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Daily Features: Hump Day Hair

The name says it all!


CassadeePopeChristineMeg hair! I have to admit, I don’t watch a ton of TV. It’s not because I think I’m too intellectual for it, it’s just between Facebook, Instagram and TMZ-who has the time. My boyfriend watches two shows, 60 Minutes and The Voice. Two shows I will never be on.

I actually recognized someone from TV when I was google-ing an image for Christine. For all you “The Voice” fans Cassadee Pope loves Christine Haircare and apparently, America Loves Cassadee Pope. She’s got a great voice and great hair. I’m never going to have a great voice but I can have great hair (Disclaimer-this product works amazing but I never have “great hair” unless my extensions are in and I’ll been to DryBar.)

With all the damage I do to my hair it’s a wonder I have any strands left on my head at all! Hair damage runs much deeper than you know. And unfortunately most hair products on the market today merely offer “smoke and mirror” solutions to coat the problems- not fix them.

Personally, I don’t like “smoke and mirrors”. They’re bad for your hair and bad for your bank account. And I’ve quit smoking-So there’s that!

Christine is a brand on a mission to bring real repair to hair care. Now that’s something to sing about! They promise to dramatically restore youthful, healthy hair that you can see and feel. Their exclusive Life Complex® combines the most effective all-natural ingredients and is expertly formulated to penetrate deep through the cuticle layers (where other products just can’t reach) and ACTUALLY replenish the lost keratin and essential proteins you lose daily back into your hair. So they are truly rebuilding your healthiest hair from the inside out. That means REAL hair repair where you need it most.

Christine proudly introduces their exclusive Life Complex®. This is important because it doesn’t strip color or loosen my extensions!

It is an expertly formulated combination of Keratin, Silk and Jojoba, delivering all of the essential proteins and nutrients needed to reverse damage and rejuvenate hair and skin. These 3 key, all-natural ingredients are the most similar to the hair and skin’s composition and the most effective to repair it.

Decades of salon and professional manufacturing testing has shown that these ingredients will give your hair back what it loses every day. You will have healthier hair than you ever knew was possible.

It has also really reduced my snarls and tangles!

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Meg Hair! You know when you have a new beauty find and you just want to shout it from the rooftops? You think “It is my duty to help other women and I must share!” My girlfriend asked me if she could send me her review of BrioGeo Hair Care. She’s is loving the way her hair has been looking so I, of course said “Send it on over lady!”

Spend $50 and free samples.My latest hair obsession is with BrioGeo Hair Care. There aren’t actually that many hair brands that work for my fine, wavy hair. I have tried some really expensive and really cheap-o brands, and most of them are just meh. When I want curls, this is my new go-to brand.

How do you pronounce it and what does it mean? Briogeo [bree-oh-jhee-oh] Brio = vivid, full of life, distinct;  Geo = of earth, nature.

Be Gentle Be Kind Cleansing Shampoo is perfect for any hair type or texture. It’s gentle on hair – including color treated hair, and it’s made with green tea, bamboo, avocado, Vit B5, Vit E, collagen and aloe. No sulfates, parabens, silicones or phthalates, if you’re avoiding those ingredients. The formula is made with 95% naturally derived ingredients.

The Curling Charisma Curl Defining Conditioner gives me CRAZY curls! I love it! It doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. It’s made with rice amino acids, marine-derived collagen, rosehip oil, almond oil, oyster plant (not ACTUAL oysters!), tomato fruit, bamboo, orange peel, Vit E and shea butter. It does have keratin amino acids (from wool) and silk proteins, so it’s cruelty free but not vegan. Sounds like it would weigh down hair, but it doesn’t! The best thing for me to do is squeeze gently and pat dry with a microfiber hair towel. Then scrunch my curls (maybe add a little styling product) and then air dry. Or I can dry with a diffuser if I don’t have time to let it dry.

Wondering why sulfates are bad? Well, some people say they are harmful to your health. Personally, I avoid them because they strip away hair color and that’s particularly bad when you’re trying to keep your hair red (which washes out more easily than any other color). Here’s what BrioGeo has to say about sulfates:

“Sulfates are harsh, synthetic salts that are used as cleaning agents in a myriad of applications—ranging from personal care to household cleaners. While effective at getting rid of dirt and oil, the use of sulfates in hair care products has become a controversial topic for many reasons.”

The use of sulfates that come in contact with the scalp have reported skin related issues such as epidermal irritation, dryness, redness, itchiness, and in some instances, hair loss stemming from follicle inflammation. In addition, sulfates can be harmful to the hair itself, stripping strands of their natural oils and leaving them prone to dryness, dullness, and breakage.

We’ve formulated our sulfate-free Be Gentle, Be Kind™ shampoo cleanser with surfactants derived naturally from fatty & amino acids and vegetable & coconut oils that cleanse the hair and produce a luxurious, hydrating lather.”

You can find BrioGeo at Fred Segal and online. When ordering online, you get free shipping over $50 and free samples.

