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scotch naturals

Goddess Granny is henceforth naming this Summer 2012 as the “Summer I sat on my hands a lot!” I gave up my artificial acrylic nails a few weeks ago and let me tell you,it’s been an eye-opening experience! I’ve worn the fakes for years on and off because my own nails simply aren’t one of my more outstanding features but after hearing “So sorry” one too many times as the hastily-applied drill was burning my nails, nipping into my tender cuticles, and having the general feeling of nastiness no matter which salon I visited,I figured it might be time to try just ONE more time to grow a set of chic, short, healthy nails on my own…no small feat! 

At first, my nails were literally jello-like: soft, uneven, and just plain unattractive.I tried to fake it with lots of filing and topical treatments, polish looked too amateur when I tried to apply on my own so kept them as light and clean and non-obvious as possible! THEN I got the bright idea (and many have great luck with the process and results!) of getting the new “gel polish” applied when I was in San Francisco and yes, they looked “better” for a couple of weeks until I had to remove the color: OMG…after soaking my hands in pure acetone and filing and buffing, my nails were yet again BURNING, swollen and red! Not thinking that pure-acetone for any length of time is my BFF? The UV light also caused me more burning and itching and I was left with hands than not only had regressed to the initial pathetic state but that also felt horrible…

I decided then and there that I would dedicate the entire Summer to the health of my hard-working nails and hands: I protect them with sunblock, treat kindly with creams, and am happy that my hands haven’t yet let me down in the war against aging but my nails needed a break from all the chemicals and drilling, the harsh formulas of some polishes and that devil acetone for sure! I resigned myself to nightly warm olive-oil soaks and gentle chamois buffing and figured it was my punishment for falling prey to the lure of nail salons for so long!

Browsing “Country Living” magazine one afternoon in hopes of a paint inspiration for my guest room, I noticed a little article about “Scotch Naturals”: in 2009, stay at home Mom, Ginny Cardenas’ two young daughters loved to “dress up” like we all do but when Ginny actually noticed the ingredients of even “play” nail polish, she was appalled at the toxins and chemicals her sweet little girls were painting on their fingers so she designed a line of nail color for KIDS names “Hopscotch Kids” and using her MBA skills, was able to develop and market this niche-product with amazing results to many high-end kid’s stores! She realized many adults were also impressed with her water-based, totally non-toxic shades and were buying them for themselves so her “Scotch Naturals” line of AMAZING natural nail colors and treatments was born! 

An eco-friendly alternative to traditional nail color, Scotch Naturals is TOTALLY with the usual “3-free” ingredients but they’re also without ethyl acetate,butyl acetate,have metals, they are gluten-free and vegan and contain no ACETONE and are TRULY non-toxic! What drew me in was the formula, which rivals the highest-end salon quality shades in 34 of the most stunning, original, outrageously-chic, and gorgeous colors I’ve even seen offered in a nail color! Everything about this nail color is elegant: the bottles are perfect, the brush is flawless, and again, the colors and formula are brilliant and make me WANT to take care of my tender nails in the best possible way by wearing only these shades! Application and removal is simple: buffing your nails with a drop of oil prior to application and taking a bit of time soak in warm water prior to removing without any irritation! 

There is a non-toxic base and top coat as well and an amazing soy-based polish remover(will not affect those with soy allergies!) with no odor and nothing in it that can hurt you or the environment in any way! I promise you will go crazy over the color selection and I intend to stick with “Scotch Naturals” for the Summer and far beyond! There are plans on the drawing board for more products as well and I am giving Ginny a huge thumb’s up/award for “New Product” in every way for really designing something that is “green and clean” but that ALSO will satisfy the most elite fashionista’s among us! Mid-range when it comes to pricing and that works for me when some designer-shades are currently in the $25.00+ range! 

Explore the clean,beautiful “Scotch Naturals” site here, it’s very interactive and shipping is fast with lovely packaging!

You’ll also find the “Hopscotch Kids” link here and I have a special for you if you’re also interested in healthier nails!: Enter the words SUMMER FUN in the gift message section when checking out to receive a FREE base coat and FREE shipping with their “Cocktail Trio” until June 30th! Shades included are: Canal Street Daisy, Lemon Highlander, Paisley Martini, Lochness Mystery, Highland Fling, and Tartan Swizzle! (Canal Street Daisy shown above) I have “Paisley Martini” on my toes and am being stopped everywhere and asked “what IS that color?” 

I am over the moon about this brand and even if I’m destined to have short nails forever,at least they will be beautifully-hued and gently cared for without doing any further damage ever thanks to the genius of Ginny and “Scotch Naturals!” 

TELL US! BE HONEST! What shape are your nails in right now?

Are you still sporting your fabulous fakes or in love with the Gels? Ever tried to “grow your own” or do you have naturally gorgeous nails that “Scotch Naturals” would make even nicer and aren’t these colors fabulous?





