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crazysticksMeg here! I know, easy title. It’s important I give you as much information as possible because mark my words. This is a line your going to be seeing everywhere. Crazylibellule And The Poppies make crazy sticks solid perfume. They have cult-like status in Paris and now they’re making their way to the states! They are luxury at a very affordable price ($18-tres chic!) Like any good Parisian-or woman-they admire Coco Chanel. They love her, they know I love her, it makes perfect sense that they sent over their crazy stick titled “Hommage A Gabrielle.” The perfume is named in honor of Coco. In case you didn’t know-Gabrielle is Coco’s real name.

Eleni and MissRo saw the “Hommage A Gabrielle” packages come in and along with myself, we loved them. They look almost like an old fashioned case that a tube of stick matches would come in. It is the coolest presentation. Once you pull off the lid, the tube twists like a lipstick and the neatest solid perfume stick appears. I mean neat. The solid perfume even has a cap within the cap to keep the fragrance intact and fresh. It is really a great design concept. I hate sprays and sometimes the roll-on ball can leak. That will not be an issue with this. Packaging A+ Price A+

The scent was too flowerly for Eleni, MissRo liked it but isn’t a huge floral wearer. Megken liked it and thought it smelled very pretty. I am obsessed with it and would live in a Peony if I could so this is right up my alley. I love floral scents, especially white flowers. The blend is Top Notes: Ozonic flower.  Heart Notes: Wooded Incense, Indian Jasmine.  Base Notes:  Vanilla, Cedar, Russian Leather.

Fragrance is a personal issue but if you like classic floral then this will be a winner for you. I am very excited the movie “Coco Before Chanel” is coming out tonight! Audrey Tatou plays Coco from the start of her life as a headstrong orphan to becoming the epitome of style. The “Maison of Chanel” actually got behind this movie and opened up their archives and collections to them so it should be gorgeous! Opens up today in LA so Arc Light Theater here I come!

I have a pretty sixth sense about products that people are going to go nuts for and I feel it with this line. The site carries these babies and that’s a very good sign! I love how that site finds really hard-to-find products that have die-hard followers from all over the globe. Good find!

The best news? We are giving two away! Just tell us your best exotic find and I’ll mail it to the two best stories!

Check it out Here!

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Hey there, my lovely ladies! Vexy here, your Friday fragrance fiend, bringing you the best in scintillating scents and sexy smells- and today, a way to save. 

I was unfortunate enough to have to move out of my dorm alone, with no help. My parents were out of town and the dear boyfriend couldn’t get off of work (he showed up later, though,  to save the day with a vacuum!). This meant packing, hauling, and cleaning an entire dorm room and a dorm kitchen in the span of six hours. It was a miserable day to say the least- things went wrong all over. First, the box I was putting my clothes in broke, so I had to run and get a new one from WalMart. Then, I went to get my cart (which had an hour waiting list!), got the thing up to the second floor, packed everything on it, then return to find that the elevator has broken. (And, of course, as soon as I hauled everything down two flights of stairs, the elevator repairman steps out on the first floor and says ‘Oh, the elevator’s fixed now.’ Grrr!) 

Now, I had brought my new train case with me. It’s a pretty big case- I’m not sure of the exact dimensions, but it’s a good size. I was thinking it would fit all my cosmetics and fragrances just fine, since I couldn’t possibly have that many things laying around, now could I? I’m young and poor! Why would I have more cosmetics than could fit in a big ol’ train case?

Oh, how wrong I was. The train case was filled before I was even half through my stash of stuff. 

Two overstuffed grocery bags later, I managed to have everything packed away, and I came to a revelation: This is where all my money was going! All that cash I’d been wondering about, saying ‘where did it disappear to?’- this was where it had all gone! Into my all-too-ridiculous stash of cosmetics and fragrances, almost all of which was bought! I mean, who needs three bottles of Pink Sugar, or two eyeshadows that are virtually the same color? Half the things, I had no idea why I had gotten at all, and here I am trying to scrape together enough to pay for my laptop. 

I was browsing a few websites and youtube videos, searching for a solution to my unfortunate spending problem, but they were mostly strict ‘no-buy’ plans. I know myself a little too well- I could never get away with a no-buy plan. I need to have some sort of reward beyond saving money, otherwise it would be “oh, I’ll start after I buy this thing or that thing!” 