I’m really happy with this brand and wanted to give you all a heads up! What is your holy grail item! Please share!!




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Meg here! I know it is “Hump day Hair Day” and we are only sort of deviating off topic. I really, really want you to get humped! (Gram log off now-wait, what am I saying? Gram had SIX KIDS, I think she has her “hump” down pat.)

I’m sure you have your hump down pat too! Some of you are so fit and do yoga and pilates and all that exercise! I bet some of you are the Cirque du Soleil of humps! Yet, it still isn’t working. All that amazing acrobotics and no one worth experiencing your double, upside down plie squat with. I mean, what? You’re doing this for your health? HA! Pour that second pinot babe because we’ve all been there.

I’m really lucky. I am. I have a super inflated self worth and I think I’m pretty great. Before you get all Mrs. Judge Face, you have to understand it’s not ego. It is survival. It’s a tough world out there and if you don’t value yourself than no one else is going to. Value yourself. 

Everyone is looking for a “free ride” and I make it quite clear. This ride ain’t free. I think I am pretty top shelf and you know what happens when you think you’re top shelf? You get top shelf treatment. You get respect and great guys and no I am not immune, every once in a while a house drink will get by but I can tell you this. It’s happened maybe 3 times in 23 years of dating. So I sort of know what I’m talking about here. Plus, you should see my jewelry and handbags. 

Have I ever lost my mind and become the crazy bitch worthy of one of those prison inmate shows? Yup. I own it. Behind every crazy woman is there a man that made her that way? Here! Here!

You are allowed to go insane when pushed and “have your moment.” You’re allowed to cry and freak out and have a meltdown. You’re not allowed to keep it going. Get it together. One night I was home here in Hollywood and I swear to God, I’m just the neighbor. I heard this crying chick howl and cry and smash against my neighbor’s door. It was just awful. She was screaming about him and what he had done. She was a mess. Not one you wanted to help. It had gone beyond. After 30 minutes, I had it. I went to my door and yelled “OMG. I’m nice and even I would break up with you! Get some respect. Go home! You’re proving him right. I’m only the neighbor and I hate you right now!”

Don’t be that girl.

Jo Piazza is one of my bestfriends. I love her. We have zero bullshit between us and while we will help each other, we don’t lie to each other.

These are common phrases “Oh boy, how did that go over?” “I’m sure everyone was drunk and you’re fine.” “Fair. I mean, that’s fair.” “Oh no, not good, you sure you hit the send button on that? Oh shit.” My favorites “You have your lawyer’s cell number, right?” And “I mean, no. Technically, I don’t think that’s illegal.”

So no judgement coming from this vaginal court. We’ve all danced the crazy samba.

The difference between Jo and I is that Jo is crazy successful. I really only look impressive on Google and only if you don’t go past page 2. Jo has done more fantastic things in her young years then most people do in 5 lifetimes. She is strong. She is funny, she is beautiful and smart and so accomplished and she can unknowingly make you feel like a loser in five minutes. She is is no way trying to. It’s just hard to measure yourself up against someone that is enormously great at everything. She’s written books. She’s on TV. She is a big deal. My penis just shrank and I don’t even have one. As a woman with a healthy self esteem-I look up to Jo. I aspire to be more like her. I am a lot like her (we’re both natural brunettes.) We also are use to making things happen for ourselves and getting our way and working hard and controlling our futures. We are the new men. 

So what happens when you’re not waiting for Prince Charming to ride in on a white horse to save you? I’ll tell you. The power shifts.

Like a lot of us, you’re capable and smart and you just need LOVE REHAB. Jo has again successfully done everything right. She found a great guy whose penis only rises at her greatness (you’re welcome B.)  B, is her man and he knows he’s got a keeper. And I’m just glad Jo never “dumbed herself down.” She found someone that could keep up with her. And if something were to ever change, if Jo were ever not happy. I know everything would be O.K. because ultimately, Jo is her own white horse.

You need to be your own white horse.

I get my nails done. I pay for hair extensions, I spend a poor countries GNP on my appearance. That’s OK. I’m a girl. I like to. I also like to read the business journal and know what’s going on in the world and make up my own mind. Pretty outside is only as pretty on the inside. People love “crazy” they’re bored with “stupid.”

That said, when I’ve lost my mind and been really upset and rationalized “Well, you only have a problem if you’re having a cocktail before 10am if you’ve slept the night before.” Yeah, I’ve made huge mistakes with a broken heart. Because I’m human.

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Meg hair! My friend Dawn over at has turned me on to Tresemme’s Style Studio. I am not one for how to You Tube’s. Honestly, they annoy me. I can never seem to duplicate the “effortless” looks that those guru’s show. Don’t even get me going on the “hauler girls.” Yes, amazing. You bought shoes for 20% off at Steve Madden, I don’t give a rat’s ass. Then I am shocked to see like a million views on YouTube so apparently, I’m in a minority. Wouldn’t be the first time right?