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Goddess Granny here! It’s June and that means 2012 is half over which terrifies me because it feels like you just get one new look under control and it’s already time to begin the next reinvention! There is something to be said for a “classic look” but I’m having trouble defining what that means: do I stick with red lips and black cats eye liner forever, do I just update products because the tech is giving us options, or do I just deal with the mood/look of the moment in my mind and run with it? 
I have tried but cannot embrace “nail art” although I love it on others and will wear outrageous shades on my toes! I have tried lash-extensions only to have swollen eyes from adhesive and the cost of upkeep is crazy and I have decided that “ombre” in any form is best left to those whose weren’t around when tie dye had it’s heyday! So I’m trying to wade through the ever-increasing options when it comes to “what works” and again, attempt to have what works, quality, and if I’m feeling vain, nice packaging as a bonus! 
The name and brand Yves Sant Laurent (1936-2008) is synonymous with class any way you slice it! From some of the most breathtaking and memorable fashion designs of all times to the iconic fragrance “Opium” with ads that shocked and seduced, I believe almost everyone has heard of the legend! “With her innate elegance, the YSL woman adapts to every moment in her life and this is what makes her so desirable!” Swoon…who would NOT want to be that woman? I cannot possibly define or use words ANY better to describe my personal relationship with makeup than Monsieur himself has and it’s pure genius:
The inimitable “Touch Eclat” has been on the top of “the best” product lists forever because it’s really the best and I believe that a NEW star will earn rave reviews in 2012 and beyond,” Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain!” Whew…now that’s a name but I’ll refer to it as YSL Glossy lip stain and it will be fine for our purposes.It’s an entirely NEW product, formula, and finish and there is nothing else like it (yet…you know they will try) on the market! This is a hybrid gloss/stain that comes in a vast array of shades so there’s sure to be one you love…every cosmetic YSL creates is housed in luxurious-packaging that makes me feel so French and fancy when I use it and this comes in a gorgeous, hefty container with a clear window so if you have more than one, you can see the actual product inside.The applicator is unique,not a typical “does foot” but a plush and perfect one obviously created just to apply this product.And what a sensual application it is: start in the middle and swipe out to the corners top and bottom without doing the dreaded “lip smack” because you want this to set and it will in seconds! It goes on cool and wet and silky and creamy like the best kiss ever and colors your lips in a FRESH new way with a finish that is full-coverage- glossy and polished with gorgeous color but it is a stain as well so the results last without becoming dry or with those weird-lines because it fades unevenly! 
It is pure perfection for those of us who rely on our lips to anchor our “look” and I have literally not had it on since I bought the first one a couple of weeks ago and many have noticed!
My original shade was #9 “Rouge Laque” and it’s the PERFECT juicy Summer shade but I was so enamored with this product, I ordered up three more in various shades of red and WANT every single shade! It’s a guiltless and sensual experience to apply this product and the way it lights up my face even if I’m only wearing a bit of coverup and mascara is epic! Absolutely worth every penny, there is a generous amount of product in the container and I only re-apply after a meal or with a fresh face because it stays pretty for so long! 
You can find it at Sephora but I’m glad I took the time to visit the YSL site: it’s so elegant and informative and I feel very chi-chi just reading it!
I’d suggest checking out some swatches because the colors can vary but every review I have seen RAVES about this Glossy Lip Stain and I’m on the bandwagon with this one! I cannot wait to add some lighter shades and am hoping they will add even more darker ones because that “look” for Fall 2012 isn’t going anywhere and it’s a delight to know that at least I already have my perfect lips ready to evolve into Fall! 
Buy it here as well and if you add only ONE glam-luxury item this year, let it be this one! : 
YSL “Gloppy Lip Stain” is my “flawless” for lips: do you have one item that is your idea of perfection?
Anyone else obsessed with this beauty!!
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Where did May go? Seriously Goddess Granny here feeling like I blinked and it’s now almost Memorial Day! I guess it’s been a “good Spring” but it honestly feels like it’s all becoming one big blurry-balll that is rolling at a rapid pace and I’m trying to run behind it in my stilettos! Everyone I know seems to be feeling the same way as well as the stress and I’m not sure when it all even got this way but I’m trying to roll along with it as long as I can…traveling a lot which is always hard because “they” have made it that way and not eating in my zone or getting in my workouts also tends to ruffle my feathers a bit.

I keep saying I’m going to “downsize” and AM trying but the more I want to do, the more “stuff” it seems to require. Every class or hobby or self-entertainment project I indulge in “needs” something to insure I’m properly outfitted and prepared to make it happen! I have a drawer for yoga-wear, a drawer for burlesque-ensembles (my alter-ego hobby) a drawer for dance and sporty fitness wear, and a closet that I like to think has what I need at this point to keep me dressed in style for most situations and climates! Add my overflowing vanity and various drawers of cosmetics and products, my hair and nail accessories, the pile of bling real and faux on my dresser that is my finishing touch and I’m STILL underwater when it comes to my “stuff…” Something has to give.

I have, however finally discovered a product that has yet to let me down: I can be exhausted, over-heated, or stressed to the max and this luscious liquid transforms my face into a glowing, smooth, canvas in minutes: Koh Gen Do “Aqua Foundation” is my new right-hand product and it’s truly one that’s worth a million! For 25 years, this company has produced an incredibly pure and ridiculously effective line of GORGEOUS products that until now,were only available to “insiders” of the movie-biz or those in the inner circles of beauty! Founded 25 years ago by Ai Saotone,an actress who needed to preserve and protect her own stressed and overworked sensitive skin, the Koh Gen Do brand has been the darling of THE finest makeup artists in the world for years! Recently the line has expanded and made available to all and we can also now share in the secret that’s been behind the most notable and beautiful faces in over 200 films! Using herbal medicinal treatments and leaving out any fragrance or harsh ingredients, this HD foundation manages to provide THE most amazing skin-finish even though it’s 45% water! 