Then I stumbled across a youtuber named lollipop26, who came up with a brilliant idea:

Project 10 Pan.

It’s quite simple. You don’t buy anything until you have used up ten things in your stash. Genius! It’s a reward system that saves me money and encourages me not to waste the things I have!  Now, the problem becomes limited-edition things. The summer collections are so pretty- all blues and bronzes. Then a wise, wise man (the one I’m dating) told me:

“There will always be good things. Think about it. You’ll be drooling over the fall stuff, too, and it’s all going to be limited edition. You blabber on about zillions of collections! It’s okay to wait a while.” 

And you know what? He’s right. There will always be that pretty limited-edition blush that I don’t really need, or a fragrance in a pretty new bottle. 

Speaking of which- I’ve extended this to fragrance, too!  I have seventeen bottles of perfume, which is hundreds of dollars worth, so I’ve decided that samples are my new staples. Think about it: I already have fragrances I love that cover pretty much any mood I’m in. Those tiny little sample fragrance vials alone, when rotated with the full-sized bottles I wear all the time, last me months. So why do I have to spend sixty dollars on that new Pucci perfume that I’m probably only going to wear in the summer anyway when I can just go to Sephora and get a nice ol’ sample vial? 

Now, since using up ten bottles of perfume is a little ridiculous, I’ve tailored the plan to fit my needs. It’s a three-bottle, ten-pan plan to me. Three bottles of perfume to use up, and I can buy something new. I’ve gone without spending anything on cosmetics (aside from things like sponges) for three weeks now and I’m loving it! 

How about you ladies? Any of you have some frugal spending tips for the tough times? Tell me about it!

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Hello out there! Vexy here, your Friday fragrance fiend, bringing you the best in sexy scents and scintillating smells! You know what I hate? Trying to find a deodorant that matches a certain perfume I’m going to wear. I mean, it’s fine to wear the classic “spring fresh” deodorant or what have you if you’re wearing a similar perfume, but do you really want that floral-fresh scent clashing with your oriental or spicy scents? Of course you don’t! You’d smell like a fragrance train-wreck! For the longest time, I just tried to find scented deodorants that went along with certain fragrances (i.e.; Secret Vanilla Sparkle for Pink Sugar, etc.).

Leave it to the geniuses at Degree to address this problem! Not only have they put out three gorgeously scented deodorants, they’ve also put out a coordinating body mist for each of them! And let me tell you ladies, these aren’t your normal drugstore one-note body mists: these are REAL FRAGRANCES with top notes, middle notes, and base notes- perfect for the recessionista who wants to smell fancy on a budget. Who wants to smell like your garden-variety deodorant when you can smell like Delicious Bliss, Sexy Intrigue, or Classic Romance?

I tried both the body mist and the deodorant in “Delicious Bliss”, and let me tell you they are yummy! They’re very fruity scents, wonderful for summer, with sparkling top notes of raspberry, apple, and peach, with gentle undertones of soft floral scents like hyacinth. I honestly felt like I was wearing a high-end perfume. I can be a little biased against drugstore scents, only because I’ve smelled so many people who douse themselves in Curve and think they smell great, but these totally won me over! My mom tried the Classic Romance, and said that everyone at her Sweet Adelines’ rehearsal was telling her how great she smelled. And, of course, the deodorant works great: I wouldn’t be raving otherwise, because stinky pits are a no-go on any budget! (Trust me: Florida humidity is the true test of any deodorant. Let’s just say grocery shopping lines can be a liiiittle uncomfortable if someone’s deodorant quits!)

The one tiny little caveat I have is the lasting power of the body mists. They only last a couple of hours on me, but that could just be my body chemistry. This honestly doesn’t bother me that much, because they’re so affordable and there’s plenty in each bottle! Plus, even if I run out of body mist, I still have my deodorant to make me smell fantastic. Hmmm… think anyone will notice if I put the deodorant on my wrists too?

I wholeheartedly recommend these, both as deodorants and as body mists. They’re budget-friendly, innovative, and most importantly- they smell great!

