


Ha, ha. For sure. It’s a great a gift!

There you go ladies! It has Nick’s seal of approval. What “Manly” items are you eyeing?


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ole henriksenMegken here – So I got some Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Gel. I thought this would be a great product because sometimes I get tired at night and I can use a little invigoration before a night out!! But that is not what this does.

It is supposed to invigorate your skin when you are sleeping. Now that I am at that age where I see age really taking its effects on friends from high school and college. I think it’s normal to see someone you haven’t seen in a decade and a voice in your head says “he got old.” Then I hear another voice say “look at those wrinkles.” It’s like a yenta-fest going on in my skull. The scary thing is then I hear my own voice, “do I look that old? I hope not.” 

I have to say that Meg‘s right when she says the Ole Henriksen makes good products. This stuff was really good. I like the texture and consistency when I put it on. It’s so pleasurable to put my fingers in that jar and take a cool glob out and rub it all over my face and neck. It has a clean fresh fragrance, a natural smell.  When I washed it off in the shower it made my skin feel very smooth and soft, it’s worth trying just so you can experience that feeling when you wash it off. I don’t think that “invigorating” is the right name but “smoothing mask gel” may be a good suggestion.

There is a dilemma I face for my face. If I wear a hat to protect my face from the sun, then I risk the hair loss from the hat. And no way am I wearing a 1970’s sun visor.  

No Botox for me yet, that I am saving for my 50th birthday!

My question: Is there a product that you can recommend to me to fight off wrinkles so I won’t hear voices in my head?   

Is it even true that hat cause hair loss?

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WICCYMegken here! Meg came to visit after a trip from the mall with something that looked like an alien bar of soap.   She said, “look at this cool
  I said, “really cool, it’s not soap though, it’s a massage
  I saw them in the store once. The lady explained that it melts
with the heat from your body to make an oil that you then use to massage.  It kinda reminds me of chocolate melting in your hands. Although, I never tried using chocolate as massage oil.  But I think
that would be fun. Now thinking about it, it would make the sheets look like a horrible scene took place and may even scare the maid. I guess I’ll veto the chocolate massage.  The bar I received, Wiccy-Magic-Muscles smelled really good, I put it next to the bed and it’s kinda working as a potpourri.   

The thing looks a little weird, there are aduki beans in the mix which are supposed to add to the massaging feeling but to me they look like alien eggs. For a little factoid, it’s the bean that in Asian food is known as “red bean paste” it’s typically sweetened and eaten on flavored shaved ice or turned into deserts…Very yummy.  

I was not going to write a review on this product because I didn’t think much of it.  However, last Tuesday, I had the worse headache, ever!  It was throbbing… I took Advil, nothing.  I took a shower, nothing. I tried raising my feet, nothing.  I tried and ice pack, nothing. Then I looked over and the little Alien-embryo-nest-bar, hesitantly, smelled it.  Then I took the bar and rubbed on my shoulders and the back of my neck and temples. 

The Magic started, Cinnamon started to warm things up, peppermint
stimulated my blood flow and the aroma went in through my nostrils and
worked on my headache… Within less than 5 minute the throbbing pain in my skull was reduced by 75%. 

I have no idea if this will work on everyone, or what “type” of headache I had, but this Bar designed for soar muscles helped be out-big time.  The minty tingle got my blood flowing. I didn’t feel like I could do a Triathlon but I felt like I could get the stuff done that I needed to do.  It’s $8.75 about the same price of a bottle Tylenol.  I am sure it’s better for you than putting the chemicals in your body. If I get a headache again I will go for the Bar, not to the Bar. I will rub that Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles
bar over my shoulders and neck before I start swallowing pills.   

This makes me ask the question… besides the place in the thumb joint
to squeeze when one has headaches…. What natural remedies do you
have for Headaches? Does chocolate work for anyone?

Buy It Here! 

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pinetarMegken here –   Do you have certain songs that remind you of a time in your life? When I hear “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow I can’t help but think of the first time I went to sleep-away camp.  Particularly, the day I commented on the sunbathing girls being so shiny (it was because they were covering themselves in baby oil) I was made fun of the rest of the summer. I just asked a question, “Why are they shiny?”. 

Am I the only one who has strong memories that get triggered by scent? I recently tried a shampoo called Grandpa’s Wonder Pine Tar. Now there’s nothing in a name “Grandpa’s Wonder Pine Tar Shampoo” thatscreams “hip and cool” like, Thermasilk, Bodacious, Infusium 23, Salon Selective, Finesse or that sound exotic like Garnier Fructis Shampoo.