When Dawn was telling me that I should check out Tresemme’s Style Studio, I wasn’t prepared to be impressed. First off, there are few things in life that annoy me more than my hair (second one is punctuality, I am ALWAYS on time. I have a panic attack if I think I’m even 5 minutes late.) Generally, if I am at the drugstore and in need, I do pick up Tresemme. Their products do work really well. I’m currently loving their Extra Firm Hold Hairspray AND I LOVE THAT THEY DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS! Even though Prudence has been a little naughty lately. The new roommate has been calling her “RUDEnce” lately. 

Any how, I just spent the last 30 minutes on the new Tresemme Style Studio. Since I am accused of having A.D.D. constantly, this is quite a testament. The site is laid out really well. Extremely easy. If you have hair you can do this. I think that the tutorials are step by step and the camera zooms in so you can actually see what the heck they’re creating. The longest one I watched was just over 3 minutes so even with my fruit fly attention span, I can watch and learn through the entire process.

I’m totally trying this Bombshell look for my next hot date (or any date-can someone call me?) They even have a handy mirror app that your web cam has. You can work right along, side by side, with the pro. GENIUS!

As if that’s not enough, there are over 100 how to videos. But not from a shrill 22 year-old OMG! The categories are pointed specifically for your hair type and then you can search by style or even occassion, in case you need some ideas or inspiration. Tresemme even shows you the exact products that they use and how to exactly use them. It’s pretty great knowing that none of these are going to break the bank.

I love when companies are actually trying to help us and not just “sell” us. I feel like they want me to look great and since I am hair challenged, they want to empower me! They love me and we are really BFF’s right now and OMG Look at my Steve Madden’s!

I have to warn you. The new Tresseme Style Studio is tres addictive (look at me, all French and only 10 days in Paris!) Unlike my vodka and cigs, I don’t have to hate myself in the morning for this newest addiction. In fact, I’m going to be looking pretty well coiffed from it.

Check it out, you will not be disappointed. What look are you going to attempt? Let me know what you think!


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Meg hair! Isla Fisher showed up on the red carpet with a sophisicated side braid that’s on trend for easy holiday hair. I’m not talented with hair. I usually just do the hot rollers while I put my face on and call it a day. Leonor Greyl Creative consultant, Marki Shkrelli brakes Isla’s look down in steps easy enough for even me to follow. If I can replicate this look then no doubt you can to! Here are Shkreli’s tips…

To Achieve Isla Fischer’s hair I would start by:

– Shampooing her hair with  Creme Moelle De Bambou and follow with Masque Fleurs de Jasmin conditioner

– Apply  Lait Luminescence which is a detangling milk spray and comb her hair using a Mason Pearson detangling brush.

– Apply Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice and Structure Spray Naturelle to give the hair hold and shape for the style.

– Dry hair so that 80% of moisture is gone.

– Use medium size round brush and give the hair a volumous blow out.

– Curl the hair with a 1.25 inch curling iron to give it form.

– Comb hair out with brush and follow by combing hair with your fingers.

– Decide which side to place the side pony and start by braiding the hair. You can customize this look by either choosing to show or hide the elastic. Use a black elastic for more of a modern everyday look and a clear elastic for more of a formal look.

– Finish with spraying Laque Souple hair spray to keep the look lasting all day and night.




Now that’s easy peasy! I may even give it a shot tonight! What’s your go-to style for big night’s out? Up or down?

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leneorgreylmasqueMeg hair, I am going to make you want to throw up reading this (Happy Humpday.) I want to throw up writing this because I know there’s a great chance I’ll never experience this again in my life. I’m going with the whole “It is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.” Replace “love” with “flying private.” That doesn’t even sort of make sense. Once you are lucky enough to “fly private” even first class is a bummer. I’m not saying I don’t love it. These days I’m in the coach cabin, I’m just saying, there is nothing like flying (as a guest) on a private plane.

No security, no check-in, no rush. The car drives right to the plane and no one is taking off until you get in. Then once you’re in your seat you have your own personal stewardess bringing you mimosa’s and omelette’s and really anything you could ever want. Your chair lounges out full sleeping size and you’re covered in cashmere blankets and comfy pillows and spoiled beyond. It really is the only way to fly. I mean the only way if you have 100mm in the bank but why put a price on happiness? Disclaimer, I have traveled that way four times in my entire life. I hope to double that number at some point but right now I’m an member looking for deals. Times change, it’s important to be able to roll with current situations. But DAMN, that was awesome!

I only put a lot of stock into money in the way it can open up new experiences. God knows I don’t cling to it. God wishes I did a bit. I used to argue with my ex husband “But Jason, I could be hit by a bus and dead tomorrow! Why wont you let me enjoy it!?” He would just shake his head and say “Or you’ll live to be 80 and be broke!” I always tuned him out after the 80 line.