What about you? Have any of you ladies coordinated your deodorant to your perfume with the Degree Fine Fragrance Collection?

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Meg here! I don’t know where Vexy is off to! Sometimes it is hard trying to figure out who is writing what when but I had Shiseido send some of their newly revamped Zen off to Vexy and one for a give-away. I had to open the give-away to write this review but know that we have 1 more on the way and YOU CAN WIN IT!! Please just let me know your best fragrance story and the bottle is yours!

Shiseido launched its third incarnation of its Zen fragrance (prior versions were launched in 1964 and 2000). The new fragrance was developed by perfumer Michel Almairac, and is described as a “fresh, floral woody scent” with notes of grapefruit, bergamot, peach, pineapple, blue rose, freesia, gardenia, red apple, violet, lily of the valley, hyacinth, rose, lotus flower, patchouli, cedar, musk, white musk, amber, incense and marine plant.

The “blue rose” springs from the marriage of a rose and violet, according to Almairac, who explained, “It has a very particular odor — a lemony note.

The bottle, by Taisuke Kikuchi, was inspired by a Japanese tearoom. It looks amazing in my Mae West inspired bedroom. All glass and square, picture Art Deco meets todays minimalist modern.

It’s nothing like the previous formula so if you’re a big fan of that that then beware. It’s a completely new scent that I am a fan of. Because I wasn’t sure if men would like it (Megken is brutal on his scent tastes) I did the unthinkable. I woke up Megken at midnight, out of a sound sleep because I needed his review on this. I had to make sure I wasn’t the only one that thought wearing this was super sexy.

I took out the gorgeous bottle, he said “Oh, yeah, that is really nice looking.”  PACKAGING-A

: Ken, wake-up, sorry but smell this. Do you like it? Does it smell good (I put my wrist under his nose) I need to know for the review. It’s OK, if you hate it. Just tell me so I can go write it.

Ken: He inhales my wrist and says “If you had to wake me up then this is a good way to do it-It smells so good-like a light and happy fun girl would smell.” He sniffs again and says “That’s really nice, I would want to sleep next to a girl that was wearing this, it’s turning me on. It’s so sexy. MMMh, Yum.”

I’ll take that as market research endorsement. Megken is picky and he came alive from a sound sleep to help me out. He also got “The Look” and wanted to know how long this post would take to write before I came back to bed. How Zen is that?

If you’re looking for a great summer seductive scent then Zen seems to be the state you need to be in!

Ladies, we reward our reviewers! People REALLY do win so get to typing and get this beauty mailed to you!!

Anyone want to share for a chance to smell soo good you can wake an exhausted man out of sleep to want to make you reach your ZEN?


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Vexy here, your Friday Fragrance fiend, saying “I’m back”!  Yes, ladies (and gents!) I know I’ve been away for a while because of medical stuff, but I can assure you that I am back for the long haul, but first I have to share with you something that occurred to me over my medical leave.


I had a period where I had intense migraines daily, and yet I still had to go to doctors’ appointments and such. Inevitably, there was always one or two ladies wearing about five or six spritzes of a very strong eau d’parfum- or, alternately, a guy who splashed on ten liters of cologne. Now, I’m lucky in that scents do not give me migraines- however, they do make them worse. I can’t tell you how many times in those doctors’ lobbies I had to step outside just to deal with the nausea too much scent was causing!

Now, I’m not going to say I’ve never made that mistake! My freshman year in college, I got my first bottle of strong, strong perfume. Thinking it was like any other mild body splash, I spritzed quite a few times in quite a few places. I think my tip-off was when my roommate nearly had an asthma attack when I walked out of the room! I immediately washed off the scent and went back to just one spray.

So here, I’ve compiled a few little tips I’ve picked up over the past year or so on wearing perfume:

This applies not only to the scent family, but to the concentration of perfume oils. They go in this order, typically: parfum, cologne, eau d’parfum, eau d’cologne, eau d’toilette. Know the scent family, as well- fresh or watery scents tend to pack less of a punch than florals or orientals.

Parfums and colognes are usually very concentrated. All you need is one drop on your wrist and then dab- don’t rub, this crushes the fragrance- the spot on you wrist on your pulse points. Eau d’parfums  and eau d’colognes, for the most part, you can spritz once in the air in front of you and then walk into the mist for a nice wash of scent. Eau d’toilettes and “body splash sprays” you can usually spritz once or twice, directly onto yourself- but use common sense!