Fragrance-free, with no parabens, sulfates, synthetics, GMO’s, or other things that we love to hate, this foundation diffuses light and covers like a dream. It manages to look like skin because it blends with your skin so well, and truly nourishes while you wear it with ingredients like sea water, minerals, and white birch. This is NOT a “typical” foundation and trust me, I’ve been on the quest for my HG foundation my entire life: Koh Gen Do is the gold standard for me with a beautiful and believable color-range of shades that illuminate and enhance yet manage to simply look like…well…skin! For  point of reference, I am an NC-25/30 in MAC and wear the BE-1 shade which is absolute perfection on my “neutral toned” fair skin! It slides on and from the first pump and application,you know you have hit the big time in product-perfection! A small amount literally provides a poreless porcelain finish and it’s truly the best foundation I have ever used…I plan to indulge in many more items in the line and from all I’ve heard, that are all simply fantastic and worth EVERY penny! 

You can buy some of the Koh Gen Do Line at Sephora online.

Also the elegant Koh Gen Do site provides a wealth of information and shoot them an email if you have color-matching questions:

They also are very generous about providing samples with purchase and have specials every month…I have been using this for a few months but the word is OUT (check out the “media” segment of their website) and everyone is buzzing about this brand and especially about this breathtaking foundation! I believe that your “canvas” simply MUST be perfect or nothing else you apply will look great so I’m thrilled to have discovered a foundation that effortlessly makes my sensitive and moody skin look perfect even when it’s not! 

Do you also rely on great foundation everyday to set the stage?Koh Gen Do has my devotion and thanks for creating this GREAT “Aqua Foundation! “

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Is there anything that’s really “simple” anymore? Goddess Granny truly is beginning to believe that the “older” I get, the less I know! Most things have become more complicated and time-consuming as well as more prone to drama than I would have ever believed! Now I am not saying I would be ready or able to give up things that make my life basically livable. I will say that fewer choices and things that work for me have become my goal: think of it as editing it all down to what matters, what is possible, and what you enjoy and then amplify and dream big from there! One perfect designer or custom-tailored dress works well because you KNOW you’ll look and feel amazing in a pinch every time you put it on…then you might consider adding another in a different color and so on until you have created the closet (and if you’re lucky!) and life-style of one’s dreams! No more throw-away clothing you end up spending more on that fits you terribly and there is much to be said for “keeping it simple” but it’s NOT always that easy to do! 

I have a long way to go but what I’m not doing anymore is adhering to my notion that “more expensive must be better” because lately I’ve noticed that prices are soaring while quality and content are diminishing! I’ll tell on myself and admit that recently I spent a ton of cash on an extremely “exclusive” skin care line: the packaging was glass and elegant, the products were extremely pure and “endorsed/used” by a woman who is basically flawless, and because my skin fights me daily, I wanted to see if a line of this renowned quality would truly make a difference. It did not.

Lovely to use, I felt fancy applying, but other than a bit of reduction in dryness, my skin really didn’t achieve that gilded-glow I had hoped for! 

I am continuing to sample skin care products that are “pure”: if you know me “natural” isn’t a notion I hold onto to for the most part. Some things can be improved upon in many cases but pure in the sense that chemicals and nasty ingredients are not involved or minimized and that what’s inside contains ingredients that will WORK even if they’re not expensive! Since 1960 (even I was young then!) “Simple Skincare” has reigned as the UK’s “number one” line of skincare products and was designed to care for even THE most sensitive skins without any ingredients known to cause adverse reactions of any kind! No perfumes, no colorants, no chemicals fillers,no fancy packaging…just simple products that cleanse and care for skin and that women love to use and can afford! 


I’ve seen this line in a number of mass-retailers recently and figured I needed to try SOMETHING from the wide range of cleansers, wipes and moisturizers so I grabbed the “Revitalizing Eye Roller” without having high expectations or going broke…yet again I was humbled by this not so simple product! Cool green tube with a sassy little rollerball that delivers a smoothing and soothing blend of vitamins, cucumber extract, and glycerin that glides on and de-puffs almost instantly with no effort! It’s a very light gel and there’s no need to pat or touch your eye area: simply roll it on and be delighted! It sets almost instantly: I’ve tried it under a number of under eye concealers and it’s perfect as a base…some eye products are not! Nothing fussy and this little cutie delivers great results and a much nice eye area without tugging or waiting for anything to soak in so you can apply your makeup! Yet again I took a chance without having a clue as to “what” I was buying and am absolutely delighted about my “find!” 

The “Simple” website is clean and serene and you can order online or check out your local mass-retailers to see if they have it yet.I am planning to try MANY more of their products because this brand has years of delighted British women singing their praises and I do believe for those of us with sensitive skin, “Simple Skincare” might just be a really great product to have here in the US as well! 

Buy your “Revitalizing Eye Roll-On” here:

This is a great product to introduce even the younger ones to skin-care habits early and it’s so nice and easy to use! I’m thinking one in the fridge as well as one in my purse for the warmer months because it really gives you a visual and emotional “lift” as well as helping to ease that dryness under the eye almost everyone suffers from!

Do you use products for the delicate eye-are religiously too? It’s the one place I feel needs a little boost everyday! 

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Goddess Granny on the fly yet again has found a little something something to share that is REALLY a cool little product because If you make me wait too long in the checkout line and if there are are cute little bottles and items especially if they are unique in shape and color,I will pile them into my basket and you product-designers KNOW this! This was on a “shop and grab” run to Ulta and I found gold among the glitter! 