We all work so damn hard! Why is it sinful to spend sometimes? What on earth is the point if we can’t indulge in some fantastically over the top decadence? You work like a dog, I work like one as well (not my dog, she sleeps all day and eats amazing, catered S.A.D. Dog Sushi)


Really, last time I checked we had one go around. One go around. Let that sink in for a second. Excuse my reincarnation people, but we’re not coming back. Soak in the sun, buy the pretty dress take the last minute change of plans. You don’t know where that stuff will lead. I know where it’s going to lead if you don’t shake it up, you’re never going as a guest ona private flight. You’re just not. Those things only happen to people willing to talk to strangers, willing to be spontaneous and willing to step out of convention. Come join me. You’ll like it here!

Much like stepping onto a private plane, Leonor Greyl Mask Quintessence is not subtle in letting you know that you’ve “arrived.” On presentation alone you know you’re dealing with a fine piece of art. The packaging is no joke. It looks and feels like fine crystal. I would put this on my mantle…Except, my mantle isn’t fancy enough. Leonor Greyl Mask Quintessence is “ooh” and “aah” worthy.

I had a tough boy and work week, both were severe pains in the ass (OK, you may not have been on a private plane but I’m guessing we’ve all had THAT trip.) On top of it, my hair was looking pretty dull and dried out. Being a Catholic with severe guilt for reasons I don’t even know (I bump into furniture and apologize…to my couch.) I couldn’t open this $141.00 mask unless I could share it. It has nothing to do with Easter, I think I’m Jesus all year long.

Seriously, I couldn’t indulge it all for myself. This coming from a woman that not only used to get bummed out over first class but thinks Chanel is quite “reasonable.” Why was Leonor Greyl intimidating me with this fabulousness when I think of myself as fabulosity squared?

I thought it may be psycho symatic. I know this mask costs ONE HUNDRED FORTY ONE DOLLARS. Did it smell better because I knew? The scent (and I have no sense of one-yet it came back when I put this on, so now it works sense miracles) The floral bouquet of rich blossoms invigorated my scalp and yes, my scalp had a scent that can only be described as “filthy rich.”  I applied this thick, buttery lotion to my tresses and waited the 20 minutes. All the while I felt like Oprah (I know weird, but I imagine this is the stuff she uses everyday.)

After I showered and blew dryed my tresses, the rich, floral scent still lingered. Is part of the price never having to buy a perfume again? I don’t know, but they should add that to their sell. I don’t want to blow my own horn, but I looked totesamaze! My hair was a dream! I did what any good reviewer does. I looked for new opinions. I asked my roomies to try. I didn’t tell them the price. I just handed it to them. Here’s KristenOsborne88 review, not knowing anything about price or Leonor Greyl.


I was just home visiting my mother for Easter. At dinner she told me (amongst other things) that I need to lose some weight, get engaged, move back to NY and CUT MY HAIR. She said it was, and I quote “dead and scraggly” looking. Oh mothers….

Anyhow, imagine my delight when I came home and Meg had just gotten one of her many shipments which included a super duper luxe hair mask by Leonor Greyl.

 Thinking of my mother’s kind words I decided it was worth a try.

 So, a few things, I’ve never used a hair mask before and I’ve been using horse shampoo for the past month or so to try to help my split ends.

 Okay, so you can put this mask on wet or dry hair. I like this option because it means I don’t have to take two showers. (We had two hair masks and a dye job going on in the house at this time, so the shower was in high demand)  Loved the jar, super fancy and looks very expensive. The product felt like a rich, buttery body lotion, I was tempted to put it on my fat thighs (thanks mom). The thing is, it takes a lot of lotion to cover my whole head and I felt bad using too much because it looks like you could only get about 4 masks out of the jar – so I’m not sure of the overall bang for your buck, but keep in mind, I have SO much hair. It’s past my boob. Way past.

 I covered my hair, especially the ends, and then tied it in a loose bun at the base of my head. The instructions say to leave it in for 20 minutes, I did 35 just for kicks. It smelled delicious. Like vanilla meets floral meets cake batter – and 24 hours later I still smell like a rich spa. I washed the product out and let it air dry. What I LOVED about this is that my hair dried with zero frizz….it looked so pretty and still does. It also feels softer.

I was so glad I got to be Meg’s guinea pig again. She just told me how much it costs. I’m getting another job. I love this! Maybe my mother will lay off me if she can just smell my new, rich and amazing hair! I mean new and rich? Maybe that will let her dream of prospectives?

Thanks KristenOsborne88! if you’re going to win your mother’s love through a hair mask it might as well be from the top one in the world! Leonor Greyl’s Award Winning Masque Quintessence Doesn’t mask issues! It heals them!

What is your richest experience and how amaze is this mask? We’re sending one to the best answer!!


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Meg hair! InStyle, People, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, WWD-you know those little publications that nobody reads hail Leonor Greyl as not only a celebrity favorite but an editor one! You know what? I know those girls, they’re a bunch of tough broads and their standards are ridiculous so if they’re buzzing about this, we need to listen!