My boyfriend knows I am not ashamed of asking about how I smell. Even I have a tendency to go overboard now and then with a scent I really, really like (Pink Sugar, I’m looking at you!), so when in doubt, ask someone! It’s really a lot less embarrassing to ask one person and have them say your eau is bordering on stink than to walk around town with a trail of stench behind you!

This is a recent thing I’ve discovered! I never knew why they stocked rubbing alcohol in Sephora until one of the nice SA’s explained that it helps to take off any excess fragrance! Obviously, this is not going to work if you’ve spritzed all over your clothes, but if you’ve got too much going on on your skin, rubbing alcohol is a quick fix to take it off WITHOUT having to jump in the shower!

It’s good to be back, ladies! I’ve missed you all! Have any of you had scent mishaps? Perhaps some sweet-smelling tips? I want to know about them!

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Vexy here! your Friday Fragrance fiend starting off with, first of all, an apology for my lack of activity as of late. It’s been a hectic winter break that started off with food poisoning and ended with my poor boy having pneumonia- bless his heart! But the good news is, while I was away, I definitely had time to play- with fragrances!

So I’ll start off with something that came up over Christmas while I was having a conversation with my mother about perfumes. (Actually, I think the particular conversation I was having with my mom stemmed from a conversation I’d had earlier with my boyfriend.) Anyway, we were talking about signature fragrances, and, out of curiosity, I asked her if there were any fragrances she wore before her current selection of Clinique’s Happy (which is what she wears now).

“Oh! When I was younger,” she replied, “I wore a lot of Chanel #5. I almost got a bottle of it for you for Christmas this year.”

Now, here is where I blaspheme the entire religion of perfume, since #5, Dior’s Poison, and Thierry Mugler’s Angel seem to be the holy trinity (just by popularity). I had to explain to my mother that I, in fact, do not like Chanel #5. For my tastes, at least, it is far too strong and synthetic-smelling; plus, my experiences with it have mostly been with older ladies putting it on themselves in clouds. This is no offense to anyone who likes or wears Chanel #5, but I have to be honest here. Sorry, Marilyn, but I’d rather wear Meg’s Makeup perfume in bed. 😉

So anyway, moving on from my betrayal to the entire perfume world, I am excited to share with you something I have found that is perfect, perfect, perfect for layering scents, at least on the sweet side of things.

Jaqua’s Pink Buttercream Frosting line not only smells yummy on it’s own- exactly like a birthday cake with homemade frosting like my grandma used to make- but I’ve found that the simple vanilla-like scent layers extremely, extremely well under a lot of perfumes!

I actually picked these up in my school bookstore (which I think should have an entire floor dedicated to cosmetics, but that’s just my dream) while I was getting pencils and such. Something kept catching my nose and I thought someone was wearing too much perfume or something. Finally, following my sniffer, I found the little shelf on which the Jaqua products were sitting and immediately picked up the Buttercream Frosting Guilt-Free Body Treats! They smelled just heavenly, and I couldn’t wait to get home to try them.

The hand cream is wonderful- not too thick, easily absorbed, and nicely fragrant. The shower cream complements it well (and is heaven to wake up to in the morning), but the “sinfully rich” body butter is just to die for. It tastes nearly edible (but it’s not) and it is perfect for helping my dry, itchy winter skin!

The first perfume I tried over this was, of course, Aquolina’s Pink Sugar, because the scents are so similar. I found that the fragrance seemed to have a whole new layer to it, and it seemed to last a lot longer- I didn’t even have to touch up with my beloved atomizer! Then I started getting creative and throwing lots of different perfumes at it. Sarah Horowitz’s Beauty Comes From Within was another winner, bringing out the deep, spicy vanilla and tonka bean notes. In fact, I even layered this under a few florals and wound up with entirely new (and beautiful) scents!

Now the trick to layering, ladies, is to not pick something too strong on either end. Jaqua’s lotions are light enough in scent that they don’t overpower the perfume you’re wearing- but the trade goes both ways. For example, I tried layering a heavy floral perfume (Pucci Vivara) and I immediately reached for my rubbing alcohol to get rid of the scent- total clashiness!