I adore red lipstick but hate to see it being worn on lips that need some solid moisture and maybe a bit of TLC before it’s applied because then it juts isn’t pretty: you need a bit of prep to insure that your lips are plum and pillowy and THEN your knock em’ dead red will get the looks of lust! Some lip balms are too waxy and others too sticky and it’s hard to create a “base” for glam lips that adds to the effect and doesn’t cause it to slide off or end up on your teeth! I hate that so when I picked up this sassy little I don’t really know what you’d call it shaped hybrid tube with a rollerball of MAGIC lip fixit,I was ridiculously pleased…


OWN is a unique little company with a very straightforward philosophy: natural, effective, efficient and affordable: what’s not to like about that? I love their packaging and intend to order up some of their products I haven’t seen in retail locations yet because their “Nighttime Lip Therapy” is absolutely AMAZING!!! I just love this funky little deep-blue tube/rollerball that allows the product to seep and ooze perfectly onto every little corner of your lips when you glide it on at night,it feels smooth with a bit of a sugary taste and scent that goes away quickly but what remains is the most incredible moisture-barrier and wake me up beautiful plump lips ever! 


It rejuvenates, it rehydrates, it feels sexy and luscious, and it WORKS: I wake up with a pouty-plump pair of lips ready to smooch or to paint to perfection! It’s a luxurious mix of oils and shea-butter that will have you using it a lot more often than at night,so feel free to indulge because it’s not pricey so you can apply with glee! I have paid a ton of money for products that insured lush lips but can honestly say that when you apply this as directed at night you get incomparable results with no fuss or muss! This is a truly fantastic little item and I suggest it to anyone,whether you love lipstick or not because you’ll be able to feel and see the difference the first morning after you try it! 


Read about OWN on their simple and classy little site and be sure to notice how perfectly edited and lovely their line is,you can also buy “Nighttime Lip Therapy” here or scoop it up at Ulta like I did!:


I want one of these sassy little tubes in every room! It’s just one of those “who knew?” products that really is something to be thrilled about! This is one for all of us to enjoy and don’t you love it when you hit on a real “find” that you didn’t expect to be quite so sensational? 

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femme mascara

PLEASE tell me this has happened to you too? Goddess Granny is on the go these days and in an effort to get out the door on time and it isn’t always easy or pretty! Have you ever pulled yourself together and put on your makeup,done your hair,threw on clothes and accessories and then after tossing your purse and phone into the car got half way down the road and glanced in the rear-view ONLY to notice you look dead? Not a foundation faux-pas although that can happen and i’m often guilty of not applying enough blush but no…you have literally forgotten your mascara,the single beauty- item that promises to pop open your eyes even if you haven’t yet gulped down your morning beverage of choice?


This has happened to me twice lately, a sure sign I need to slow it down? Sometimes I do have a sample sized mascara in my bag if TSA hasn’t made me toss it but last week I was doomed as I even forgot my favorite little “Hello Kitty” purse cosmetic bag altogether! No gloss, no liner, and certainly no mascara! This was NOT going to be a good day and it was early in the am so I immediately started thinking of “what might be open” on the 50 mile drive from my ranch into civilization…not much,I was probably going to have to stumble through Walmart in my 5″ heels and LBD looking all the world like I was doing “the walk of shame” and trust me, you do NOT want heads turning in the Walmart closest to the direction I live in unless you want to be followed to your vehicle and propositioned! Doomed I tell you…


I pulled into Starbucks thinking at least a latte might improve my mood and saw a sweet girl balancing her beverage as she unlocked the door to the “Sally Beauty” next door: was I in luck? Were the makeup goddesses hearing my silent pleas for help? YES!!! I explained to her quickly that I was in dire need of “something to swipe on my lashes” as I was en route to a meeting that mattered and she truly came through for me and handed me a bright red tube, decorated and flashy in a cool box and said,“You’re going to LOVE this!!!” I liked the packaging and handed her a $10.00 bill to pay for the product and another $5.00 for a “refill on her coffee and thanks for helping me out pre-store hours” and off I ran! 


This was a day to remember: the  product my makeup-angel handed me was “Femme Couture XXL Mascara” and let me tell you,product-snob that I can be sometimes,this is a WOW of a mascara! We all know “Sally Beauty” since 1964 as the “largest retailer of beauty supplies in the world!” and if you don’t,you’re missing out! You can find amazing products for every part of you from head to toe including “that” organic “Olive Oil Spray” for ethnic-hair that smells amazing and that SO many stylists use to make their client’s legs GLOW in photos! (Organics Africa’s Best Olive Oil Shine) as well as every shade of nail and hair color and just some of the best brands for “do it yourself spa” pampering ever! I go in there with my “Rewards Card” and come out with a huge bag of fun for $25.00 when I feel the need to splurge on the cheap! 


Back to my life-saver mascara: the first thing you notice about this product (besides the very flashy tube which I love!) is the brush: it’s like NO other I’ve seen, sort of like a “smooched mascara wand”, sort of flat in the middle but with substantial bristles and size: when you apply the mascara,you quickly discover that the genius is in the “flattened part” as it REALLY lets you get that  mascara on FAST and evenly! Then you just swipe the brush though and are amazed at the VOLUME and DEPTH of your lashes! Seriously this mascara rivals my much-loved HG “Diorshow” mascara at a substantially lower price! It doesn’t flake or smear and comes off easily when you’re ready to remove (I use Cetaphil) and I cannot rave enough about how GREAT this “Femme Couture XXL Monster Lash” really is,you get BIG lashes fast and it’s “application in the rear-view” approved by me (don’t’ do this if you can help it, LOL!) 


Buy it here, Sally’s always has great discounts,free shipping,and SO much to offer or pop into your local branch and see if they have it in stock,”Midnight Black” is actually the darkest shade and it’s SOOT BLACK” and FABULOUS! 