Beauty editors maybe aren’t your thing, maybe you’re like the rest of the entire world and are a little celeb-obsessed! Great news, then you’re covered on that point as well! Just this month in New Beauty Magazine, Jen Aniston is raving over the line. I mean, right along side Farrah has there ever been a more iconic hair super star?

Leonor Greyl is all natural and have been for almost 40 years so to say Miss Greyl was uhum, ahead of her time would be an understatement. So yes Virginia, there really is an actual Leonor Greyl. A dynamo that actually added vitamins to her hair products?!? Sign me up.

Leonor’s business spread like a wildfire and her daughter, Caroline is now at the helms. That’s some pressure. I mean I try do everything smarter, faster and better than my mother but that’s a therapy session. No reason to air it on

At Seventy Years Young, Leonor handed over the reigns to Sweet Caroline and well, business is booming. Yes, this is pricey. It’s also super fabulous, like amazing fantastic. I have heard about this brand for years and when I met the makers I bullied them into product. Because that’s what I do.

Leonor Grey Shampooing Creme Moelle De Bambou is nourishing shampoo for long and dry hair. It is specific for long hair, nourishing dry ends, creates shine, softness and manageability, Those are all things I’m in desperate need of! I mean, I may only have 3 strands of hair but the Indian woman whose hair is extended on to mine really needs it!

You know what?! It delivered! 5 champagne flutes. Shampooing Creme Moelle De Bambou was so incredibly moisturizing and hydrating on my hair that I almost thought I had grabbed a conditioner by mistake.

It definitely detangles and adds lots of shine and luster. I have asked the roomies and they too are big fans. My “maine” gay, Denny says “My hair has never, ever been better and I love the scent, it’s so pure and clean.”

This is the first item I’ve tried in the line an it’s been a total winner. I’m really excited to dive in and try the rest of their items. They have set the bar really high with this shampoo. It’s not just me, Denny, the roommates or even Jen Aniston that are getting great Leonor Greyl results. I met the women, Marjie and Caroline that run Leonor Greyl USA and yes, perfect and not a hair out of place. 

I’ll be keeping you ladies in the loop on all things Leonor Greyl! Paris has been on the calendar for some time. “Meeting” Leonor Greyl has only confirmed that I need to buy my ticket. Even the Parisian shampoo’s are stlylish and beautiful.

Have any of you tried Leonor Greyl? And how about Paris? Have you tried that?

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itfactorMeg hair! There are few things more time consuming then me getting ready for a big night out. The only thing that comes to mind is the DMV.

Before I had “TV hair” aka extensions, it really took not much time to blow my tresses out. This may because I have 3 tresses. My locks leave much to be desired, cut to fake Indian hair extensions. I feel badly there is a woman running around India bald but I pay a lot for them so I’m sure she was compensated fairly. Plus, her hair is lush and thick and shiny so I’m sure it wont be an issue for her to quickly grow it back.

Because I’m not happy unless I have something to complain about, I now have tons of hair. I lot it and all but it is a lot. Hopping in and out of the shower now means a Lot of time with a blow dryer. I was more then a little intrigued when a friend of mine, the fabulous Nadine Jolie whispered in my ear about a new gem on the market. It Factor Beauty Quick Blowdry Shampoo and Conditioner. A quick blowdry? This sounded too good to be true, like any skeptic I said “hand it over!”

Let’s talk about the superficial things first (not deep, soul searching topics like quick blowdrys.) I’m loving how this looks in my shower. I’m a girly girl and IT had me at the pink and green with white scrolls on the squeeze bottles. Coincidence, my powder room is also done in pink and green decor so tre’s matchy matchy! The scent is a nice, fresh fruity citrus (I’m still in a constant allergy stuffed up state so my roommates confirmed this.)

The results? Did it cut my drying time by 50%? No. Did it reduce it? Yes, it did seem quicker but (for me and my fake Indian hair not 50%-Maybe you’ll see a faster result.) How could this work anyhow? It Factor has something called a “Vaporboost System” which speeds up natural evaporation. IT reduces the attraction between the hair shaft and water. The owner (a man) decided to create this formula when his wife was taking too long to get herself out the door and ready (I’m sure that’s never happened in your house!Kiss)

After the blow dry? My hair looked shiny and bouncy and felt great. I’m almost finished with these two tubes since I have been grabbing for them daily. I actually think I’ve been getting a little help in using them. My roomies have asked me a few times when I would be writing the review for IT Factor Beauty so I assume they want to chime in on how they liked these. Now that I think about it, we went through this shampoo and conditioner very, very fast so my guess is going to be that they really liked them.

I’m curious if any of you have heard about IT Factor and how it worked out for you? Also what time saving tricks do you have to get out of the house quickly (or how about just “quicker”)

Buy it here!

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livingproofHello out there… to all you ladies who like to work your hair when you enter a room! It’s Jeanasina time and today I’m skipping my follow-up on Selma’s products because I made another new discovery just yesterday that I’d like to talk about!

