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christine hair glaze

Meg here! Hope everyone has been having a great week! Today, I have a great new paraben free and sulfate free line to introduce you to. “Christine” hair care line by Van Thomas concepts.

There are 4 great products in the line, a shampoo, conditioner, body wash and what I’m grabbing for constantly The Christine Protective Glaze. It’s hair bootcamp over at Megsmakeup land. Between the incessent blow outs, the hot rollers, constantly keeping the color up and a myriad of sprays, foams and mousses… My faux tresses can get worse for the wear.

You know I pray nightly that wigs come into fashion and it seems as though no beauty experts are helping me out with this wish. I have to keep on fighting the good fight! I’m at the end of my 4 month mark of my extensions. That’s when they turn from lush and perfect to ratty and string like with a side of frizz and dryness-SEXY!

I really need to get to NYC and have them redone but as I look at my tax bill, that’s probably not going to be hapening in the immediate week or two. What’s a girl to do? I am holding onto dear life for my Christine Protective Glaze! The glaze is light weight and the bottle is a large size so it has really been lasting me. Once I’m done with my conditioner and wash my hair clean, I squeeze out any excessive water. I then apply a little more than the size of a dime (OK, maybe two dimes) to my palms. Avoiding my roots, I just run it through my hair. By the time I step onto my bath mat to blow my hair out, my tresses are tangle free and feel-dare I say it? Healthy!

The glaze utilizes Life Complex, a formula or keratin, jojoba oils and silk proteins along with grape and hemp seed oils, enriching olive fruit oil and essential vitamin B5. That’s a pretty strong army of protection they’ve got going on over there so it only makes sense it’s going to work. The formula acts as an emollient, locks in color and provides an additional defense against chemical treatments, heat treatments and UV rays, all while adding vibrant shine to all types of hair.

Van Thomas is the hair guru behind this genius product. I’m enjoying all of them but am obsessing over this one so I had to start here. Thomas has had an extensive career in all aspects of hair care including nearly two decades at JOICO. 

After a brief stint at retirement, Thomas faced a personal tragedy and lost his vibrant daughter Christine. The loss forced Thomas to throw himself into a new, creative endeavor and inspired this fantastic new hair care line “Christine.” As a labor of love to not only your hair but his wonderful daughter.

I’ve been using the glaze daily for about 2 weeks and while I am at the end of my extension run, I am able to hide it pretty well. No thanks to the tax man!

Give this line a try, it’s lightweight and I’m told it smells delicious (still having sinus trouble.) The price point is wallet friendly and most importantly-it works!! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

What is your leave in routine?

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Stacy B here! Happy fall! I can finally say it. I am not good with the end of summer, but once I get a whiff of crunchy leaves, have my first pumpkin muffin, dig out my boots and scarves and realize how cute and comfy jeans and swaeters are…I accept it. 🙂 Now, I am all things fall!

The house is decorated, pumpkins are out, Halloween costumers are purchased, closets are changed over, leaves are piling up and apples have been picked. I am full-on fall. So much, that I’ve switched my kitchen lotion to a pumpkin scent. A few months ago, I wrote a review about Stonewall Kitchen’s Grapefruit Thyme Lotion and how much I loved it. It’s almost gone and it’s not easy to get (mostly online only) so I was using it pretty sparingly.

Then I found out they have Pumkin Harvest from the same line!  I was so excited. I love this lotion. The brand is great, and keeps your hands so soft. The nights are getting colder around her and I’ve found myself waking up with some dry skin spots as my skin adjusts to drier temps. This lotion has kept my hands and nails healthy and yummy yummy…..It smells so good. Like your favorite pumpkin bread mixed with cinnamon, spice and fall leaves.

The best part about this, when I ordered it, I got a free pumkpin pancake mix with it! My boys loved it. They ate those pancakes up so fast I didn’t have any leftovers!

The bottle is really big, too, so this will last a long time. Probably too long. I’ll be wishing for Christmas scents before I even make a dent in this bottle. I keep it in the kitchen so I can share with everyone. Which normally I don’t do. I am in a house full of boys and if I have a nice product I really like, NO ONE TOUCHES IT BUT ME. 🙂 Mom’s rules. If I have to live among trucks, dirt, frogs and soccer balls, I get my pretty products to myself. But this bottle is so big, I’ll share. Besides, the scent is really soft and lingers in a good way. It makes the boys smell delicious. For as long as boys can smell good.

I will be watching this brand for more yummy winter scents. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a winter peppermint or frost scent and with it, a hot chocolate mix, or a gingerbread recipe! Stonewall Kitchen, you never disappoint me!