Still, I recommend Jaqua’s Pink Buttercream Frosting line to anyone who has a sweet tooth and anyone who wants to try experimenting with scent layering!

So, what do you ladies think of Chanel #5? How about Jaqua? Let me know!










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megsmakeupperfumeGoddess Granny here with a special edition of Fragrant Fridays!

To my way of thinking,the sense of smell is probably the one I enjoy the most! Yes,the others have their strong points but when I sit and think about how a moment changes my life,why someone won’t leave my thoughts, or the fact that in my family, food is love, I am constantly reminded how how something or someone smells and it makes me stand up and notice!

I tend to categorize smells too…I know,there’s a bit of freak in me too although it does wear red lipstick…men that are hot, women who are not,rooms that are right, and the electricity of preparation for one of “those” moments in life: I wore “White Shoulders” perfume to my first prom and “Miss Dior” when I married. My grandma smelled of “Arpege” and my Dad of whiskey and sunshine…they are gone now but I have their scent with me always to remember!

I am a perfume/scentaholic of the first degree! I love products,makeup,and all that stuff but if you asked me what I enjoy MOST about being a girl,I’d tell you perfume and high heels without batting a false eyelash!

I wore “Angel” for 15 years:I was in Hong Kong when it launched, that was in the day of the supermodel and glam-hype. There was a BIG fuss made at the Thierry Mugler store. I was given a large crystal bottle of the beautiful blue scent as a gift. It became “me” everyone knew me when I entered a room because of the luscious scent! I love it still but a couple of years ago,my husband actually whined he could “no longer smell it on me” I couldn’t smell it either so I shed my skin yet again and stopped wearing it.I have since then been dabbling in the esoteric, the cult, the funky, the indy, and the unusual scents out there with no earthly intension of ever allowing one scent to define me again. Life is simply too short Kiss

I received a beautiful square-red box in my package from Meg today: it was carefully wrapped in tissue but I just knew it was something amazing by the scent...OMG…even on a cold,dreary-day it smelled of ripe fruits, seductive flowers, and that rare “thing” that happens when you are warm and totally satisfied…catching my breath here!

Beautiful little roll on bottle(which I LOVE!) with a pretty label announcing that it was indeed “Meg’s Makeup” perfume…wow…I literally pulled the truck over to the side of the road (here in the boonies,you open your mail while driving down the dirt roads!) to savor the moment and dabbed a bit on.

My first reaction: I have smelled heaven. I kid you not!

Un-ashamedly female, ripe with current, maybe fig,and other rare and succulent fruits,I also sense pomegranate. The florals of the night and seduction like rare lillies, tuberose and maybe gardenia…literally one of THE most perfectly “man magnet” scents I have ever experienced and I simply couldn’t stop sniffing! You’d only need this and something small of silk to seduce the most relectant of suitors…

As the day has gone on,it’s morphed into an even more lush garden and mellowed out perfectly,growing warmer,deeper,and sexier! I don’t think it has an end in sight in terms of how good it smells,LOL!

This is the scent of sirens,of goddesses,of women with Swiss bank accounts and multiple lovers! A scent that takes no prisoners and holds all captive without exception! I have sampled many perfumes and will tell you without a second thought that this one is amazing and will be with me for a long time to come!

I feel uber-glam with it on…I feel like I’m “Gilda” walking down that staircase…like Scarlett captivating Rhett…like I could do anything I desired just because I smell SO damn good,who could possibly refuse me?

It’s not “unisex” or citrus-y, dry or reserved: It’s passionate and deliberate, it will SHOUT to the world that you are a FABULOUS creature who will NOT go un-noticed and absolutely deserves attention! It will flirt with young and old men and you’ll have long lines of admirers following you down the street,trust me! I am living in this scent the entire Holiday season and decking my own halls in a luscious way! Humbugs beware!

Do NOT Be fooled by the pricing: this is a rich,high-quality,complex and expertly crafted scent…Meg Darlin’ I see you in every nuance of this fragrance and you’ve managed to bottle up what every women wishes she had in terms of glam and allow us all to simple roll it on!