So yet another beauty disaster averted and I now have THE best mascara I’ve used in a long time to share with y’all! I just love it when a potentially bad-day turns great and love it even more when a product exceeds any/all expectations! Do you have any favorite products to share that you never expected would be so great?Do NOT pass up this mascara by “Femme Couture” because I think you’ll also be dazed and amazed by the results and quality too! 

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troutpoutI am here to admit that when it comes to certain things, I am a snob: Goddess Granny couldn’t care less about the label on my jeans anymore because I’ve actually found less expensive brands that make my butt look better and my huge tub of “Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Creme” makes my skin so nice that someone actually told me I “had a glow” recently and it’s very inexpensive at any drugstore! I care about things like quality food, plush towels that you can cuddle into and most recently lingerie that makes me feel extraordinary regardless of what’s on top! (Obsessed with anything Marleis Dekkers creates and swear to replace every item in my drawer with her pretties! )I’d rather wear a bit of bling a favorite gal-pal gifts to me than pricey jewelry without meaning and I’d rather enjoy a good movie at home with popcorn than to fight touchy-feely hands in an overdressed and overpriced crowded club for sure!

Little things seem to make me the most content lately and I have decided that what I wear on my nails “matters”: I am not a small girl and built like a Barbie on steroids so my clothes tend to be simple and mostly neutral in color therefore I add my own touch with color on my nails and I never fail to receive compliments: nothing is “off limits” when it comes to toes and I’m not a fan of “nail art” (although I admire it on others!) and my fingertips are usually painted with a shade that makes me “seasonally” happy! I have three favorite brands and all are in my opinion, the “best of the bunch” because I have tried SO many and keep coming back to and paying a bit more for these: Deborah Lippmann, Rescue Beauty Lounge and Butter London. All three endlessly satisfy me with new and unique to the market shades and all three have NONE of the nasty chemicals like formaldehyde or toluene! The formulas are rich and some are even resin-based which add to the wearability and I love all three brands equally depending on which color I’m feeling at mani/pedi time!

Since 2005, UK based “Butter London” has translated current and very high fashion runway trends into shades of nail lacquer that are not only cutting edge but actually designed to compliment and become a part of a great outfit or look! Their “fashionable friends” like Betsey Johnson, Victoria Beckham,and Rachel Zoe among many others rely on Butter London to translate their designs into TRUE fashionable shades so that Butter London’s clients actually do get to experience their sensational fashion-sense in a small but important way!

Their lacquer’s are “3-free” of chemicals and their unique “waterless formulas” (now available as well!) were created for backstage high performance use where water isn’t an option when it comes to quick spruce-up of a model’s nails! Details “matter” people and I believe that even if you’re in a white t-shirt,jeans,and flip-flops that if your nails are flawless and colored in a gorgeous shade, you’ve also nailed what being “well presented” is all about!

I am in love…no…I’m over the MOON about one of the newest Spring/Summer Butter London shades named (and I giggle every time I say it!) “Trout Pout!” If you don’t get the cultural reference,that’s okay: it’s slang used to describe women who’ve OBVIOUSLY had WAY too much “filler” injected into their lips, usually the upper one as many derma-docs are afraid to line the lower as well and the result is…..a “trout pout!” Some of the names Butter London uses to describe their nail lacquers are so entertaining and even a bit cheeky at times and I love when a brand can laugh at itself,when you’re this good you can! “Trout Pout” is a creamy, opaque, like NOTHING ELSE OUT THERE rather 60-70’s retro shade of cantaloupe-pink that is SO pretty and feminine on it’s breathtaking! It’s got this old-school Playmate kind of vibe and I cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve had since I put it on last week,men love it and women want to know what it is! The ultimate girly- shade for Spring 2012 in my book and I’m not changing it any time soon!

The square bottle takes a bit of getting used to but the brush is dense and rich and the lacquer flows on effortlessly with great coverage! Experts “say” that one should always use two coats in order to get the true depth of a color but you’ll notice the glam-factor after one with this shade! It’s dressy without being formal and although I LOVE dark nail colors, “Trout Pout” is making me smile every time I see it and it’s such fun to tell people the name when they ask…and they will!

Buy it here! I love the colorful fantasy-design of the Butter London site and be sure to browse the other shades as well! “No More Waity Katie” is another favorite of mine, again a VERY different shade of grey’d lilac with sparkle that’s also perfect for the season!

I also think the collection can be found at some “Ulta’s” as well: I JUST discovered that several of the incredible shades of nail lacquer can ALSO be had in a “LIPPY???”Be still my heart and I just ordered “Trout Pout” and “Snog” as fast as my fingers could hit the “Buy” button!

The “Lippys” are rumored to be more like a pigmented and quite incredible liquid-lipstick rather than a sheer gloss, free of all the bad-stuff, and from what I can determine, destined to be as famous as their nail-painting sister shades and I will report to you on them asap!

Find them here!

Do you also get excited about new nail colors and don’t you agree that the little details are what result in one helluva’ fabulous look? What are you dying to wear on your nails for Spring 2012?

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rimmelkatemossGoddess Granny is out the door en route to cool temps and warm hearts but I snagged a little something last week I simply cannot leave without sharing with y’all because they’re amazing!  If you don’t know who Kate Moss is, I seriously would be surprised as she’s been one of THE most influential style and beauty icons of the past decade and beyond because of her quirky glamour and indisputable sensuality. The girl can make anything she wears or sells look HOT and that has been a seriously bankable asset to her! She is a bit of a bad girl in a good way and I’m a huge fan so when I heard that yet another mass-market brand of distinction, the UK based line “Rimmel” teamed up with their “face.” Joined together to create some of THE most gorgeous and in my opinion BEST lipstick shades currently on the shelves, I of course, scrambled down to see what all the fuss was about…

These are NOT the typical greasy, smells like butter out at the picnic, non-performing lipsticks that line many shelves at the drugstore and supermarket: these are so close to the “couture” brands in both presentation and formula that I was shocked! A beautifully designed and hefty matte and shiny black tube embellished with Kate’s own signature in red houses the five GORGEOUS shades worthy of her name designed by Miz Moss herself! The scent is divine and chic, not unlike “that” high-end designer lipstick brand that hovers at the $30.00 price point and the shades are fabulous! I was able to snatch the last #1 and #12 from the display, and the #1 has been on the lips and blogs of MANY top makeup artists lately because it’s “that red…” you know,the one that EVERYONE looks perfect in???