Sometimes you women will buy something just because of how it’s named. It was Shakespeare who wrote, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  The Pine Tar fragrance smells like a campfire.  It is unlike anything on the market. It has a distinct aroma of pine oil. It reminds me of another summer camp moment. This memory was when I was sitting with Gale Bockner and Michelle Cibner on a log that had a flaw. I was about to sit down, Gale pointed the flaw out to me by saying, “You’re sitting on a crack.” I was quick to respond, “It’s okay, I always sit on a crack, don’t you?” Not bad for 11 year old wit. Wink

I don’t think I would ever purchase a product this old-school if it
wasn’t for and my duties to all of you.  I may have gone my whole life without trying it. I think everybody should try it once because it is a unique experience in the shower.  It’s such an
opportunity to wash your hair with a campfire.  They say it’s a family
recipe from 1878.  Just to give you an idea of how long ago that is,
it’s the year the first US store installed light bulbs! (Philadelphia).

This is a very interesting company, they even make a gum that says it gets rid of toothaches. They sell t-shirts that say, “Grandpa Beats the
tar out of other soaps!”
The part of the site that is so worth looking at is their Curiosities page. It is the part of their site with their customer’s testimonials. 

One of their users wrote in “I am a 37 year old housewife, mother, and
  It’s just scary for me to think I am “grandparent” age.
This nice lady from Buffalo, NY says it cured a mild case of psoriasis, her daughter’s acne, made her dog’s coats thicker and shinier. I wish there was a joke I could make about the shiny coats of the dogs and the girls shining at camp! I can’t think of anything witty, oh the yearning to be quick witted again-just like when I was 11…

What scents or songs remind you of your past?

Check it out here!

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supersmileMegken here – I don’t normally write about very controversial issues. I am sure I am going to create a few Megken-haters.  Also, I don’t normally write with bad puns, so you have been warned!!

I get a little, okay, more than a little… totally grossed out when a dog kisses me on the mouth. I know there are a few Megheads out there that let their dogs kiss them, not just on the mouth, but on their whole face to a point equivalent to going to a K9 aesthetician. I am fine with the dog licking my hand, that’s where it stops. I recall back to a tail of my 7th grade science teacher saying he would “rather kiss a dog than a human. A dog’s mouth is much cleaner than that of the bacteria and viruses filled human.” Maybe he was just trying to get us to practice abstinence because that is not true. He was kind of a strange influence on my young mind. His science room had 3 rats living an dietary experiment. One rat ate rat food, the other ate cat food and the third ate just Owen’s doughnuts. Owen was another whack-job of a teacher. I went to hippie schools where we called the teachers by their first names. He looked like a member of ZZ Top with a long beard and lived on a sailboat and wore green thongs, not the underwear kind that I know of, but the foot kind that perfectly displayed his discussing toenails. Unfortunately, some things from childhood scar us forever. Part of his duties was to sell doughnut to us during recess. Needless to say the Owen-doughnut-eating-rat was smaller than the other two and was constantly bouncing off the bars of its cage and running on the wheel to practically create sparks. They wondered why half the school had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.HHD)? Well, back to the dog-on-the-mouth-kisses thing and why I am glad that there is an amazing toothbrush called the Supersmile series II LAS45 to fight against any dog germs. The Megheads are fans of the company’s Supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste and the Supersmile Toothbrush is a good companion to that miracle of the dental whitening world. Beside you don’t want your teeth to look like Shih-Tzu.

There are so many electric toothbrushes in the dog-eat-dog marketplace but there are a few things I like about the Supersmile brush over the other sonic type of toothbrushes. It has and ergonomic design, meaning it sits well in the hand and it’s very light, but when you unleash it’s 30,000 strokes per minute you feel the uncollared cleaning power. I like that it has a timer. It pauses every 30 second to remind you to give attention to another quadrant of the mouth. Sometimes we have A.D.H.D. when it comes to our bite and we RUSH THE BRUSH!  We are all guilty, but nothing it that important where you can’t take a full 2 minutes to help your teeth last the rest of your life. It’s especially important to get the teeth in the way back. I break it up this way: back lower left, back lower right, top upper right and top upper left. There are many bad things that can result from not brushing properly like Gum Disease, the most common, except for bad breath. The hard places to get to are easier with the small head on this device and its V-shaped bristles get in there for a good clean, right in at the gum-line. The brush stops after 2 minutes so you know to keep cleaning until you got the whole mouth done. I have a bone to pick with my science teacher but it’s too late to hound him now. Through my research I fetched up that dogs are not so clean. You should wash your hands after you pet your best friend because they are possibly carrying, Hookworm, Roundworm and bronchoseptica known as kennel cough. Those loving dog kisses may also lead to strep throat. I know what you are thinking MEGKEN has such Germ-a-phobia dogma. But listen to me about brushing your teeth because my paw is a dentist. I also think his and her Supersmile brushes would make a nice gift for a bride and groom.

How many puns did I get in this? Do you let dogs kiss your mouth? What toothbrush do you love most?

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