We all get to be as iconic and amazing as you are because this to me personifies the glam, the humor, the confidence,the style,and the love of one helluva’ beautiful girl….YOU!

It’s amazing and I know I’m gushing:GET THIS ASAP! I wish to hell I had sampled it before but I will be gifting it to women I love-believe me, it’s too good not to share!

Buy it here and be prepared to smolder!

Meg’s Makeup


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Vexy your Friday Fragrance Fiend, bringing you the best in sexy scents and scintillating smells! And do I have a neato one for you ladies today!

I will be the first to admit- I have big thighs. like, monster thighs. The thighs that ate Tokyo in one fell swoop. So wearing dresses and skirts is always kind of a self-conscious area for me, not only because of my thigh-zillas, but because the rubbing together of my legs causes maaaajor chafing. It’s itchy, painful, and I can’t stand it. Not only do my thighs chafe, but so do my arms if I’m wearing sleeveless shirts, and the underside of my hoo-has, if you know what I mean.

I’d avoided using baby powder because, honestly, I hate the smell of talc. It’s too sweet and powdery and it reminds me of bad experiences when babysitting my nieces and nephews (I dislike diapers, too). I’ve gotten it up my nose too many times to even consider putting it anywhere on my body. In short, I abhor talcum powder.

So here I was, sad and lonely, thinking I was doomed to wearing shorts under my skirts forever, or to not wearing girly things and living forever in pants. I’ve come to deal with the chafing under my ya-yas with a bit of deodorant, but even that’s been wearing out a bit with my dry winter skin. I actually had to take a day off from my bras! I was talking to one of my co-workers about these woes (since we’re all pretty open about stuff) and she suggested one of the dusting powders.

I thanked her for her recommendation and then promptly tossed it out the window, thinking that any sort of “dusting powder” would be stinky and talc-like. The next week, we had a meeting in which we played a game. My team won, and we each got to pull one item out of a bag. Lucky for me, I got Silky Underwear Dusting Powder.

It sat on my shelf for a few days, staring at my woefully, but I did not want an icky talcum smell to interfere with my beloved perfume. But finally, I gave in, and was pleasantly surprised.

Rather than an icky, powdery smell, it smelled like jasmine- which you all have probably read is one of my favorite scents, with a bit of an undertone of vetivert. It was light and fresh and perfect for reminding me of spring days during the approaching winter months. I even wore a skirt to work the next day, and sure enough, Silky Underwear had done it’s job.

To compliment the fresh scent I had in my no-no bits (thighs, pits, and under the melons), I even picked up the solid perfume in this scent. It’s an amazing light jasmine scent with a hint of green- it smells like springtime. It’s just the thing to warm me up with thoughts of spring and summer!

What about you ladies? Ever tried a “dusting powder”? Does it keep you lightly fragranced and, ahem, fancy free?


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Vexy here! love jasmine. I really do. My tastes usually aren’t as… floral, to be honest, but something about jasmine really gets my nose going, even more than my beloved fresh green and citrus scents. It’s just got that little bit of a fresh “something” that I absolutely love, with a refreshing sweetness and a little pinch of spiciness underneath it all. I first fell in love with it the first time I ever went into a LUSH store and I picked up a Youki-Hi bath bomb. As soon as I got home and dropped that little ball into my bath, the scent of jasmine enthralled and enchanted me, and I forever fell in love with LUSH.

So, in honor of my new job, I decided to review what is, by far, my favorite jasmine fragrance ever!

Bvlgari is a fantastic fragrance house and I have loved almost all the scents I have tried by them, but Voile Jasmin is by far my favorite. If there’s one drawback to the wonderful scent of jasmine, it’s that it can be slightly overpowering and can almost have that “choking” effect to those around you. I’ve had friends that think it’s almost old-lady, but never with Voile Jasmin.

The secret to Voile Jasmin is it’s delicate blend of other scents. Orange Blossom and Italian Bergamot add a little bit of tangy punch to the top notes, where as mimosa, ylang ylang, and rose balance out the middle so the jasmine isn’t entirely overpowering. Instead, it is fresh and light and not at all “old lady” or “choking”. The dry down is pretty and subtle, and rather than drying down to something different. It lasts a good while and smells pretty throughout it’s stages.