The formula is designated as a “lasting finish” but these slip on with no dryness or pull and TONS of pigmented intensity! If I didn’t have the drugstore bag on my vanity I seriously would have not been able to tell these from MUCH higher priced lipsticks and the lasting creamy- color-payoff was simply perfection! I will go as far as to say that #12, a pinky-coral-red may just be THE most PERFECT shade of red ever on a redhead! You know the one that Christina Hendricks wears to gala events and they say it’s some name brand. When I go to find it, it looks nothing like the photo in the tube! It’s probably a hybrid created by a color genius with a brush and like 17 tubes of color swiped on her lips?

For me#12 is that good, I look like I mean biz and with a pair of my favorite “Tres Noir Bombshell” sunnies on? I might just be mistaken at the airport for a famous naughty girl myself!

I highly suggest you track down these lipsticks asap as the buzz is OUT: they are absolutely incredible and there is a shade you’re sure to love as I know some still aren’t sure about red but trust me,it’s sticking around for all of 2012! You can even try Kate’s lipstick shades ON virtually here at the ever so fun and very trendy Rimmel website!

These lipsticks can be found at Ulta, Walgreens, Walmart, and at many of the well-known mass market drug and grocery stores so check in your area asap and don’t miss out as I predict these will be gone in a flash! Lipstick screams of class and sophistication to me and Kate’s done herself proud with this collection for Rimmel! I double dog dare you to try the #1 shade in the photo above and not feel just a bit more like you could seduce anyone! I know we’ve chatted about the “red” before and some love, others not so much: what shade makes YOU feel like you are the queen of your world?

Thanks for making me feel like a super-mode at least for today Kate!


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urbandecayconcealerHave a safe ride home Whitney.

Hate this time of the year: post Holidays, pre anything exciting and weird weather/people that seem to be affecting us all! Goddess Granny likes to know what the day ahead holds in store although I do consider myself flexible, I’m just really ready for fresh and fun to begin right about now! It’s too early to pop on a flowered sundress and too late for lace up wooly-boots so I guess I’ll have to be content with changing up my nail and lip color in hopes of entertaining myself and inducing a little bit of wow for now!

I also hate all these “Flash Air Fare/Cruise Sale” emails that almost force me to click on them in hopes that this MAY be the one time I actually nail one of the two available “lowest price ever!” deals they announce: nothing like a change of scenery to pull you through the dull-times and one of these days I’ll be the girl who nailed that all-inclusive for $49.99 a night! Although I embrace the pasty most of the time, I can honestly say that my poor complexion could SO use a bit of dare I say “warmth and evening out” because it seems like the effects of central-heat have me scrambling to make pretty in the am lately with lots to hide…

Do you know there are groups dedicated to “finding beauty in the disrepair and decrepitude” that defines the term “Urban Decay?” Well we here at already KNOW where the beauty lies and it’s in every single incredible product they create! Y’all already know they are one of my favorites and that I embarrass my friends when we go to Sephora because I go on and go about the liners, the shadows, the pencils and ALL of the darn products on the shelf! Not sure there is much more I personally can own BUT leave it to this iconic brand to come out with JUST the thing to pull us through until warmer breezes and pink cheeks again prevail: their new “24/7 Concealer Pencils” yet again owned me from “Hello Beautiful!”

Available in an unheard of range of 8 shades, these chubby little handfuls of amazing “eat your heart out Crayola” pencils glide on like all of their sisters in the “24/7” range of products with precision and smoothly-perfect coverage and set to a flawless matte finish that lasts like no other! No more pots and brushes, dabbers and tubes, fingers and sponges: you simply uncap your choice of “24/7 Concealer” and dot, draw, highlight or conceal wherever and however, blend effortlessly and there you are! You already know the formula is vegan and pure because i’s Urban Decay and I just LOVE The fact that it’s portable and airplane-friendly and fabulous! You could actually get by just using this on a good day and if you use a shade lighter to highlight and a shade darker to contour? You might well be on your way to impressive!

I do highly suggest buying the companion sharpener which IS “the best”out there,UD’s “Grindhouse Sharpener” because there is nothing worse than loving a product and then watching it clog up and break in a bad sharpener: this one has two sizes so you can use it on everything and it’s really cute because it has a little “scrapper too” so you don’t need to make a mess of things.I always pop something I need to sharpen in the freezer for a few minutes to firm up before peeling and I think it makes a big difference with less waste!

UD’s “24/7 Concealer”
has to be one of the best things about Spring 2012 so far for me! I love that I can use in the car or bar and that it does the trick without a second thought! The formula is perfection and I can’t imagine how UD manages to keep packing those beauty-punches into portable glam that makes us all not only keep on loving them, but also dying for more!

Buy your 24/7 Concealer here because we ALL have a little something to hide:

Grindhouse Sharpener super cool dual-chambered sharpener is available here!