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Meg here! I do a lot that’s not exactly putting me in the running for “World’s Healthiest Beauty Blogger.” One thing I do is drink a ton of water. The eight glasses a day rule still seems to be the medical professions standard advice and I’m easily there. I’ve never needed anyone to twist my arm to enjoy a beverage.

I’m not calling out my diet coke obsessed friends but you know who you are! Some people just don’t like the taste of water. This is bizarre to me, I don’t even think it has a taste. I am allergic to caraway seeds. I guess that’s bizarre so who am I to judge?

Stur Liquid Water Enchancer is a new product designed to get you to enjoy more agua. I know parents are really loving this product since kids need lots of things, more sugar not one of those things. Stur has 0 calories 0 sugars and comes in great flavors. It tastes like Vitamin Water and strawberry seems to be the group favorite.

It’s easy enough to use and with 6 flavors (each bottle is great for 18 glasses) you should be able to find the perfect match for your buds. Right now, you can buy 5 bottles for $19! Thats a $100 value and gives you a chance to try all of their flavors. I’m more of a bubble/fizz water girl so I squirt a few drops into my soda streamer and it’s like a custom soda. A healthy custom soda. Oh Lord, what’s next? I’m going to start ordering the salad?

Anyhow, if you’re on the hunt on how to get more water now! Give Stur a shot. Be honest, how many glasses a day do you drink? Water people water. I would never be so rude as to ask how much of the fun stuff you drink!


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Meg here! I am running all over the place today. It’s going to be a very busy Friday but I wanted to leave you something to kick off your weekend right! Tarte is having a 50% off sale! 

I know you already know how amazing Tarte! Is. We have been raving over them for years. I am so obseesed with their new Aqualillies line (review to come soon!) Park Avenue Princess Bronze and Cheek Tint is my latest “must have obsession.” It may be the most perfect summer item. A glowy 2-in-one that that goes on smooth as silk, looks incrediblely natural and the pink on the tip brings the perfect flush to the apples of your cheeks. It is so awesome, I have been reaching for it daily!

Check out the sale and have a wonderful weekend! xox Meg

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It’s my site. I’m Megsmakeup and it’s after midnight and I can write. So be cool.

Marathon Monday. It was amazing. I was a naughty child and I was always grounded over April vacation. Same violations. A boy I was “caught with.” My sentence was always up on Patriot’s Day. Maybe in the rest of the country “Patriots Day” didn’t mean much. It was always a “freedom day” for me. The first day off of a groundation, I managed to get trapped in the house for “bad behavior” for all of April. I never worked the concealer just right to hide the April Vacation hickey. And I did it in a “cah! (for those not familiar with Boston a “car.”)

Slut shaming is the new thang and I wasn’t “Slut Shamed” I just liked to get down in a cah because the 16 year olds I knew were not yet property owners.

Freedom from my groundation was a spring day. People were out and cheering and happy and I felt free from my parents. The real revolution.

Because I am so socially networked, I had on my twitter “A blast just went off” from a high school runner I was following. This is Boston, it’s not Baghdad. The follow up tweet I expected was for her to say she farted in her pants. Because I’m from Boston, we laugh and say that shit. Pun intended.

How on earth could it be something else? This is Boston.

Limbs blown off? Blood everywhere? No, I watched glued to the news. This is BOSTON.

I despised this city growing up, It’s a terrible city to grow up in. I hated it because it was a city that cared about “who your parents are” and “where did you go to school?” Fuck that. Who cares?

I fled far and fast to get away from it. I was never going to win here.

It sucked me back in.

I give money to the homeless. I rescue my dogs. I cook dinner every night and if you need a place to crash for a year, I wil take you in. I am Boston.

It is very important, your pedigree in Boston. I prefer mutts.

I can’t watch “Good Will Hunting” without crying. I sob. I know what it is like to leave everything behind to try to become “better.”

But do we know really?

I think back on the days of innocence, the days of fun! The days when I was so happy to sneak a “bee-ah” and just relax. You should have that day. They’re great days.

My friends in Boston, they’re the best people you’ll ever meet. This attack sickened all of us. “Wherever you go, there you are.”

And here I am. In Los Angeles 3,000 miles away. I’m safe. I had a wonderful dinner out. I just wish I were back in Boston. I wish I were home.



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Meg here! I am happy to report that I am still smoke free! That’s great, however the pack a day for twenty years bit may have done some damage. Those are “naughty lines.” Lines my bad behavior caused. Smile lines? how is that fair? Isn’t smiling good? I love to laugh, I really do. If you have any doubt you can see my “laughing lines” aka “crow’s feet.” Had a good life? Lots of joy and giggles. The joke’s on you lady! We will see your laughter and raise you a tear once you see the wrinkles we’ve got in store for you. What’s a girl to do? Walk around expressionless (that is an option but hardly seems fun.)