So if you’re looking for a fantastic floral, perhaps for a wedding or just for lighter evenings, this is a great choice!

What about you ladies? Have you all fallen under the spell of Voile Jasmin?


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Vexy here! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! your Friday Fragrance fiend, bringing you something a little different this Friday: some spooky scents and scary smells! Okay, so they’re not /that/ scary, but in honor of Halloween, I figured I’d bring you some fall-oriented scented goodies!

Lush The Great Pumpkin Soap- Okay, this one doesn’t smell exactly like pumpkin, but I love it anyway! It’s got sort of a pumpkin-cinnamon-citrusy scent that reminds me, oddly enough, of Lucy from Charlie Brown. To quote Lush: “You’ll want a whole brick but be warned, it’s even heavier than real pumpkin. Probably best to get yourself a manageable slice or two. This new, limited edition soap is a creamy, pumpkin-colored affair with a scent borrowed from our gorgeous Almond Buttercream: sweet orange, mandarin, lime and cinnamon leaf.” It just seems like the kind of scent she’d use- sweet with a little kick, just like her! Whenever I use it, I remember watching The Great Pumpkin as a kid with my mom and dad.

Demeter Fragrance Library Sweet Delights Caramel- This delightful little cologne is something I came across entirely by accident. And by “accident”, I mean I’m not responsible for this find at all. Blame it on a good friend and choir-mate of mine who ran up to me last week, raving about this little bottle and demanding that I review it. I figured, what better time than Halloween, the night of sweet treats? But on to the scent. Demeter fragrances are a little different in that most of them don’t have descernable top notes and base notes (at least to me!) but this one does smell /exactly/ like chewy caramels! I have to be wary about wearing this around the boyfriend- it always makes him hungry and I wind up cooking instead of cuddling!

Philosophy’s The Haunted House- It’s a gift set for all-hallows eve, and it’s FULL of delicious. I think the boy is getting irritated with me because I don’t have a bathtub in my dorm room- woe- and I am over his house every other night to take a bath with one of these. My favorite of the three is the caramel apple. It reminds me of childhood halloween parties! My momma got me this as a late housewarming gift, since I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet (plus, I got her a Philosophy set last Christmas and proceeded to use half of the things myself). One thing I will say about Philosophy is their scents are always dead-on. I’m always wary of licorice smells because often they smell… well… gross and fake. This one, however, is a scream! Pun intended. The caramel one is a great compliment to the Caramel Cologne I mentioned above, though none of the scents linger that much after your bath (unless you use them as a shampoo- then they cling like crazy!). Still, great for bath time!

Aquolina Blue Sugar- This first came to my attention as a potential female scent by one of the ladies at Meg’s- the wonderful papoose! It’s retained it’s signature sweetness I fell for in Pink Sugar, but it has this undercurrent of tartness (from the bergamot and tangerine leaves) and almost a swirl of spicy darkness (from the licorice, the ginger, and the coriander, I reckon) that makes it far less girly than Pink Sugar. While I can’t imagine the manly, manly men going for this, it’s a great cycle-breaker for us gals! Says Aquolina: “Aquolina’s first foray into men’s fragrance opens with a delightful harmony of caramelized sugar and vanilla blended with heady notes of cedar and tonka bean. The heart of the fragrance is rich with energetic notes of licorice, patchouli, lavender, and coriander, freshened with crisp bergamot and mandarin, and finished with soothing notes of anise. Blue Sugar is a fragrance of contrasts – fun and effervescent, yet supremely masculine.” Supremely masculine- maybe not, but definitely something to try!

And, to finish up this exciting holiday post, some exciting news! Vexy’s gone and gotten herself a job! Not just any job- a job at LUSH! I’m hanging around with some of the most beauty-savvy gals in my city (at least I think) so I’m excited to broaden my fragrance horizons with what they can show me!

Happy haunting and safe spooking, ladies! Remember, be FRIGHTFULLY fabulous, and share with me some of your most tricksy-treats!


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Caroline here! Bonjour – Finally Friday … it’s been a long week for me – boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, new apartment and a new job! This week, I have a special product from Milbar Laboratories, a lab that makes medical skin care products for Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.