Be sure to notice that there is FREE SHIPPING if you include a tube of the spectacular “Lip Love” in your order and I think the tropical-pink shade “Lolita” just screams Spring!

Packaging matters to me but so does portable! Do you need and love a good concealer too and isn’t it great to have one that  works on the run and that lasts for hours?

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tuberose“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future…” Coco Chanel and Goddess Granny who also believes that a woman simply must stand for AND smell like “something” at all times! There are a lot of things I will go without and/or sacrifice but even when I’m at my very worst, usually in the middle of a bout with the flu or totally ticked off but even then,a spritz of an amazing scent revives, restores, and re-creates the “me” who I need to believe is always at her best even when I’m not!

There is something about scent that creates amazing sensory imagery and that has SUCH powers to invoke and excite: I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t have a certain scent they associate with a person, place, times in their lives, or memory: it’s what defines those we love most and that we avoid when heartache hits!

I adore perfume: My first “real” perfume was presented to me by my Mom on the occasion of my first “grown up dance” in a cellophane wrapped pink and gold cameo- embossed box that held a small spray vial of the heady floral, “White Shoulders”by Evyan which was and remains HER favorite scent! Money was tight but I knew she intended this unexpected gift to signal the arrival of things to come and hoped that they might all be “sweet.” I don’t remember if I actually loved the scent myself but I do remember my first spritz and how it made me feel.This scent remains very associative for me and I still sniff shabby bottles of it which can be found on discount store shelves, cast aside for newer, more modern scents by the next generation…

I could not remain faithful to a scent for most of my “formative years” and preferred to dab and dose with whatever seemed appropriate for the day or event! I went though most of the “classics” in record time and when I worked in fine department stores, I was allowed to sample whatever was taking the fragrance world by storm at the time! Estee Lauder’s “Youth Dew” (1953 as a bath oil/fragrance) remains one of my most memorable scents ever because it literally lasted for hours on me AND on my dates, my first “naughty girl” non-squeeky clean scent…

In 1992, while visiting Hong Kong, I stumbled upon the fragrance launch in progress near my hotel that would define me for years to come: “Angel” by Thierry Mugler. It literally smelled like heaven on me with notes of chocolate, vanilla and fruits and I wore this scent, which at the time had not yet even launched in the US for almost 15 years at a rather staggering price-point for the time. It was MINE and all who knew me knew my scent, men swooned, women begged for the name! Then as with most things that begin as original and amazing, it became mainstream and a bit diluted by overexposure so day that I caught a whiff as one of the few women in the world I truly dislike walked by, I knew my crystal blue-star bottle needed to be buried deep, never to be worn by me again Cry I do still admire it on others however for their impeccable taste alone!

I mourned the loss of this reliable friend and today, I continue my scent journey with perhaps less abandon but with a renewed sense of wonder! There are SO many incredible scents to choose from but my taste still drifts towards the also-rans, the divas in fancy bottles, and the ones that few either dare to wear or cannot readily find…I scour, I read reviews, I beg far-traveling friends to “bring me back a bottle” of this or that but recently and for now, I have again settled on a scent that once worn, knocked me to my knees, the incredible “Tubereuse Criminelle” by Serge Lutens. Until VERY recently, this deadly female, show stopping creation of one of the most sensational perfumer’s in the world was ONLY available in Paris! It was not to be exported to us mere mortals outside of the hallowed Palais Royal until one of my very favorite vendors, “Luckyscent” brought it to the US. It immediately sold out while I was fumbling to get my credit card out of my wallet! I snagged it on the first re-stock and everything whispered about and even hated by some was true: this is a floral like NO other and I have been complimented, cursed, or accused of seduction every day I’ve worn it since it arrived at my gate!

Defined as a “slap then a kiss” it pretty much suits how I feel most days! While I have no intention of ceasing my hunt for my next “it” perfume, this bold rare and intoxicating floral- beauty with a intriguing start, slow burn middle, and an almost illegal sensual bite while it lasts belongs to ME for now at least!

Buy it while you can here and if you’ve never visited the INCREDIBLE site that is “Luckyscent”, plan to be there for quite a while!

I adore “Luckyscent” and you will too if you crave those unusual, unique, precious, or perhaps even controversial scents: I intend to try the entire “Etat Libre d’Orange” collection for the rather shocking (in a good way) descriptions alone! Explore scent and whatever you do, insure your “future” by never being without perfume!

What scent is your “signature” or like me, are you faithful to few while always looking to love another?

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RevlonlipbutterlipstickMeg here! Sorry for the late posts. My laptop went to the great laptop in the sky but LAFred our genius web guru was able to resuscitate it! However, I couldn’t get a picture to show up, so um…Ugh. I have had one of those days and from the fabulous post beneath me…Sounds like Goddess Granny has had one of those days as well!

Goddess Granny has had “one of those weeks” and after almost 4 years of listening to me rave about products, you know that it’s rare I’m not a special-songbird all happy and light! I am having to learn a lot about the “business of business” these days and honestly, I don’t care what anyone says or thinks, the “climate” hasn’t changed THAT much that people should not be paying for professional services and ending up in tears…’nuff said.

When I am in a less-than mood, I want new products asap to help clear the gloom and we all know that a trip to the drugstore results in a LOT less damage than a trip to the local high-end makeup counter,right? I need quantity at times like this and prefer to fill a basket with products that promise to deliver for less because I can toss them in that “bin” we chatted about last week otherwise without “morning after” guilt (I know Meg is going to jump in here and agree that sometimes “quantity over quality” really IS The way to go,even when it comes to men Kiss!) Sometimes a girl just has to overindulge and just fill that emotional “void” by any means necessary!