So here’s the deal…My hair is over 60 years old! I bet you are visualizing shades of bone dry gray straw! Well, revise your mental visual because I haven’t allowed the sinister Greymeister to take over my head, yet! The blonde Jeanasina trademark hair is still clinging to my persona.

I have been rather lucky, because I always seemed to have good hair! As the years have progressed… my face has started falling, my body has morphed into a body I no longer recognize as my own and… there are random growths sprouting out on my body that I think were implanted by aliens! Many days I tell my husband…”I’m almost totally gone!” All that I used to associate with my body has left the building! But…I still…up to this point…have had pretty GOOD HAIR! I was always so proud of my hair!

A few years ago, when I met Goddess Granny, she made a comment that I was an older woman with teenage hair! I love that woman and her comment had me walking on hair air! Recently, undoubtedly, somewhat due to poor diet habits, and major insomnia, my hair has been brittle, dry and without the will to live!

I know you will agree with me, if your hair looks good, your mood is uplifted and we women totally find complete enjoyment in a good hair days! Well my good hair days were getting few and far between. I’d get up in the morning, look at my hair and think …”A rerun of ‘Return to Witch Mountain’ is playing in my personal theater again today!

On the days I washed my hair (every two or three days), it would dry to a nice crunchy, FRIZZED OUT haystack! I’d go outside, point to my head, and shout out to the birds…”Get your red hot nesting materials right here!”

I have only so much tolerance for having my hair resemble a blonde Brillo Pad! I went on line and conducted one heavy-duty search for the perfect answer to my demented hair woes.

I came across a product line called Living Proof. Here’s the first thing I read about their products…”Living Proof is a company of scientists from some of the world’s leading university and research laboratories working together with beauty experts towards one common goal: to invent breakthrough formulas that provide beautiful results you can see from across the room”!


I found out they made an entire line dedicated to ‘No Frizz’. I found this product line at Ulta yesterday and they are currently selling a 4 product discovery kit that has four of the products I MOST wanted to try after reading reviews and information on the No Frizz system! You can get it on line too!

I tried the No Frizz shampoo, conditioner AND the No Frizz straight styling cream! (It also comes with a trial size of the Wave Shaping, Curl Defining formula which I will try later for the days I let my wavy hair air dry or when I used a diffuser.

The kit is $20.00 but it’s a $50.00 value! I tried it this morning for the first time and I have to say…I am feeling pretty good about the condition of my hair today! I used my big round brush and a flat iron and it looks damn good – hahahahaha! I took a photo of myself today and added it to my profile page, so have a look for your self! I think it’s not too shabby for a hag hair transformation in my own home! As you can also see by other photos, I have naturally wavy hair so it takes a little magic to get my hair smooth!

I have a feeling that the more I use these products, the greater results I will have!

On the downside, I think it’s rather spendy, especially if money is an object. The bottles are not particularly large either.

The line comes with three other hair type products … RESTORE (Restore your hairs virginity), FULL (Be full from sunrise till sunset), and HOLD (Your hair. Your style. Captured.)

The shampoo lathered up well. The conditioner was nice; my hair wasn’t too snarly during the comb out. The straight making formula seemed to add to the anti-frizz promises big time! It all smells really nice!

The company says…”Unlike traditional anti-frizz products, No Frizz doesn’t contain heavy oils or silicones. So be generous – the more you use, the better you’ll look.”

I wonder if I drink the stuff if it will promote anti-frizz new hair growth right from the get-go? No? Ok…don’t try that at home.Kiss

They say…you only have one chance to make a good first impression? Well I’d have to say that the Living Proof No Frizz Discovery Kit made a definite good first impression on me.

At least for today, I don’t think anybody from across the room is going to shout out…”Hey! It’s Phil Spector’s twin sister!”

It’s going to take a lot more care to get my hair back to it’s youthful exuberance but right this second, I’m feeling like I’m having one of my youthful, good hair days.

If this product worked so well on my old geezer lady hair…it probably is ahhhmazing on younger less damaged hair!

Till we meet again…here’s to having hair that someone notices across a crowded room!

Buy It here!

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roosterfeatherRooster Feathers Hair Adornment – Newest Fad! By Jeanasina