M Lab has a full product line, including a travel kit, but their signature product is the anti-aging skin treatment; a 2.4 fl oz sells for $260. The butterscotch colored rich cream comes straight from the Milbar Laboratories in Brussels where their “scientists create without limitation, the most efficacious and luxurious anti-aging formulations in the world”.

I had my mother test the product for a month as well. She, who is a La Prairie Nazi, was smitten as a kitten with the this product’s texture and ingredients – even now she is calling to remind me to mention the leading ingredients are sunflower seed oil and the parkii butter. She also wants me to tell you that every time I use product, my face has an “instant color and glow, evened my skin out, filled in fine lines, gave me a more youthful look and a rose colored palate that lasted through out the evening, without make-up”. Wow, Mom! Thanks! Although I guess the compliment is actually for the skin cream …

Coming from someone who has constant allergies and irritations – I was very happy to find a cream that does not hurt my eyes and make my skin itch. Funny enough, this morning, I noticed it actually says “allergy-free and irritation-free” on the website. I never really believe those words but this time, it’s for real. And that makes me feel better about everything else they say.

Any other sensitive skin ladies that love M lab?

M lab Buy It Here!

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Hello out there! Vexy here, your Friday Fragrance fiend, finding you the best in sexy scents and scintillating smells! This week, I’m bringing you something a little different: a home scent!

Let’s get one thing straight: Dorm life is not the most glamorous of lifestyles. Often, you’re in an older dorm that can range from decent to falling apart. The rugs can be stained, the walls can have holes, and the smells can range from nothing at all to musty and moldy to just downright stinky. Now, I have a sensitive nose. Any stinky smell must be removed immediately or I will be in a bad mood for days. Unfortunately, this year, I got stuck in a room that was a bit on the funky side.

I live in an apartment-style dormitory this year, which means our bedrooms are pretty separate from the common area/kitchen; and there are four of us sharing an apartment. The bedrooms smelled fine, the bathrooms just smelled like cleaning solution, but the kitchen/common area… ugh. It was a moldy, gross, funky smell that I just couldn’t stand! I tried deodorizing sprays, Febreeze, Lysol… anything and everything to get that smell to go away, but it was stubborn! It just stayed there, like that uncle that comes down to Florida to visit “for a few days” and winds up staying three weeks, making you drive him everywhere- kidding, kidding! I love all my uncles and they’ve never done anything like that.

But back on topic. This stench would just not leave us alone. I wanted so badly to light a candle or burn some incense, but alas, not even decorative candles are allowed in the dorms. I guess they’re afraid all we crazy college kids will set the building on fire or something. (They’re vigilant with the safety in my building- all the star football players live there!) I was ready to give up and resign myself to having a stinky common area for the rest of the year.

In swoops one of my suitemates (or, as I like to call them, my sweet-mates, since they’re all awesome) with this little disc-like thing, and twenty minutes after she puts it on the wall, the awful stench is all covered up with the most wonderful cinnamony fragrance. I, the vigilant fragrance reviewer and curious individual that I am, demanded immediately to know what it was, and she explained to me that it was a “Scentportable”.

A what? I wondered, and immediately sprung to the internet to find out. (Oh, how I love you, Google!) I quickly found it on Bath and Body Works’ website, and discovered my suitemate had “Cinnamon & Clove Buds”:

“Spread high-quality scents into all the spaces of your life, without a plug, battery or flame. The built-in clip base allows SCENTPORTABLE to hang, sit or rest on virtually any surface. Scent of irresistible, spicy cinnamon, sweet clove buds and nutmeg, with hints of cypress and cedarwood.”

First of all, I love the scent of this. Second of all, I love what this does without batteries (expensive!), without taking up a plug (wasteful!) and without flames (illegal!). It’s been three weeks now and the thing is still going strong- I can’t wait ’til it runs out so I have an excuse to buy another one and try a different scent! And for five bucks, this is a STEAL. I get the feeling this would work in gym bags, cars, lockers, office desks… anyplace you want to freshen up without sprays that could cause allergic reactions or where you don’t have a spare plug.

Big thumbs up on this one! It’s a dorm-saver!

What about you ladies? Have you all been saved by Scentportables?

buy it here OR inside any bath and body works!

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