I have a new magic wand (Fine. I have another magic wand but this is for your eyes!) Michael Todd True Organics Eye-O-Sonic Infusion System is my new secret weapon. How much do I love this? I’m taking it with me on Extra! This Wednesday, I’m going to be vibrating away any lines Mario Lopez might have (I’ve never seen any on him but you never know if there are some lurking. He seems to smile a bunch.)

“Meg, is this a gimmick? Seriously, a vibrating wand for your eyes? What does it do and how exactly is it any different then using my own hands?” There are a million off color jokes I could make about the benefits of a vibrating wand over your own hands but since my grandmother insists on reading this site. I will refrain.

The answer is in the ions! This is the quickest way to sum up what’s going on. The explanation of Ion Technology: The outer layer of the skin (the epidermis) is covered by a tough layer of dead skin cells that functions like a wall to keep foreign substances out such as heat, light, dirt, microorganisms and pollutants, which is a good thing when it comes to protecting us. Unfortunately, it is a bad thing when we want to nourish and moisturize our skin because this protective layer prevents the penetration of biologically effective ingredients meant for repairing the skin. You see, the “wall” is not selective. It does not differentiate between what is good for the skin and what is not.

The eyeosonic is beneficial because it can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your topical renewing products. It is a uniquely effective therapy that uses ions to penetrate the skin’s natural barrier and carry skin care products more deeply into the skin where they can work effectively to rejuvenate cells at a molecular level.

Hundreds of ions pulsate into the skin and deliver your eye cream more effectively, it really gets it in there. Whats the point of having pricey eye creams if it’s not being applied effectively? Oh yeah, I don’t know if any of you have ever smoked. I’m guessing that you’re too smart to do that and have never had a puff. If you have maybe had a lapse, the Michael Todd True Organic Eye-O-Sonic Infusion is also great for those pesky “old lady smoker lines” that can appear above the lips.

Also, it’s relaxing and it feels good. The eye wand. Sheesh people!

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Meg hair! A few months back I wrote about my visit to The fabulous Leonor Greyl Institute in Paris. Leonor Greyl is France’s premier luxury hair care brand it is growing quickly here in the U.S.

I made my way to the Leonor Greyl Institue for one of their signature Hair Spa Treatments. I really don’t understand why more salons here in the U.S. offer these relaxing (and the results! Woohoo!) experiences. I know we have a bunch of international readers so if you have something similar in your area, I’d love to hear!

If a picture says a thousand words then this YouTube will say a few million. It’s really easy for me to describe how amazing my treatment was, but sometimes it is just easier to watch it for yourself.

The women in the beginning of the video is the wonderful Caroline Greyl. I’m sure you’ve put two and two together and figued it out, but that is Leonor’s daughter. Caroline runs the ship over there and once you get a few glasses of wine in her, she’s more fun than Disneyworld.

If you haven’t had a chance to try these products-you must. I would suggest you start with the Holy Grail product Huile De Palme if oil isn’t “your thing” you could always try Allure’s Best In Beauty Winner Shampooing Reviviscence. All of their products are exceptional and find their way on the world’s most famous manes. You know what’s on tour right now with Madonna? I mean besides a hot 20 someting Latino? Yup, Leonor Greyl products. The list of celebrities that can’t live without these items is a mile long. In fact, in this weeks issue of People Magazine, Emma Stone is styled to perfection with Leonor Greyl’s cult Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice.


If you’re new to the brand, check it out! I wanted you to see my luxurious treatment at Leonor Greyl Institute. If you’re in Paris, give it a try! Ooh La La! Don’t forget to let me know of any cool new scalp/ hair experiences you’ve had. And Seriously, why is this not done over here?!

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AAAARGH! I’m really sorry ladies. I was going to be back Monday AM and my flight was canceled. I had no power or anything. I was trapped in NYC. I just walked in the door. I have boxes to open and packs to mail. I apologize for the weeks hold up on mailings. Just when I thought I was ahead of the game with everyone I emailed.

I’m totally stressing out over this but my roomates said they will help me sort this week!!

I know this is annoying but I swear I am doing my very best and the packs will be great!!

I liked SANDY better when she was wearing a catsuit and becoming naughty at Rydell High.

Please stick with me here.

I’ve been trying to get home all week.

Hope you and yours weren’t too affected by the storm!! Products on the way!!