I got lucky this time around: it really does appear that the mass-market retailers are upping their game and it’s actually quite a lot of fun to browse the drugstore aisles in search of a golden-egg or two! Lots of new brands and tons of options in terms of implements and items to explore: I actually had a couple of “wins” in my haul this time but have to share the best of the bunch with you today because it really IS a great product: Revlon’s new “Colorburst™ Lip Butters” are amazing!  The sparkly end-cap display was loaded with pretty, shiny, plastic tubes in so many wearable shades (20 in all!) that contain a gel-formulation lip “butter” with luscious ingredients like mango and shea butter that not only give you sheer- medium coverage for freshly- colored pout but that actually increase the moisture content in your lips substantially with regular use! These are just gorgeous: they glide on smoothly and have no scent of taste so there’s little fear of an adverse reaction like I experience with some of the high-end brands and I defy you not to find a handful of shades that you’ll reach for constantly! Swipe and smile and let them fall at your feet!

I’m in LOVE with “SweetTart” a luscious hybrid pink/red/coral that seems to takes years off my smile while it really gives a plump and sexy look to my January-dry lips! I don’t even need a mirror to apply and you can use as often as it feels good because these “lip butters” don’t smear or feather or create that annoying buildup on your inner-lip like some glosses can…it’s a very unique formula and literally I want to own all 20 shades because I’m enjoying using the ones I have SO much!

What a great little “love you” gift for a gal-pal for Valentine’s Day and the tubes are actually a cut above with heft and style! Revlon continues to lead the way with new products that actually look and feel like much higher priced ones and when you’re looking to fill a basket to hopes of improving your day or look, their price-points for quality can’t be beat!

I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to locate Colorburst™Lip Butters locally but it you can’t or want a specific shade (many were down to one or two tubes when I shopped!) buy them here!

Revlon’s lip butters made my week a WHOLE lot better and I’m going to enjoy the fabulous benefits of moist lips and gorgeous color for weeks to come! Have you tried these delicious lip butters yet and which of the 20 amazing shades are you going to toss in your basket asap?

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helloflawlessWe all know there are SO many choices out there that it’s almost impossible to keep up with so many brands and products! Goddess Granny has trouble remembering when I put my water glass from minute to minute and yet I believe I can stay on top of the “good stuff” when it comes to the best items to use for the perfect/current look? I’m admitting a huge FAIL in this area because I purchased something weeks ago and somehow, it ended up in a box under my vanity (aka the “graveyard” of items that may be on their way to the trash…) and I have no idea why! Still freshly wrapped and pristine, this product somehow got scooped up and simply ignored, so very sad…goes to show what the area around my vanity is TRULY like, not the stuff of movie-star dreams but a clutter of items subjected to my rather cruel “Love/Hate/Maybe One Night” use status!
Editor’ note, Meg here, just found it funny Goddess Granny has the same categories for products that I have for men, OK-carry-on.Kiss

Even MORE tragic is the fact that this product has packaging that is totally adorable: a sleek and well-constructed little box that lifts into a mirrored dual-compartment with a sleek brush and sponge puff housed underneath the amazing wonder-product named,“Hello Flawless!” It calls you by name before you even open it (or in my sorry case, even unwrap it!) as the outside case is reflective as well.”Jean” and “Jane”, the Ford-twins out of San Francisco and the master-minds behind this ever so charming and innovative brand named “Benefit” started in the business of beauty back in the 1970’s as makeup artists and product designers and the legacy continues with their daughters and family today! Benefit is regarded as the one of the most fun and original cosmetic lines in the world, known for their playful packaging and sense of style combined with creatively named products that deliver some truly unique results! Benefit’s products are on everyone pro’s for truly keeping up with the pace in the ever-evolving world of beauty!

I have used and LOVED many Benefit products and cannot believe I overlooked one as sensational as “Hello Flawless” until now when I was prompted by Jennifer Aniston’s list of “must have beauty items” in the January issue of “In Style” magazine and I remembered I HAD purchased “Hello Flawless” so where the heck WAS it? Jennifer RAVES about this powder that is so much more than just something to be brushed or patted on: it’s a gorgeous concealer/cover-up IN a power-form and this little gem that packs a beautiful punch also contains an SPF of 15 for protection while it gives you a flawless finish that actually does make one smile and say  “HELLO!” when they see how great they look!

This can be used alone, on top of a foundation, or as a dab-on that I promise will hide any multitude of sins and leave you looking flawless and fresh with NO powdery or heavy finish! I haven’t used anything else like this and from the heaps of rave reviews, is a “must have” product for many besides Miz Jennifer! The NINE shades are impressive and color- true and regardless of how you choose to apply, they glide on like a dream! Not a “mineral powder” and containing no talc (which my skin reacts to!) “Hello Flawless” is pure, oil-free, and suitable for all skins! This really is a versatile product that I believe anyone would enjoy owning and using because it multi-tasks in a most effective way: I’ve been swiping it on every am since I re-discovered it in my stash and it’s become my “go to” for a brush on glam-finish as well! What I really like about it is that you can tailor the coverage to what your skin needs on any given day with precise control and no fear of looking like you’re wearing a mask-y amount of foundation! It covers everything and looks beautiful doing it!

Benefit has one of the cutest company-websites and you can sense the playful attitude and love of what they create on every page! Buy “Hello Flawless” here and enjoy the visit!

I am attracted to products and brands that are FUN and that don’t take it all so seriously because it you’re not enjoying the process, what’s the point? Have you tried Benefit’s amazing products that  really work while they make you smile?

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