Last weekend my daughter had a wild crazy girl party and she invited me to come.  She informed me that one of the things that would be available at her party, were feather hair extensions.  I had never heard of this, so I immediately looked up everything I could on the Internet about having ‘feathers’ in your hair. The first article I came to had headlines which shouted out the fact that “Selena Gomez, Ke$ha and more LOVE the hair feather trend”!
At the party, a lovely girl named Heather arrived, armed with a clear plastic bag full of colorful feathers.  I immediately learned that they were rooster feathers, which had been died various lively colors and patterns.  I watched as some of the other party guests stepped up and picked out the exact feather they wanted attached to their hair. Heather and her best friend Rose both had absolutely beautiful feathers in their stunning red hair and I have to say, they both looked quite exotic and intriguing!
Several of the party women asked to purchase feathers and have Heather attach them to their hair. To attach the feather, Heather would ask the guest to locate the place where she wanted her feather to show in her hair. Then Heather would separate the tiniest amount of strands of hair out and using a large pair of needle nose pliers, she would use a tiny ‘clamp’ to attach the feather to the person’s hair. She said her pliers were a less glamorous option to the official tools used in high-end salons but they worked just fine.
I wasn’t going to get a feather but everybody said I absolutely HAD to, so I did.  Heather told me that the feather would stay in my hair up to three months and that I could wash my hair and do all the things that I normally do, with the feather still staying completely in tact!
Of course, once I got back home, there were no Hollywood themed extravaganzas for me to attend, so I felt a bit silly having a feather attached to my hair. I definitely got some ‘looks’ when I went to the grocery store. However, it’s a pretty eclectic neighborhood I live in so nobody probably thought much of it at all. When I went to visit my son, he said, “Mother! You have a feather in your hair!” I could see that he was trying valiantly not to laugh.
When it was time to wash my hair I found that the feather washed up nicely right along with my hair! I did have to be a little careful when I combed out my snarls to not pull on the little bead holding the feather in place.  The feather actually got worked in with my hair on my large round brush and it poofed out just like my hair did! Heather had mentioned that she had used a flat iron AND hot rollers with her feathers
Rooster feathers have been used for making fly fishing lures for years.  Lately however, there has been an increased demand for these same feathers by women and hair salons.  This new trend has brought the cost of rooster feathers WAY UP! This increase in demand for rooster feathers means it is not good for fly fishing lure makers who up to now were able to get the feathers at a reasonable cost. Rooster feathers were fairly easy to come by from Rooster harvesters and the cost was acceptable.  NOW, with the feather trend, the feathers are going for big money and the supply can’t keep up with the demand between the fly-fishing lure market and the female hair adornment market!
As hair extensions, the feathers can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled once they are attached into place.  Heather says when she colors her hair every 6 weeks, she takes the feathers out and then re-attaches them so she is really getting a lot of use out of her feathers.  The feathers are the same as hair extensions in that they move down as your hair grows. I actually read that the trend is SO popular that there is a company that even sells feather extensions for dogs!   
Because of this new trend, rooster saddle feathers that would have cost around $60.00 now go for as much as $200.00 to $400.00 a bag and these feathers are super SKINNY! The practice of attaching rooster feathers to human hair is becoming more popular right now, in part to various celebrities such as Steven Tyler, Hilary Duff and Miley Cyrus who were early adopters of the practice.
Today I had my husband remove my feather.  He used his enormous needle nose pliers to squeeze the little metal bead, which was holding the feather on to my hair.  The little metal bead was flat so he just squeezed the sides and it opened up and my feather came floating by my face.  Only a couple of my hairs came along with it.

I’m saving my rooster feather in a lovely glass bottle so I can appreciate it’s beauty daily without actually wearing it. I thought about gently laying the rooster feather on top of a feather bed pillow so it could be with friends, but somehow that seemed inadequate. I wanted to try to do something nice for a feather that went through a lot before getting clamped into my hair!
Heather says she thinks the fad will be over around November, at least for feathers with bright colors. Then, Heather says… “The trend will be for more ‘muted’ shades.”

I definitely had a fun experience, but hair feathers are not going to be a permanent part of MY personal repertoire.

Now, let’s backtrack a bit…I wanted to know MORE about the feathers and how they were obtained. Heather said, “Are you SURE you want to know?” I said I did and this is what I found out.

Roosters are harvested for their feathers and most of them die.  Roosters live about a year while their saddle feathers – the ones on the bird’s backside and the most popular for hair extensions – grow as long as possible.  Then the animal is euthanized. (I did not like this information.) Heather told me it is a painful process to extract the feathers from the rooster and usually the roosters are euthanized when they have enough feathers and then the feathers are extracted.

After reading of the cruelty to Roosters to obtain ‘hair feathers’ I decided I’m definitely not a fan.  I did however; find out that synthetic feathers ARE available if you are not a purest but still want the look!  You can find synthetic feathers at craft stores, beauty supply stores and even on!  These synthetic feathers are far cheaper and no unsuspecting critters have suffered for the beautification of your hair!  Plus, they are died to look exactly like authentic rooster feathers!  If you are interested in ‘simulated feathers’, just type in, “Synthetic Hair Faux Feather Hair Extensions” on the Internet and you’ll find what you are looking for easily!

How many of you are doing feather’s in your hair? Fake?

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Marco Pelusi here! Let’s talk Friends With Benefits!

Nothing is more feverishly shaping and growing our industry than the rapid development of social media combined with online marketing – business owners and hairdressers, salons and spas, alike. Are you with me on this? I know you are. And, if not, you should be! This powerful marketing combination has the muscle to open doors, build clientele, create your persona, brand your identity, extend your brand, and increase your bottom line… with many initiatives being next to little, or even no cost… except your time, energy and effort.