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Meg here! It’s wonderful to have great friends that are also beauty junkies! My really great girlfriend Dawn McCoy over at and I got together to have a little vino (shocker) and talk all things about Revlon Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener


We have some tips on how to use it! A lot of women haven’t incorporated highlighter into their beauty routines and they really should. It mimics a “good night sleep” for all of us. I love to use it just uder my eyebrow. I apply it above my shadow and on the brow bone to give a fresh faced look.

I also use the same Marilyn Monroe trick that Max Factor taught her. Apply it on your clavicle bones and shimmy a little between the cleavage for a grown up, sexy sheen. It also looks great on the top of the cheek bone, and a dot above your top lip, rightin the center, will give the illusion of a perkier pout.

Dawn is a guru and loves to put it around her eyes in the orbital section (didn’t know that one!) You learn a new trick everyday.

Check out our video and also get ready to win! Revlon is giving away ten of their Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel.

I’m off to pitch what I’ve been working on for TWO YEARS today so please send me good vibes!

I’ll send them back to you because if you’re one of the first ten commenters, shoot me an email (immediately please) with your address and I’ll forward it off to Revlon so we are sure you get your gift! Do tell! What is your top highlighter trick?

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Meg here! I hope all of you checked under the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Post from a couple days ago to see if you won! Just send me you address if you are one of the first 10 to comment under the post so Revlon can get your Balm Stain off to you!

Today Revlon is doing a give away on the Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick. The think tank must be burting over there at Revlon because they’ve come out with another new product! These chubby, dual sided sticks are perfect for a smoky eye on the go! They’re dual ended, creamy (creamy without a pull or tug, I love that, sometimes these “crayons” can go on so drying. It’s also perfect for travel. It’s not going to break in your bag and I’ve even used mine to apply a smoky eye in the car! That’s convenience.

Speaking of convenience, I’ve put together a video with my main gay Denny on all of the perfect Revlon beach essentials. You just need sunscreen ladies! Don’t worry about the sun’s harmful rays with Revlon Bronzer! You can acheive a sculpted, sun kissed look without aging your skin!

Denny and I went over the perfect beach tote essentials if you need a quick, glam clean up!

All of the products here are durable, they last and Revlon is cruelty free!

Get to commenting on your favorite beach beauty and the first 10 commenters get to walk with a FREE Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick!


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Meg here! I have been having some technical difficulties. Actually, not in life, life has been A-OK. Just really internet technical difficulties (since we all live online I ‘m sure you can understand.)

Revlon approached me to do a few videos on their PhotoReady Collection (they’re over on I mean, why wouldn’t they approach me? When you think of effortless grace you obviously think of Ha! I need more to get ready than most-but, I have to say. The Revlon PhotorReady collection has made me just that. They’re the only products I am wearing in these videos and they make me look just as great as the fancy dance department store counterparts. Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow is Siren really does make the smoky eye as easy as can be. There’s even directions on the back, if you can read, you can perfect this!

I wanted my videos to be fun. I know if you’re on the site here you’re already a makeup junkie so I don’t have to explain “how to put on mascara.” I may have to explain this bedroom scenario but I think we’re all good on the mascara front.
I did like the wand and the brustles of Revlon PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara, I like a stiff wand! Maybe I shouldn’t write that bit after a bedroom scenario, but…The PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup is light and blends wonderfully, it provides a lot of coverage without having your face feel like you’re wearing a heavy mask.

Drugstore brands have really been raising the quality and the Revlon PhotoReady collection is definitely bringing their A-Game!

Give my videos a gander and let me know what you think! I’m giving away 10 Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup’s to the best comments!

What scenario would you have played out if Revlon asked you to create a video on your favorite Revlon Product?

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Meg here and I’m bringing you love and beauty and it’s Valentine’s Day soon! Here’s the thing, the media (wait, that’s me but not really) I’m “media light.” Valentine’s Day is the day where romance=money. Big money, I’m sorry if you’re single. So is the market. 15.7 BILLION was spent on Valentine’s Day last year. The average man spent $116.21 to woo his honey in 2011. It’s a money making machine this crazy little thing we call love.

The weirdest part? The gift most woman want is just an “I love you” and not counting emotions into dollars but, the last time I checked that was free.  That’s all 87% of woman wanted to hear on the great V-day, but yeah, he’s a little screwed if he doesn’t follow it up with roses so I don’t mean “screwed’ in the positive way.

I’ve always bought my own flowers, I’m more into peonies then roses anyhow. I am a stickler for jewelry though. I mean, flowers die after a week.

I had the weirdest conversation with my Gram. I know she reads the site but she’s so old school it hurts my brain to try to wrap around what she says. I’m sure she thinks the same. “Oh Meg, I visited Dad and told him you’re not with the same boy anymore. I think he got rid of you for asking for that expensive bag.” What? It was like Charlie Brown’s teacher’s “blah, blah, wha, wha.” I guess back in her day you didn’t say things you wanted. Maybe it’s a depression era thing. Maybe “The Greatest Generation” was super great because they just smiled and nodded. I’m not that Great. Never claimed to be.

If you’re looking for a material item to make you feel better I can tell you the truth, it will. It will for maybe an hour. A glorious, heart-dizzying hour. But it will fade. It will fade unless the person that gave it to you wants to give you a glorious item because he thinks you’re that special and that amazing and he has the means to give it to you. Then it doesn’t fade, then you feel special every time you wear it, spray it or clasp it around your neck. And yes, sorry Gram, sorry “Greatest Generation” but you, “This Generation” are that great. You bring a lot to the table, you deserve to feel special because you are. The minute someone whisper’s in your ear “blah, blah waah, waah.” Tune out. You deserve all that and an “I love you” on top. If a fabulous bag is thrown into the mix then HOORAY!

My last relationship didn’t work out the way I wanted. It had nothing to do with the bag I desired. There were a lot of factor’s that culminated to its demise. However, I am happy to say, I really love him and we talk everyday (as I tend to keep a positive relationship with all of my serious ex’s. Why not? There was something about them that you loved at one point.)

I’ve always been outgoing. I can talk to anyone. I am a total people person. Life laughs at you, takes these qualities into consideration and says “You’ll work alone in a room in your back bedroom.” Because Life is a mean bitch sometimes.
So, believe it or not, I don’t meet a lot of people in my back bedroom.

I have never tried online dating. I thought it was for people that couldn’t talk to people in real life. But what about me? I can talk to anyone and just don’t ever have the chance to. I can talk at events and if I were a gay man I would clean up that scene and be a dating machine!…But I’m not.

So I took (after several friends suggestion) the plunge. I signed up for an OK Cupid dating profile. What could it hurt?

It hasn’t hurt, however it has made me consider a nunnery. I was still trying to figure out my profile and had 50 dates emailing me. They were not people I would date. They were nuts. However, I’ve been on for a day now and sifted through 200+ emails and I’ve found 3. I’ve found three guys I would be willing to go out with. Three I would have never found if I didn’t try. So there’s that. I don’t know if I’ll find a future there but I may find a few witty dinner companions.Editor’s side note (that’s me) Meg is off OK Cupid. The freak factor was a bit too high. Back to square one.
There’s a fabulous new collaboration between MOR COSMETICS (We love them, their stuff is gorgeous) and a new movie out starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum called “The Vow” hitting theaters Feb. 10th. In collaboration with the film, MOR has created The Vow Limited Edition Gift Set. Housed in a heart-shaped tin, each limited edition set features a Little Luxuries Hand Cream and Soapette in our beloved Lychee Flower. The Vow Limited Edition Gift Set will be available exclusively on and from MOR’s partners at It will retail for $17.00.  
In conjunction with The Vow Limited Edition Gift set, MOR is currently holding a “Celebration of Love” Facebook Sweepstakes from Jan 30th – Feb 5th with the winner announced on the 6th.  U.S. fans, over the age of 18, can enter for a chance to win a private hometown screening of The Vow for 100 friends and a $500 shopping spree on  Here’s a link!

I don’t know how someone really defines “love.” But I feel it every single day. I don’t need it to be material but it’s definitely nice when a little “sum sumthing” is added. I LOVE cuddling up to my dog. I love when a girlfriend is there to wipe away any tears. I love knowing that even though a romantic relationship dies a friendship doesn’t.

I guess, not to be corny, but to be corny, I love that I love myself. I love that, even though I’m a bit weird or as my Gram likes to say “March to the beat of my own drum” I own it. I love that. Because it doesn’t matter how rich, it doesn’t matter how handsome/hot/kind/successful someone else is in your life, if you don’t love yourself, you wont be happy. You’ll just resent it and them and you.

So here is what I want. I want three (3 things Genie!)

1. I want to know what you would spend $116.21 on yourself for.
2. I want to know how you feel love without outside validation, what makes your heart sing!
3. I want to know how you meet people!

Can you do that? Go enter MOR’S Facebook and like them and you’re up for a free Limited Edition THE VOW SET! Here we’ll have 3 winners for the best replies! We bring you all that and MOR!

Happy Friday and know this, I LOVE YOU!!


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