“I just don’t think I’ll get actual clients from Facebook,” or, “I don’t think I will really build my business from Twitter.” If you’ve said or thought these words, trust me, you’ll live to regret them and/or you’ll be astonished when you have to eat your words because the exact opposite is just so very true! From Facebook to Twitter, to blogging to website marketing, to Linkedin and industry-specific social sites, your online friends and followers have big benefits that can help to catapult your success and theirs too! F.W.B. –Friends With Benefits!

So, colleagues and entrepreneurs… don’t underestimate the power of social media backed by strong online marketing. You may think it is all fun and games, but think again. Social media is literally a virtual networking and referral system online! It is its own world of opportunity, only online. And, it has certainly made a difference in my success, both from a public relations and a business standpoint.

First of all, start with a good website. Social media, blogs, etc., should all lead back to your place of business online. And, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Even a brochure-style 1-2 page website created in WordPress or something similar will do. And, when leading people back to your website, be sure to offer them a place to submit their email address, should they long to be on your e-mailing list. The key to these media forums is to link them all to each other, creating endless opportunity for future marketing and long-term relationships and clients. And, from your website, you can then build a substantial email marketing list.

When the time is right, you can then certainly upgrade your site with a little more budget. Something I just recently went through myself at Perhaps even add an area for product purchasing. My online site has attracted marketing staff at large beauty companies enough to remark at how professional it is… and almost every single client I have specifically checks out and approves my website before they officially book their appointment. For the individual hairdresser trying to make a name for himself/herself, YES! – a website it still very appropriate. 1-2 pages about you, your work, and what you’re all about, along with a way for clients and potential clients to reach out to you is a must.

After your site is up and ready – hit Social Media hard and fast! Even if you’re already personally on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, step up your strategy. You can add a business profile page to any of these accounts and increase your exposure and potential clients. You can connect with industry-specific people that may need you as much as you need them. You can reach people outside of the country that you never imagined existed. There really are no limitations. Grab hold of all of what these forums have to offer at nearly no cost except your time and effort.

If you’re a little lost as to how to get started, ask a friend, watch what other people “do” online, and/or do a little homework. “Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms The Way We Live And Do Business,” by Erick Qualman, is one good resource. And check this out, did you know that now more and more people are looking for what they need (i.e. salons, spas, etc.) through social media more so than the world wide web? So keep your profile accounts fresh, constantly post updates and announcements, and always, always mention your website! My “Facebook Friends With Benefits” have afforded me nearly almost 2,500 friends to date. People I haven’t seen in years will reach out to me on Facebook to book an appointment! And, I am able to personally invite industry staff to attend my hair show events, etc. It’s just simply endless.

If you can find the time, get a blog going as well. You can set one up for free at through WordPress, for example. Here, you can position yourself as the expert at what you do, further brand who you are, get direct feedback (good and bad) from your public, and catch people who are searching with key search words related to what you do. Creating your own blog with search engine optimization (SEO) words always increases your chances of being picked up on search browsers and the like. has quite honestly caused people to order Marco Pelusi products and all my fans on this site have voted for me, “Best Haircolor!,” twice!! Meg Heads are the best!

So, don’t hesitate, jump now into the world of social media and online marketing! You have nothing to lose but missed opportunities. Watch your fans build, watch your friends build, what your “LIKES” build, and watch your business build. You’ll quickly learn that your online friends do have benefits – the kind of social benefits that will build your success. And, the nice thing is that in return, you can do the very same for them!

Are any of you in the beauty industry (or any industry really) and using facebook, Linked In and/ or twitter to promote yourselves?

Thanks Marco! Great advice


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laccaHi guys! Kosborne here!  I’m not a huge hairspray girl. It might have something to do with growing up back East. You either love it or you hate it. I’ve been in the latter camp. Yet I have always realized spray was a necessary evil…for other people. For me, I was content to allow my flyaways to happen and for bangs to fall into my face. Until the day my mom checked out a pic of me on Facebook and finally told me, “You have got to do something about your hair. You look homeless.” It was those darned flyaways. And she was right, I looked a little like Ke$ha in the worst possible way. Long story short a friend turned me onto the Lacca from Oscar Blandi , which is sold by those lovely girls over at Lock & Mane. They recently reformulated the scent of the spray and it paid off. Instead of smelling all chemically and harsh, this spray smells like a jasmine floral bouquet.

It also doesn’t behave like the hairsprays I had encountered as a teen. It isn’t sticky. It holds without molding the hair to the head like a helmet and even after I applied it liberally I could still run my fingers through it. It was that light!

The other night I pulled my hair back into a high bun to go to a work event where it would be very uncool to show up looking “homeless” as my mother would say. My hair stayed in place for a solid 6 hours, the entire work event plus drinks afterwards with a very attractive gentleman.

I have to say I was duly impressed. What about you guys? Do you love hairspray? Hate it? What kind do you use?


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